Sunday, 20 June 2010

Racy Stacy's Dangerous Divulgence

Like John Prescott, Stacey Bott (known in Tory circles as Anastasia Beaumont-Bott) just won’t go away. She left the Tory party at the height of the election campaign because of “ingrained homophobia.” Nobody is quite sure why, just months after singing the party’s praises for being so inclusive, she decided to jump ship to Labour. Best estimate is that she no longer felt she was getting the exposure she deserved through being the self styled only gay in the Tory village. And so, with great fanfare, she denounced her former friends and colleagues and took to the stage with David Miliband to tell us all how nasty the Conservatives are and how the Labour party has always been her natural home. Inevitably, even Labour bored of her tokenism and self promotion. You can read some background here

So how can this political rubix cube propel herself back into the public eye? The answer, obviously, was to
sell a story to the Mail
about her sex life. Proudly boasting about how Caroline Nokes’s young lover James Dinsalde turned her gay - and on behalf of men everywhere, TB would like to thank him for that. She went on to moan about how he promised her trips to Paris and boasted of his wealth. Yet again, ABB litters the interview with references to her muddled and eclectic sex life. Is she bi? Was she ever gay? Is it all just an elaborate web of “who gives a shit” pre-teen style attention seeking? Who knows, if she is such a lefty now why is she whoring herself to the bastion of the right-wing press?

What we do know though, is that she should be more careful about commenting on other peoples’ sex lives when photos are currently doing the rounds of her engaged in some pretty steamy video chat via MSN . TB has seen these photos, as have most of Westminster. Sailing close to the wind by inviting tabloids to look into her private life much?

The sooner people see through this shameless self-promoting wannabe the better. TB has said it before and will say it again, Labour are welcome to her, though it seems even they are distancing themselves. The sign of the ultimate political failure is when someone starts their own political party. Answers on a post card as to what her political party would be called...


C Leslie

FFS, some people need to just go away. What happens at party conference should stay at party conference, everyone knows that!

This was my favourite piece of cutting journalism from the article "Beaumont-Bott, who boasts of having 45 pairs of shoes, continued:"

Anonymous said...

Oooo your so nasty....... bitch!

Anonymous said...

I actually have tears running down my eyes with laughter. Quite literally... LOL!

Muheed Jeeran said...

I can remember during the Henley by election in 2008, myself another Tory mate missed the train and fortunately we got a room in a hotel in reading, it was booked by the henley campaign team. at the same hotel, we met her with another tory close female pal of her in a room with a another guy. I am not surprised about her.


I've got about 45 pairs of shoes, but I'm not a lesbian.


Post a link.

Billy Blofeld

She sounds like a cross between Hyacinth Bucket and Kinga from Big Brother.

.. actually maybe the "Bucket Party" is a good catch all name for her solo political project.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that people are queueing up to knock one into her, male or female. She's a bit of a moose isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Eugh, I dont care about what she did. Shes a scummy 21 year old hack with delusions of grandeur. I hope her political ambitions get thwarted.


Dear Bear,

Come on, play the white man and gimme a link to these photos.

Disco Biscuit said...

She doesn't look like your typical garden bull-dyke, does she? I mean, where's the dungarees for a start?

P.S. I doubt she really is a lezzer anyway. Why? "Beaumont-Bott, who boasts of having 45 pairs of shoes..." If she was a real lesbian, it would read, "Beaumont-Bott, who boasts of having 45 pairs of sensible shoes..."

Anonymous said...

she never sold the story ....

you keep on about these pics and videos,

if your telling the truth let's see

if not leave her alone

your plainly jealous, if the daily mail asked you to sell a story you would jump at the chance

when exactly did you two stop being friends? did she hurt your feelings bad?

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