Thursday, 24 July 2008

Disraeli? Salisbury? Pitt? Peel?

The Southall Group , no sorry the Disraeli Club ... no wait The Salisbury Club, the CF dining, fundraising and lash society are holding their election for a treasurer.
The chairman (Cllr and general CF legend) Ben Howlett is holding the election via Facebook - it's well advertised and all members are allowed to vote... (maybe he should run CLWCF!) Send him a message to cast your vote before Sunday 12pm.

Ben said "The job involves collecting money at our monthly dinners and working out our profit to be given to CF. Maths skills is a plus."

TB recommends a basic grasp of VAT would also be appropriate eh?

There are three people up for election,

Stuart Turner
Clare Hilley
Ben Gray

Get in touch with them to find out who they are etc

TB's money is on Claire Hilley...


Anonymous said...

Never heard of them.

Ben Howlett said...

Do join up if you haven't already.

Sorry for the name change. Disraeli was popular already.


Anonymous said...

don't know much about london cf then, i doubt you could have gone to an event in the last 6 months and not met at least one of them

Ben Howlett said...

Are you a member? Sorry I can't seem to check since you are anonymous on the comment.

If you leave your name I can invite you to the group.


Ben Howlett said...

I should point out that the Disraelians are nothing to do with CF. So I think that the anonymous messenger does not know much about London CF...

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