Friday, 11 July 2008

'ello 'ello 'ello what's all this then?

Another day and another revelation...

TB has spent the afternoon chatting to an extremely well connected source who was more than willing to spread some light on the true intentions of the CF Steering Committee. Seems they have discussed in depth the prospect of removing the entire elections process from CF. Elections are apparently a) messy and dirty, b) cost too much - the ERS charge a hell of a lot and of the thousands of ballot papers sent out, only a fraction of them are returned and c) at the end of the day the big people's Party don't get the candidate they want.
TB has now heard this from two trusted and well wired sources.

With this in mind any reforms that the current Chair and NME want to put forward must be done with extreme caution because the last thing any one wants to do is present the Steering Committee with the opportunity and opening to push the changes they want through the Party Board- changes that would turn the UK's largest democratic political youth organisation into... well an organisation as democratic as Labour Students.

It would make CF a laughing stock and go against any concept of democracy. A principle the Party supposedly holds dear.

Let us not forget this is Conservative - not Zanu P-Future


Anonymous said...

Have you ever stopped to conisder that they have a point. The elections are a big waste of time, energy and money. And do very little but cause divisions and result in hardly top notch candidates getting elected.

Do we really need to waste several months electing people who have the power to do very little anyway?

Just think that there are better things to do with our time.

Then again, if there werent CF elections, some people would run around paying for everything in an attempt to buy votes, so come to think about it, yea, elections need to stay.

Anonymous said...

Thank god, this is fantastic news

National CF elections are a complete and utter waste of time, never makes any difference and is a diversion from all involved away from helping the party on the ground and creatively too

Remember when Ainsley whatever ran? Ha!

Tim Roll-Pickering

The only person I know who calls him "Ainsley" is another unsuccessful ex chairman candidate...

Is this idea originating within CF or is this the senior party starting to chip away at direct all member elections in preparation for another assault on the way the leader is elected?

Jeremy said...

I heard that Stacy Bott was running next yr...

Hopefully with this in place we can get rid of psycophantic and eg-obsessed people like her.

Bring it on Bring it on

MrB said...

Have they ever considered doing it all on t'internet? Come on this is the 21st century!

Alister J. Cooling said...

Just to be clear 'Jeremy' it is Anastasia Beaumont-Bott.

Also, I know her well to know she hasn't said anything publically about running next year.

In fact only last night she told me who she believes would be the best candidate and from what I have seen recently, I absolutely agree.

She is far from a sycophant, she stands by what she believes in.

I have taken the time to get to know Anastasia over the last few months and she has shown nothing but a desire to help people mixed with a tenacious spirit.

I could name quite a few people who could be classed as 'eg-obsessed' but Anastasia Beaumont-Bott is not one of them.

Her work in Social Action and with LGBTory is astounding and should be a sign of a change in the way people see the Tories, but sadly there are those amongst us that would rather act like insolent children and throw their toys out of the pram because they can't have it their way.

Have fun 'Jeremy'


Anonymous said...

...perhaps if they did it online I might actually get my ballot paper next year!!

Michael Rutherford

When I got my ballot through for the CF elections this year, I was appalled by just how dreadful they all were.

BUT as awful as the candidates were, if the democratic system was removed, it'd be even worse. The thing that really got me was the cliquey "forward together" thing a lot of them have. They were most of the worst candidates, but I fear that a clique like that would take over if they stopped the elections.

CF is awful and the people that stand for the NME are awful, but it can get even worse.

Roger said...

The elections last year were a complete joke lined up with a selection of clowns for candidates. The result has been a full split in CF with Michael Rock being a rather uninspiring leader. Matt Richardson managed to single handedly ruin his political career.

Anonymous said...

I was at university with Matt and trust me when I tell you he ruined his political career long before he went anywhere near CF.

Voice from the South West said...

"It would make CF a laughing stock and go against any concept of democracy..."

Shurely shome mishtake TB - CF already is a joke, sadly.

Anonymous said...

"she hasn't said anything publically" -thats cause she knows she would be destroyed.

Alister J. Cooling said...

Destroyed is an interesting term.

Thing is there seems to be a lot of jealousy aimed at Anastasia Beaumont-Bott.

While some people just don't like the girl (no one can be liked by all) some people seem to be jealous that she is heading places others have no chance of getting to, and she's still young.

Her ambitions don't seem to tally with others and that’s what makes people jealous too. While others can't begin to get support for certain positions, Anastasia doesn't even want them - which makes others dislike her.

I pity all those who feel they must attack someone’s career paths and try to belittle someone else’s.

Are you that insecure in your own choices that you must do this or are you simply a pointless tool who derives pleasure from attacking someone who does what they do because they enjoy it and plan to affect change.

This truly is the problem with the world of young politics.

Very sad, very sad indeed.

Northern Rose said...

haha careful there better watch your back cause she will stab you like does to everyone when she has to.

given the right circumstances she will stick the knife in you without thinking twice. she has no concept of loyalty and is the very worst example of disgusting blind ambition so don't give me that shit about her not wanting posistions.

get your head out of your arse and open your eyes.

seriously get a grip.

and jealous? jealous you say? I think not.. I prefer to be me than a lying, manipulative fraud.

Alister J. Cooling said...

Do you have examples of this 'disgusting blind ambition' that shows her to be a 'lying, manipulative fraud' or are you just using big words to try and demean her that bit more without a need to back up such comments?

The anonimity of the blog poster at its best.

Also, read what I said again.

I didn't say that she didn't want positions, I said that she didn't want positions that others wanted.

She does have ambition, which is something everyone in Politics should have a healthy dose of, but she doesn't necessarily covet positions like CF Chair, her goals are higher which I commend.

If none of us reached that little further than we ought to then there would be no progress in any area.

Shame that this is is the sort of thing that CF is judged on by external and to a degree internal people.

Pity, the naivity that I had when I joined the London scene last year and joined this CF has truly cleared away.

Nothern Rose said...

Indeed I do have examples of it. Have emailed it all to tory bear but he is refusing to publish it.

Alister J. Cooling said...

Then email it to me.

I'm on Facebook or you can email it to

Heck, you could even either start your own blog or send it to one of the many already open - including theBlueGuerilla who seems to want CF related stories.

Nothern Rose said...

haha now why would I want to do a silly thing like that?

I'll keep it up my sleeve for the time being if tbg or tb won't touch it.

Save it for if she is ever stupid enough to run for Chair..


Alister J. Cooling said...

Riiiight, so basically you will sit on it until you run for Chair IF she runs against you.

Fair game, seems to me you probably have nothing more than unsubstanciated rumours from less than reliable sources.

Have a good one


Anonymous said...

"The elections last year were a complete joke lined up with a selection of clowns for candidates. The result has been a full split in CF with Michael Rock being a rather uninspiring leader. Matt Richardson managed to single handedly ruin his political career."

The problem is that Rock is stuck with being uninspiring, whilst Richardson has another (highly remunerative) career. It's a variation on the Braddock/Churchill exchange.

Peter Cormick said...

The fundamental problem was that Richardson's obssesion with Michael Lunn destroyed his entire career. This was coupled with the 'missing food hamper' scandal which rocked his campaign and ensured Rock surged to victory.

Regarding ABB she is a real fighter who won't give up. If you are a lesbian, gay or tansvestite she will speak up with you and make sure you walk tall in CF.

Good luck to her!

London Tory said...

There were a couple of decent candidates in my view. They didn't both get elected, but that's cliquey-CF for you! Fame over quality (see Patrick four bellies for a case in point)

Tory Bear

Interesting those last two comments came from the same IP address...

Anonymous said...

Schoolboy error. If you are going to post under multiple aliases, at least do it a few hours apart.

So, is "Peter Cormick" "London Tory" or is "London Tory" "Peter Cormick"?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

interesting to see all the listed peter cormacks on facebook have no listed friends in cf...

made up name?

i think yes, but a very good one.

Anonymous said...

"The fundamental problem was that Richardson's obssesion with Michael Lunn destroyed his entire career."

I don't think that Richardson's political career was the only one that was ruined by that. It's fair to say that Lunn won't ever do anything more interesting than organise CF. Shame too, such a nice fellow.

Anonymous said...

Yes and David Pugh has really done absolutely nothing since the real and public scandals that dwarf Lunngate.

Anonymous said...

Can I just ask, is it true that Anastasia Beaumont-Bott changed her name from Stacy Bott for the sake of her 'political career'? Ta

Anonymous said...

Can I just ask, where the hell is the follow up to this teaser? Or has the mighty TB been silenced?

Alister J. Cooling said...

"Can I just ask, is it true that Anastasia Beaumont-Bott changed her name from Stacy Bott for the sake of her 'political career'? Ta"

Of course you can ask, you can ask what you like.

I can even give you the answer.

The answer is that it is not true.



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