Friday, 13 March 2009

Liberal Youth's Downfall

It seems to be a modern day benchmark of failure. When someone or something goes titsup, the shit hasn't really hit the fan until someone makes a Downfall spoof of you.

Well Elaine Bagshaw, Chairman of Liberal Youth, your day has come:

Thank you to the anonymous 3am VforVendetta256, obviously someone very much on the inside.


Anonymous said...

Deeply offensive, verging on libel and slander.

I think you were informed that the forums were closed without the Chair's involvement for starters.

And ignoring you and barring you from their site is an expression of free speech, not a restriction (after all, you still have your blog for those who might want to know what the Conservative's brightest and best think).

To compare anyone to Hitler is cruel. You fit you Conservative Future (CF) credentials very well indeed.

A messy fight for a political post might be embarrassing, but below we can see what CF is all about.

Need I remind you of what a real scandal is.

Anonymous said...

last anon, it was clearly a memeber of liberal youth who made that video so easy with the sharp tongue. we have a problem as tory bear is seemingly now the place people go to further a bitch fight. this has to stop. the dowbfall thing is clearly a joke so lose the bleeding heart.

barring someone is not an expression of free speech. now you're just enbarrassing us.

fair point on the maddy/slave stuff but hardly relevent here.

Anonymous said...


Yes you're right. I am sure that my intial reaction was a bit strong, but thanks for the sharp tongue compliment.

People coming to Tory Bear to leak does indeed have to stop. Though I am not sure it is a lot of people leaking things, after all only one significant leak was made, and Tory Bear picked that off the forums I gather, rather than having it sent to him.

I congratulate Tory Bear on his ability to rile people. Genuinely.

Forum Barring is fine as far as I'm concerned - it is their forum and they can do what they like (it is after all Liberal Youth's property). But there we go.

Downfall: A joke, an offensive one, and one I take issue with. Surely you would not rob me of that right? Though of course you are allowed to disagree in equal measure.

The Maddy stuff: Only relevant to remind Tory Bear of the saying that "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".

Anonymous said...

hahahaha they even got her unfortunate facial hair right.


@Anon 13.22

Is that a threat against TB personally or just a general shot at people who have a go at Lib Dems from CF?

@Anon 13.25
Easy tiger...

Tory Bear

Anonymous said...

One of the more esoteric uses of Godwin's Law I've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

anon@12:32 was very revealing.

"it was clearly a memeber of liberal youth who made that video"

What makes them say that? Is there some reference in the vid I'm not picking up which has gone over my head? Is the video more accurate than we might at first think?

Which parts of the spoof are correct and incorrect?

Please tell us, Fib Dems!

Anonymous said...

Not a threat against TB rest assured :-)

acer2007 said...

I know its your job to attack anything that isnt Blue, but your taking it a step too far with this.

This video empitomises your attacks on liberal youth - personal. You continually seem to personally attack Elaine, from the "yeah but no" remarks for example. You dont attack policy, you dont suggest what the conservatives would do differently or what CF are doing differently.

Just personal after personal attack. On people. Annominosly slamming into people online does not count as anything short then bullying.

This isn't politics - you don't represent politics. You have some good politcians in your party and i hope they are ashamed at how you choose to challenge Liberal Youth.

This further post represents one more thing - how the general public view student and youth politics. No sustinence and, frankly, bitchy. By doing this, your not helpnig the general cause, but merley reinforcing what people already think about us - whether young labour, liberal youth or CF.

If you want a fight over ideas then lets have one instead of a constant barrage of personal attacks. Do you dare though, or is the fear of being completley trounced by our ideals, our values and our policies, scare you? Labour are fresh out of policy, where the only ones who can challenge you.

So this is a challenge TB - if you want to debate policy, then right here lets debate policy.

A well respected lecturer of mine once said " Challenge ideas, as ideas are not a person. When you debate ideas, leave the room and have a drink with your challenger.
However When you start to attack people, you shouldnt just question your ability - you should really question your humanity." He was a brilliant scientist and i think we can all learn from this.


Acer2007, yep agree with a lot of what you have to say.

Just one thing to highlight though, these attacks are only coming from your side. Tory Bear is merely reporting what is going on for the amusment of the wider world.

Liberal Youth is a microcosm of the lib dems as a whole and it's interesting to note that they are in chaos!

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

As for the policy debate. Yep you're on.. TB has been invited to speak at the next Liberal Youth conference and is looking forward to taking you all on there : )

This isn't a policy blog it's a gossip blog, hence why I don't cover policy arguements. It's a bit of light relieve that at the moment is only being provided for by lib dems leaking and feeding the bear.

So yeah. Think that covers it.


Anonymous said...

"This further post represents one more thing - how the general public view student and youth politics. No sustinence and, frankly, bitchy."

There's only one reason the public views student politics like this - you Lib Dems ARE being bitchy.

You'll get no sympathy from us - you've brought this on yourselves.

Anonymous said...

11 comments?! Jesus, Liberal Youth have mobilised the troops in numbers....

Anyone actually offered an opinion though?

acer2007 said...

TB - i didn't want to shoot the messenger, i know you did not create this video - all i wanted to say was that i thought the video was a step too far in terms of posting it - there's light relief and there's just personal attacks. However, thank you for posting my comment, for replying, and i look forward to a good policy 'exchange' with you.

Annoymous - i think we are all to blame actually. Saying Liberal Youth are solely to blame for this general reputation is just wrong and passing the buck. The behaviour of some of our members this election has made me cringe as a liberal democrat - as im sure some of the behaviour of your membership has made you cringe also (particulary the lad who get expelled from the Conservatives). Admit this and move on - we are all to blame.

I know of no movement which says "flood Tory Bear's blog", however i'm just a lay member of the party.


While I didn't get to see it before it got taken down by its poster, I don't think anyone should be too offended by these Downfall parodies. How many are there ripping Dolly Draper to bits? It's a sad reflection on LY when CF can claim the liberal moral high ground.

Anonymous said...

I used to troll the Liberal Youth forum and wind them up about being tory-lites and calling the Lib Dems illiberal.

They aren't consistently liberal, the Lib Dem MPs will stand for anything.

Most of the young Lib Dem posters on the Liberal Youth Forum (formally LDYS) however seemed like a bunch of Tories though, they were so cosy with the Conservative that the Deputy Conservative Future Chair Miss Caroline Hunt was one of their moderators - they were so close CF and Liberal Youth they were that I think they should have merged!

Seriously, the Liberal Youth Forum seemed to descend into watching the Tories and Lib Dems pat each other's backs - only the few Labour members there ever argued with them.

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