Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Unite turns on Draper

Iain Dale is

that Unite are now flatly denying they have given money to LabourList. This is rather odd given the Wheelan connection, and the fact that this assumption has been doing the rounds, and had not been denied in the last few months that LabourList has existed.
An off the cuff comment from Draper's henchman and potential Judas, Tom Miller comes to mind. TB was chatting to Miller the other night and he said, "I'm not sure Derek has even received any payment yet."Could it be that Unite had promised the money and then, since this scandal broke, the promise has been very much revoked. Unite can get away with saying they haven't funded LabourList if no money has actually changed hands yet, regardless of whether they were planning to.
Meanwhile Draper himself has admitted he is
weighing up his options
and considering whether to quit.


Anonymous said...

By weighing up his options can I take that to mean he will go dark for a few months then set up an anonymous blog using a better alias than his arch nemesis Guido Fawkes and continuing to exert that the Tories are bad and Labour is good.

Windolene said...

He might find himself licking windows. ;)

See for yourself!

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