Monday, 27 July 2009

Your Party Needs You

Conservative Future have gone a

recruitment drive
today. The National Executive are looking to take on three people, much needed after the resignations of two of it's members. TB sadly doesn't carry a copy of the constitution with him, but off the top of his head it states that each chairman is allowed three co-options onto the executive. Richard Jackson and Ed Hallam have already been taken on, leaving one space, plus the replacements for those who have stood down. This upcoming election campaign will be a chance for CF to stick it to the naysayers within the party and really shine. This is a welcome move, though tempted as he is to go for the press role, TB feels he can probably be more useful remaining rogue...

Press & media development

This person will work to help CF branches attract local coverage in both print and broadcast media, as well as on the blogosphere.

They will also work to increase the media coverage for the national organisation, but the focus of the role is on getting local media coverage for individual branches.

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Conservative Future TV

This person will produce regular videos for CF TV looking at political issues of the day and the work CF members are involved with.

They will also work on getting branches to make and send in their own videos.

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This person will focus on research into areas we cover, such as political education and student politics.

They will also work with other CF members to develop policy ideas that can be submitted to the main Party.

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TB is currently at the
Leadership Institute
in DC being trained by the very best of the conservative movement in the US. Their courses are fantastic and insightful and TB recommends that whoever is taken on has received some of this training, either out here or from
back home.

Best of luck to all the applicants.


Anonymous said...

Yeah let's all go on the NME and become the victim of your innuendo!

Anonymous said...

I'll give it my best shor


Shock horror! TB even considering going mainstream! What has the world come to, have those frightening republicans managed to pollute your mind with the charms of toeing the party line? For shame TB!

Anonymous said...

The NME needing a formal "recruitment" drive mid-term is absolutely unprecedented, and simply underlines how silly it was to extend the term to 3 years.

What is really needed is an election.

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