Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Every single day...

TB is forced to add another name to the list of people that piss him off. Today it is

John Harris
who spouts shite writes for the Guardian website about music and politics, poorly. This is John Harris:
TB can't quite put his finger on quite why there is such loathing or quite how annoying this chump is, but he has yet to get to an end of one of his pieces without wanting to chew his right paw off, or throw his laptop at the wall. He is a nauseating lefty who is so overwhelmingly self-satisfied that you can actually tell he is sitting there smiling smugly at his choice of words. Take these irritating and sickening Guardian pieces for example:

Interview with George Osborne
- sarcastic and patronising.

Rant about privatisation

"Here, anyway, is what increasingly seems to be the future: slick corporate logos flashing from prisons, hospitals, schools, detention centres, defence facilities, police stations and more, and a cut-price society pitched somewhere between Margaret Thatcher and Philip K Dick. Real-life dystopias, let us not forget, tend to arrive by stealth; whatever the political fashion, we need to start talking about all this again – and fast.

-completely deluded and out of his depth, it's dangerous to have such naive people in positions of influence.

Oh and where John shines, and TB means really shines, is
his shite arguments
against giving people the vote and decision making abilities, well that is a little harsh, against open primaries:

"The Totnes model, we hear, is grassroots democracy in action – a cover, surely, for the fact that no national politicians have any convincing plans for the revival of local government. In Westminster, strangulated parliamentary discipline will remain, meaning that even if local mavericks do make the grade, they will still be endlessly cattle-prodded through the lobbies."

They will hardly be the odd "local maverick" if they are all eventually elected this way, and are all subject to primaries every election. My lord John, can you imagine! MPs serving the interests of their constituents, the horror, the horror.

Dear reader, be warned, don't make the mistakes that TB has made in the past. If you see the name John Harris in print, or online, just don't bother reading it, go do something else with your time. You will only end up in a fit of rage that is made even worse by just how punchable this chap looks.

Though what do you expect from someone who clearly thinks Jimmy Osmond is still a fashion icon:



C Leslie

Lol. "Labels: RAGE"

Baron Collingwood

TB, I hate to agree with anyone on the left but he does somewhat have a point as it pertains to popular elections. Latest example, healthcare in the US. Agree or not, these are not 'plants' by insurance companies, or the Republican national party. We have been sold the idea that popular election of national officials gives us a 'real voice' in Washington. The last time any citizen of one of the respective states had a 'real voice' in Washington was probably before the Great War. They pander now only to lobbyists.

Granted in theory the idea is sound. But if one thing has been learned these past 100 years in the US is that the 17th Amendment was a mistake and the President's election by the electoral college should not be influenced in any fashion by popular vote within a state (all states now vote in the Electoral College generally by how the state went by popular vote which wasn't always the case, see South Carolina before 1868 IIRC). The politicians in Washington DC have turned elections and general running of the government into nothing much more than a team sport. The people are rarely, if ever, heard. You have a few Representatives and Senators that still attempt to follow the old ways but for the most part our representation is bought and sold before they even attend their constituencies.

Popular elections should 'fix' the insulation politicians feel against the public but in fact it eventually increases the insulation between politicians and the public. This has happened in the US over 100 year span. The general voter is even less informed and now votes based more on the personality of the politician than what they stand for. To get elected in the US you only need the right soundbite and little else

Case in point, a candidate from either side of the aisle from our most recent elections. Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. Neither qualified to be in the position they were much less standing to be in the Executive Branch in one fashion or the other. Their supporters were the most ardent, vocal, bands of yahoos I have seen in any US election. But press them as to their chosen candidate's stance on any important issue not covered by a 24/7 news network and they became quiet.

Hurf Durf said...

He looks like a girl. Is that typical for Grauniad writers?


The unctious little half wit also remarkably like Rodney from only fools and horses...

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