Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Go Clinton.

TB never thought the day would come when he would say that. However, Mrs Clinton has got one over on the Lord of Darkness today, and that has to be commended.

Liberal Vision's Angela Harbett reports

Last year it was dodgy Russians on yachts. This year it has been revealed that the Lord, between sunbathing and posh dinners at chez Rothschilds, did indeed meet with the son of the Libyan leader Colnel Gaddafi, (Saif al-Islam Gaddafi). Just days later meeting, hey presto, reports appear that the Libyan bomber may be released.
A link ? Noooo! Lord Mandelson’s spokesman said that whilst a meeting did take place subsequent reports of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi’s possible release from jail were “entirely coincidental“.

Just HOW stupid do they thing we are (er well pretty stupid now you ask! he’s shown that time and again).

But wait. Lord Mandelson may have met his match. Following the announcement of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi’s possible release, I have been told, and indeed it has been reported that, Hilary Clinton waded in. I do not know what precisely was said unfortnunately, but “over” and “our dead body” was almost certainly the sentiment, if not the actual words used.

So whilst Mr Mandelson may indeed be a highly effective dick-swinger, it would appear that Mrs Clinton has an even larger and more influential one - and with considerable longer reach. Who would have thought that anyone would have ever written a post about MRS Clintons dick-swinging?

Too true, seems Mrs Clinton is far more careful where she swings. Liberal Vision fails to pick up on the other Corfu dinner partner who has got what he wanted though. As TB reported the other day, it's not what you know with Mandy, it's who you know.

The stench of corruption is never far from Foy.


Anonymous said...

Since neither the Dark Lord, Mrs Clinton, Colonel Qaddafi and his son, nor the Scottish Parliament have any say over whether or not Mr al-Megrahi is transferred or released, this all seems a bit silly.


Forgive me but I thought the Justice Minister of Scotland (that oaf MacAskill) had at least some input?

Anonymous said...

But the real question today is whether Mandy went private to have his goolies irradiated...

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