Thursday, 27 August 2009

"I am a virus. I am the virus that kills socialists."

Not for the faint hearted or those of a wet disposition, but newbie blogger "Freedom Fighter" has given a
passionate defence
of Daniel Hannan and Enoch Powell. It is well worth a read:

"It's no wonder the left would despise Powell with such zeal; he was, for the most part, right. It's scary that an ideology that prizes economic freedom, individual liberty, and personal-responsibility is constantly under attack while a political ideology among whose ideological influences advocated eugenics, severe restrictions on civil liberties, property redistribution by force, dictatorial government, and at times outright murder is considered 'modern' and 'progressive'. When Parmjit Dhanda, Labour MP for Gloucester, asks 'is it acceptable for a the modern Conservatives Party to attack the NHS and praise Enoch Powell?', I should bloody well hope the answer is yes, else Jonah Goldberg is right and 'we're all fascists now'."

If you like you politics blunt and sound then TB would recommend bookmarking
The Snakebite


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