Monday, 17 August 2009


Tory Politico
got in touch with TB the other day to ask him for a quote for his new blog banner, to which he replied - "Shrewd and to the point, TB is often tempted to nick most of Politico's stories."
is the perfect example:
Good find.
Tim Montgomerie
has been starting the
hashtag today on the back of Brown's hundreds of pounds of private dental care. We can add hypocrite as well as trougher to the words to describe Ann Keen

TB can think of worse.



I have no problems about any MP's going private, it is only when those same people will attack the NHS or even suggest it is dismantled when I get annoyed. People like me cannot afford to go private and rely on the NHS. I hope the Conservatives when they take power in 2010 will safeguard the NHS.

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