Thursday, 6 August 2009

Western Society Collapses...

So you spend all this time trying to find wifi and then the
internet breaks

"Twitter down today? Yup, so of course the social media addicts head on over to Facebook, which is experiencing outages of its own, although fortunately less frequent ones. Mashable staff are experiencing everything from “Network Errors” to a good percentage of pages simply failing to load.

Mashable commenters add that they’re also struggling with Facebook, the likely cause being a flood of Twitter traffic hitting the site."

Oh the irony.


Bill said...

All joking aside, western society IS breaking down in certain areas, look at this CNN article call "hunger strikes detroit middle class". It's about how all the supermarkets have pulled out of Detroit, and regular folk have had to resort to turning parks into make shift "urban farms".


Oh poor you, twitter was down. Not much blue nose chirping today then i take it ?

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