Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Mask Slips

TB somehow strolled over to look at the entries into

Labour's poster competition
. A glimpse into the most unpleasant sections of the Labour movement. Apparently because a Paint graphic will be displayed on an electronic poster board (a campaigning method that Labour have attacked in the last three months,) for about ten minutes this weekend, they are leading an online revolution. The results have produced nothing more than base class warfare at its very worst. Bring it on, you really do look that desperate. This particularly dreadful example caught TB's eye though:
Nice spelling of "hospitals" there. That's what you get from 12 dreadful years of Labour run education.


Old Holborn

I thought it was rather good actually.

Meanwhile, get stuck in here


Chris almighty, Bear.

"A glimpse into the most unpleasant sections of the Labour movement"

Do you really think that's what this is?


They're f'king mental, mendacious and malevolent.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Nokia's flying in the bunker...

Tory Totty Online

lmfao - spot on TB!


I hate to be the one to point out that Muphry's law is in effect in this post. Unless a "Paint grapic" is some new-fangled techno thing I've never heard of?

I won't mind if TB buries this comment and fixes the post before anyone notices.

Not a sheep

I have reported - - that The Guardian have seen a new Labour poster campaign that tries to set Gordon Brown up as the hard man of British politics with a poster reading "STEP OUTSIDE POSH BOY" and the tagline "Vote Labour or else". It is worrying the lengths to which the Labour party are thinking of going, hopefully the plans will be dead by the end of today!

Anonymous said...

Should "bulling" be "bullying"?


Paint graphic, I presume is something created by MS-Paint, a freebie app, that you get inflicted upon you when you install Windows.

I don't know Muphry's Law, but there is the natural extension to Murphy's Law, namely, O'Flaherty's Corollary "If Murphy's Law can fail, it will"


Muphry's Law is the law that states you are most likely to make a spelling mistake when criticising someone else's spelling.

TB fixed it fairly promptly though.

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