Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Quote of the Day

"Thousands of millions of working class people feel let down"

-Ed Balls


Faceless Bureaucrat

What a commplete tit...

John R

Business as usual I'm afraid - Balls by name and balls by nature.


I'm working class and do you know what Ed? You're right. I feel let down by the fact you and Mrs Balls scoffed down £800 worth of food a month, paid for by people like me.

A joint income of 350k and you still spend £800 a month, taken from pensioners and cleaners, down at Waitrose?

You bet we feel let down...

Ed P said...

Perhaps if Yvette let go of his surnames, he'd make a bit more sense?

Balls for leader! (To ensure at least 20 years in the wilderness.)

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