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You are an execrable shower of treasonous, self regarding b@st@rds dancing at the end of Rot Schild&#39;s strings and would cordially invite you to get the f*ck out of our lives once and for all. The only consolation is knowing that this will almost certainly be the last labour government this poor country and its gormless electorate will ever have to suffer.<br /><br />The game&#39;s up fellahs, time to go methinks before the duped and seduced Britons finally wake up to their impending democide and they exact their just revenges with a good old fashioned round of &#39;rope therapy&#39; dished out to all those who have led them down this suicidal route to their final pasture, there to graze the &#39;astroturf&#39; in the shadow of their abbatoir. I&#39;ll admit that you&#39;re almost there and that within a few more &#39;parliamentary&#39; terms you could have had the whole thing wrapped tight. Personally I think you&#39;ve under estimated our resolve and would invite you either to spend a few hours contemplating the depth of your treason or failing that just f*ck off and die; in any order you choose, I&#39;m honestly not fussed so long as you lot get your thieving, communistic and cadaverous opinions out of my damned face.<br /><br />Goodbye at last and don&#39;t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out!<br /><br />p.s. Don&#39;t forget that I have formally requested to know from whom you acquired my email address, the question should NOT be considered rhetorical!<br /><br />Mr D. Clarke and Family<br /><br /><br /><br />If you&#39;ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this email please feel free to enter into counselling and discussion with someone who gives a flying sh1t!<br /><br />The GuvnahAnonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-88030272717884286482009-09-02T00:46:48.743+01:002009-09-02T00:46:48.743+01:00I am sure that the Milliband brothers are robots. ...I am sure that the Milliband brothers are robots. They say whatever their Zanu Liebore bosses want and they don&#39;t sweat. Next time they are on the Socialist BBC, look and see what I mean.<br /><br />If they are so bothered about non-existent climate change (the world is actually getting colder) then why not all sit in front of computers and discuss it. Rather than flying off and billing it to the poor taxpayer.<br /><br />Oh no, of course not. It&#39;s only US they don&#39;t want to travel...Stevehttps://www.blogger.com/profile/17527001080642498941noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-48525125559703645422009-09-01T20:51:28.409+01:002009-09-01T20:51:28.409+01:00I wouldn&#39;t have wasted that many words on him....I wouldn&#39;t have wasted that many words on him. Frankly &quot;F*** off you useless gimp-boy&quot; would have done the job more efficiently, and I think articulated many people&#39;s views of Ed-the-boy more accurately too.<br /><br />But well done for the slap. He deserved it for such a blatant self promoting spam mailAnonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-28258045735122486582009-09-01T12:39:24.159+01:002009-09-01T12:39:24.159+01:00Environmentalism is just socialism with a smile.Environmentalism is just socialism with a smile.Hurf Durfnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-8131707121812900102009-09-01T09:28:57.110+01:002009-09-01T09:28:57.110+01:00Slightly amusing that someone from the <i>Green Pa...Slightly amusing that someone from the <i>Green Party</i> (James) who uses phrases like &#39;climate change <b><i>denial</i></b>, has the temerity to call someone else a wingnut.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-68283636573874873442009-09-01T07:48:50.055+01:002009-09-01T07:48:50.055+01:00TB, have you read the comments on Tom Harris&#39;s...TB, have you read the comments on Tom Harris&#39;s blog? Only 1 supporting him! He must be worried that it appears his only readers are tory supporters!hatethebiashttps://www.blogger.com/profile/11874948167548636623noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-62071837339329993872009-08-31T19:17:07.375+01:002009-08-31T19:17:07.375+01:00lolslolsAnonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-33180806444646529412009-08-31T18:16:53.011+01:002009-08-31T18:16:53.011+01:00That was awesome.That was awesome.ShedPlanthttps://www.shedplant.netnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-43784178716875432452009-08-31T17:24:36.069+01:002009-08-31T17:24:36.069+01:00zanuliebore gets my goat too James. Still an damni...zanuliebore gets my goat too James. Still an damning bite back which is the reason i posted it, despite what Harris is spinning.<br /><br />TBEditorhttps://www.blogger.com/profile/05099597763862011749noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-12233991150559434612009-08-31T17:22:55.964+01:002009-08-31T17:22:55.964+01:00&quot;ZaNuLabour&quot; and its more spectacular co...&quot;ZaNuLabour&quot; and its more spectacular cousin, &quot;ZaNuLieBore&quot;, has become the best way available to spot a wingnut. Other than climate change denial.<br /><br />It&#39;s great to see what really goes on behind the scenes at the modernised Tory party. Keep up the good work!Jameshttps://twodoctors.orgnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-2787283052819380346.post-12815690885010051302009-08-31T16:31:30.709+01:002009-08-31T16:31:30.709+01:00This is wonderful stuff from Mr.Francis (I&#39;m t...This is wonderful stuff from Mr.Francis (I&#39;m tempted to get on friendly terms with &quot;Idris&quot;, but dare not).<br /><br />He should start a blog!ToryHomehttps://www.blogger.com/profile/08373099302679414339noreply@blogger.com