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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Boris saves Christmas but...

Iain Dale tonight has the

that Boris has defeated the PC brigade and saved Christmas at City Hall! It's great news that there will be Christmas carols this year, however Tory Bear is saddened tonight that other institutions slightly close to home are still so blinkered:

Oh well maybe next year...

Saturday, 16 August 2008

EUSAless Wilf

TB can’t help but laugh at the fact Gordon is

the disgraced former Smith Institute director
Wilf Stevenson
into his Downing Street high command.

The words deckchairs and Titanic come to mind.

What tickled TB though was the fact Wilf is a former President of

EUSA - Edinburgh University Students Association
. A caledonian co-conspirator informs TB that this “bunch of kit-kat banning hippies... a fucking ridiculous organisation...” is attempting to work it’s way out
of some million quid in debt “overdrafts”, has been the strangle-hold of firstly commies (Brown’s followers actually wore uniforms- Brown shirts haha!) then Labour Students and now a coalition of militant socialist, green nationalists. This years President and
baronet heir
Adam “man of the people” Ramsay was only duly elected because he could afford (and cared enough,) to drag the process into thousands in legal fees to have his disqualification for sustained cheating overturned – The organisation is both almost financially and completely morally bankrupt. EUSA put out good stock in bonkers politicians – and TB has little doubt Wilf (famous for being totally useless!) will have cut his teeth at EUSA and be yet another spectacular cock-up for Brown.

In 2006 when Boris Johnson was standing for the
ancient position of Edinburgh University
, (Gordo was the first and last student to hold the office in 1974,) EUSA ignored their constitution and their charitable status (
sound familiar yet?
) to divert thousands of pounds of Association funds – money meant to be spent on improving the lives of students - to fighting their campaign against “evil” Tories, entitled “don’t wake up with a dumb-blonde.”

Then it just got nasty

Seems Wilf left quite a legacy at EUSA.

Friday, 1 August 2008


BoJo has this afternoon

endorsed Obama
"Mr Johnson said an Obama win could boost the self-image of young black Londoners. In an interview for the August edition of Square Mile magazine, he said: "John McCain has many, many wonderful qualities, but I think a Barack Obama victory would do fantastic things for the confidence and the feelings of black people around the world." Asked whether his words constituted an endorsement, he replied: "Yes"

If TB were John McCain he'd be pretty pissed - after coming to Bournemouth of all places to talk to an empty hall while everyone was trying to get their passes, the least we can do is support the old codger...

ObamaCon is an oxymoron.

When will people realise despite the glossy campaign he is a socialist?

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

"I think I fancy Boris..."

When TB sees those ruddy red cheeks, blonde floppy hair, his knees go weak...

Budding young London Tories packed out the downstairs of an exclusive Whitehall watering hole with one intention and one intention only... The Boris photo op... Facebook profiles across the London network will no doubt be updated with pictures of a Boris back to his famous form.
Thanking Conservative Future for the fantastic effort that they put in during his campaign to become Mayor of London, the cash was behind the bar and the flesh was being pressed.

Arriving a characteristically 40 minutes late, BJ split the room like some sort of 20th century Moses... Half of the hacks instantly dived on the "devilishly handsome man," while the other slightly cooler CF players held back munching on the canapes. They were clearly way too sound to let on that their idol had just brushed past their artfully distressed jeans and jacket combo.

Hearts were fluttering throughout the room, a small queue of pretty young CF girles formed whenever the poor lad stopped. Fighting the heat of a packed basement - or "dungeon" as he called it, Boris ripped off the tie off as he entered - he claimed later to be dressing down to meet George Osborne for supper.

...and then as soon as the Boris tornado arrived, he was gone. A certain rather gorgeous brunette made Tory Bear blush with her comment in his wake that "I don't care what it takes, I mean to have that man!"

A bloody good night seems to be had by all. In the post Boris haze, TB couldn't help laugh at the ever keen ABB corner "the second most important man in the room" for one of her no doubt intense chats.

For those girlies left standing the late arrival of MarClar was almost too much. The famous candidate, interns in tow, was cursing the fact he missed Boris for the second time that night- having crashed the GLA Summer Party under the guise of still being CF Chairman, (you better get on to that Rock!?) It didn't stop him handing out his own branded merchandise though... TB has yet to see a more dreadful business card...

The pen will come in handy though...

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

On my command, unleash hell...

It seems TB has unleashed a wave of CF aged blogs and has some "Blue" competition...

seems to have launched today...

Pretty sure it's spelt Guerrilla but c'est la vie.

Excellent to see another blog that seems to be pitched at a similar crowd emerge..

It's all about the accountability and the more the merrier..
In a right of reply to tBg's first post, TB reckons that you should consider the fact that the LGBT advisory board had met just once before the change over at City Hall in May... seems like a worth cost cutting measure if they weren't doing anything.

TB doesn't like the recent rise of Boris dissing that has emerged in the last few weeks. Having slaved our guts out for him lets not throw our toys out of the pram at the first opportunity.

UPDATE 15.24: TB stands corrected:
guer·ril·la or gue·ril·la
A member of an irregular, usually indigenous military or paramilitary unit operating in small bands in occupied territory to harass and undermine the enemy, as by surprise raids.

Friday, 4 July 2008

+++LGBTory will joining Boris at Pride+++

Interesting Facebook message from ABB. Seems LGBTory is actually doing something and will be joining Boris at the front of the London Gay Pride parade tomorrow... Even the most cynical of members must realise that this is a pretty significant moment.

Not for LGBTory but for the Party as a whole.

: TB has been in contact with Anastasia who is rather excited at the plethora of banners, balloons and tshirts CCHQ seems to have forked out for.. She said:

"I am over the moon and incredibly proud of everyone involved with LGBTory and everyone at CCHQ who helped make this happen. I can't stop smiling."

Let's hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.