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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Don't Miss

TB is enjoying a few days off catching up on lots of things before the scrum kicks off on Tuesday. It seems the campaigns are still going strong though over the weekend. If you are switching off for the a couple of days make sure you note these two must reads/watches. Firstly David Cameron's

pitch for PM
in The Telegraph and how his political journey makes him the man for the top job:
"It was nine years ago, but every second is etched on my memory. I couldn’t stop fidgeting as I chewed gum, paced the draughty hall and smoked (I still hadn’t given up by then). The hours dragged by, the torture seeming to get only more intense. Every ballot box that was emptied appeared to have crosses for my opponents, not for me. My stomach was in knots, a gnawing dread that my second attempt to win a seat in Parliament would end in failure again."
Secondly catch up with BBC Parliament's half hour "
Hard Talk
" with Heather Brooke:
She get's quite a grilling and handles her own well in yet another, but ultimately fascinating, insight into her campaign against the establishment. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

In Dave we trust...

Cameron has finally hit the nail on the head this morning and offered a clear and precise narrative of Labour's failings on the economy and what the Conservatives would do about it. No more ridiculous ideas of matching Labour spending plans. Tory governments come to power at times of dire economic need and they a voted in to pick up the pieces left by Labour. It's what we do and hence why it has been so vital that we get our economic policy into gear.

this speech
the morning the airwaves and television stations have been flooded with tories and on crystal clear message.

"Spending restraint under Conservatives, tax rises under Labour"


Monday, 25 August 2008

Press Release: If you go down to the beach today...

He walked bare-foot along the beach, paw-in-paw with his wife Mrs Bear, as temperatures soared.

Dressed in trendy shorts and a blue t-shirt, Tory Bear hardly drew a glance from the hundreds of holidaymakers enjoying the sun and sea as the summer began in earnest.

Talking of his shorts on a radio station last week, Tory Bear said; “I think Mrs Bear bought them; I think they’re quite nice. They’re Boden, that catalogue company. She said, ‘You need some shorts’, and she makes the major decisions, of course. They’re all right, aren’t they?”

An onlooker, impressed that the power couple looked so at home on the beach, said:

“It was great to see them having a normal family holiday. They looked so happy and relaxed, so different from the stage-managed photo-calls they often appear at. Tory Bear was having a go at body surfing and his wife enjoyed playing with the baby bears.”

Tory Bear certainly gave surfer dudes a run for their money. Trading his bike for a bodyboard it seems he’s in pretty good shape and doesn’t mind flexing his pecs.

### Ends ###

Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Book of Dave

Dylan Jones – Cameron on Cameron

Tory Bear has been lying on the beach sipping cocktails so haven’t seen how the weekend papers have treated it, but just finished reading

Cameron on Cameron
. It would be easy to attack it and can imagine what the more hardnosed critics will say - it isn’t probing enough and DC gets an easy ride from a clear fan etc etc but TB couldn’t help enjoy it.

The introduction sets you up for “The Book of Dave” and that is exactly what it is. The learned teachings and words of the golden child.

You budding Cameroons out there should instantly get a copy and learn the great chunks of pure Dave. Like the policy guide produced by the CRD for every general election, this book could easily be used as a dictionary of Cameron soundbites. The useful index at the back gives ease of access and the potential to learn a corking one liner on any subject you can think of, just it time for conference.

Joking apart the book takes you on the political journey from the miserable Ealing by-election to all change at Crewe. It is never a bad thing to pause and remember how far we have come as a party in that year and how close the shit was to hitting the fan this time last year. You wouldn’t believe it, if we hadn’t all just witnessed it. Jones is clearly a big fan of not only DC himself but the entire Cameron project and there are only one or two passages and comments in the entire three hundred and fifty pages of unlimited one on one access, which could be construed as negative.

Dave was grumpy one morning apparently.

Party faithful will lap it up freely but Tory Bear recommends you get a copy of this book for that friend who hasn’t come round yet to loving Dave or someone who claims he is a bit a bit of a fake… Yes it’s pure propaganda but at the end of the day you are left feeling just how good it could be with DC in No. 10.

You can get it, if you really want it here.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

"Congratulations on all your success..."

TB would be very surprised if Obama said the same to Brown this afternoon. 28 secs into this video you clearly hear the likely next President congratulate the likely next Prime Minister...

Have a look

to see why it was a bitter-sweet meeting.

Strip back the glossy veneer and frankly fantastic campaign and you will see the true colours of this dangerous socialist.