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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Freedom isn't Free...

A tip-off from someone who has been asked to contribute led TB to Conservative Liberty - a website very much under construction.

Apparently it's the relaunch of a blog once run by Patrick Sullivan nearly five years ago. A little googling turned up very little content of this old blog but TB did find this on Samizdata:

Why Eastenders leads to Big Government

It's a great little article and hopefully Con-Lib will follow a similar path.

Just a week ago TB was calling for more for more factionalism and discussions about ideology amongst CFers, this alone would have been a welcome addition to the blog networks. However in what appears could be a double whammy, click on the picture below to see what else has recently been registered:

Are two libertarian blogs set to go head-to-head? This is a fantastic development if it is the case... nothing like a bit of competition to ensure high quality.

OK so the tables are turned on the Thatcherites, Pro-NUS folk and the Cameroons... where are your blogs?

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The mystery of the ridiculous hat...

Anyone wondering why Conservative Future's esteemed National Campaigns coordinator was seen sporting such a ridiculous hat on TelegraphTV's feature on Boris campaigning in Henley?

Equally baffling was the new skin head look Patrick Sullivan seemed to have adopted for polling day- I would have said that this wouldn't go down in well in Henley but given that this is the constituency that contains more BNP supporters than Labour I'm not so sure now...

Well the answer isn't too hard to find if you have a sneaky peek at the plethora of celebratory facebook albums from the countless CF hacks who decamped to Henley for election week:

Patrick we salute you.