Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gordo reading too many comics?

It has come to Tory Bear's attention that Gordon might have taken a lighthearted comic book a little too seriously. Back in June it seems that

The Sun reported
that Gordo had been included in an addition of 
Captain Britain
, a comic book. 
Apparently Gordon saves the world in this particular story and TB can only presume that GB must keep a copy by his bed and has let it all go to his delusional head, culminating in last week's outburst.
Why else would anyone go around declaring they saved the world?
Thanks must got to the closet tory who emailed TB with the link.

The future's bright...

London Liberal Youth
had their launch party last week at the Lib Dem HQ in Cowley St with Nick Clegg popping in for a chat. Charles Kennedy was clearly in attendance as the mulled wine ran out before
anyone else got any
. Tory Bear was checking out the new London Yoof site and although lots of people take the piss out of the Lib Dems for being useless anyway, they hardly help their cause:
Might want to get a spell check guys.

Bye bye Bush...

Good to see that the leader of the free world isn't wasting the his last few days in power making stupid videos about dogs...

Oh wait:

Who the hell is Barney?

How to wind up lefties...

If you thought a couple of feminists throwing their toys out of the pram over the "Life's better under a conservative" poster campaign by YBF was funny, then check out what happened when an Italian student group stormed to victory with some seriously saucy posters...

The left are going crazy but hey it seems

sex sells

Monday, 15 December 2008

Putting the social into socialism...

Get your tickets

February looking more and more likely...

There is no way the Brown, no wait, Mandelson would let speculation around an early election cripple the Labour government once again unless they were serious this time...
Iain Dale
is reporting tonight that the advertising agency
has been instructed by Labour to book out advertising space and hoardings for late Jan/early Feb. Labour wouldn't let this speculation build up again and the economic turmoil will take a significant downturn in the first quarter of next year. Tory Bear has a bad feeling this isn't a false alarm... February... really? Bastard timing but then what do you expect from this lot.

Which begs the question Thursday the 5th, 12th, 19th or the 26th?
Time to dig in it seems, we will be ready and it's time to finally kick these bastards out.

Go back to your constituencies and prepare for government...

If only it was this quick...

The BBC really need to let their news videos be embedded like Sky do. However this video is well worth a


A welcome distraction from revision hell.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Monday morning exclusive:

TB has often pondered the question why is it that both
Labour Students
Lib Dem Yoof
all have full time, paid sabbatical officers to run their student operations yet CF doesn't.
Despite this CF are leagues ahead of the utterly dreadful Lib Dem website which looks like an eight year old kid on acid has gone to town on wordpress. Given the fact that Labour Students have a paid staff you would have thought someone would have reminded the Chairman/person Sarah Mullholland to update the blog, it's been nearly six months now.

Well word has reached Tory Bear tonight that all this might be about the change. Although details are sketchy TB understands that the wheels are in motion to see Richard Jackson - currently on the CF exectutive for communications and part time CCHQ press officer, take over the running of CF on a day to day basis from CCHQ. The heavily reported cuts at central office last week hit the external relations team particularly hard but Michael Lunn will be quote "redistributed" rather than replaced by Jackson. TB is waiting to hear this confirmed from the man himself but his sources are claiming Jackson could be in place by February. This would of course be a move that TB would welcome. Richard has done fantastic work in overhauling the communication structures in the organisation and has single handily redesigned the new website ready to go live any day now...

One of the weaknesses of CF is the lack of support from CCHQ and fingers crossed this move will give it a much need kick start.

Who throws a shoe?

So it seems President Bush was

attacked with shoes
at a press conference in Iraq... surely it wasn't just TB that thought of this:

TB's cabinet...

TB has just spent an amusing ten minutes checking out

Fantasy Parliament
. Easy now Tory boys, it's not what you think, it does however let you build your ultimate cabinet and see how they get on through a points system reflecting real parliamentry activities. 

Well Tory Bear decided to give it a whirl: 

Prime Minister

David Cameron (Con)

Deputy Prime Minister

Michael Howard (Con)

Chancellor of the Exchequer

William Hague (Con)

Foreign Secretary

Liam Fox (Con)

Work & Pensions Secretary

Frank Field (Lab)

Enviroment, Food & Rural Affairs Secretary

John Gummer (Con)

Defence Secretary

Douglas Carswell (Con)

Leader of the House of Commons

Theresa May (Con)

Health Secretary

Greg Clark (Con)

Culture, Media & Sport Secretary

Jeremy Hunt (Con)

Chief Whip

Patrick McLoughlin (Con)

Home Secretary

David Davis (Con)

Minister without Portfolio & Party Chair

George Osborne (Con)

Lord Chancellor

Patrick Cormack (Con)

Minister for Children, Schools and Families

Michael Gove (Con)

International Development Secretary

Justine Greening (Con)

Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)

Kenneth Clarke (Con)

Innovation, Universities and Skills Secretary

David Davies (Con)

Minister of Communities & Local Goverment

Eric Pickles (Con)

Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Vincent Cable (LDem)

Attorney General

Dominic Grieve (Con)

Minister for Europe in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Chris Grayling (Con)

What do you think?

Wire-tapping doesn't lie...

Further to the post yesterday about Rahm Emanuel and the Obama Senate seat scandal, it has

emerged today
that the FBI have Emanuel on tape discussing who should be appointed.

Could the fact that Emanuel has yet to resign his seat in the House of Representatives be because he is not sure he is going to make it to January as Obama's gatekeeper?

New T-Shirt...

Following the success of the Free Damian Green t-shirts, that according to the Daily Express were seen being sported by researchers around the Parliamentry estate, TB has a new design up for grabs...

Check it out

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Do as they say not as they do...

Seems Home Information Packs are for the masses but not for the government.

Won't make the same awful pun the

Telegraph did

Will Rahm survive?

The story of Chigago's Governor attempting to sell Obama's former Senate seat is getting

murkier and murkier
by the day and it now seems Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has some serious questions to answer. He has spent the last week
dodging the press
to avoid the inevitable question being asked of whether he had any contact with the Illinois Governor or any of his staff about the appointment. 
In an scandal worthy of the West Wing, the Chief of Staff looks to be on very thin ice and could well be forced out before Obama has even taken office. Such a sleazy scandal is a far cry from the message of trust and change that Obama put forward in his campaign and makes you wonder what else the Chigago political mafia have done for their golden boy. Emanuel is famous for being one of the nastiest most vicious little bastards in Washington and to him crash down in such spectacular style would bring a smile to many faces.
Most notably Emanuel has refused to answer whether he has been questioned by the FBI around this matter. If he hasn't yet or wasn't expecting to be, then he would have simply answered no.
Change we can believe in.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Superman and Flash Gordon

It seems to be a week of superheroes. Firstly we had Gordon saving the world, and now it seems that Obama's take over of the world is complete. The Miami art scene has officially crowned Obama Superman according to the

A warning shot...

Over the last 72 hours Tory Bear hasn't been giving this blog his full attention as he has been locked in the library preparing for exams next week. He sadly hasn't had the time to report on the many Christmas parties he has been missing out on, though

London Spin
captured the majority view of the CF party it seems. However has been somewhat taken aback by the emails he has been receiving in this time.
There seems to be a concerted effort afoot to spread some pretty nasty things about certain members of the Conservative Future executive and the chairman Michael Rock. It's always the same, an anonymous google account or untraceable hush mail, used to send a vicious bit of gossip, rumour, slander, or just ridiculous conspiracy theories. Now TB has his fair share of crackpots emailing him like all bloggers do, but the connections and developments in these emails, and the lowest level mud slinging, has led him to believe they are coming from the same camp.
Let me just remind you all of one of the key reasons that this blog came about. TB was sick of the backstabbing and faux House of Cards attitude many activists had and wanted to blow the lid on that sort of behaviour, while injecting a well needed dose of humour. This blog is not a platform for anyone to spread lies on, do you not think TB would check these stories out? TB did check these stories out and they point back to someone's very grubby fingerprints, so this is your warning shot...
Back off, pipe down, grow up or you and your petty political games  get two barrels of TB exposure and it won't be pretty.

Exclusive: The Blue Revolution

TB has just received a very slick press release from London Conservative Future. Clare Hilley has called for London members to launch a blue revolution in the capital. The news comes as Miss Hilley, 24, was appointed regional coordinator for London with responsibility for encouraging activists, coordinating campaigns and attracting new members.  

“With the new structure in place it’s time for all London based activists to pull together and help deliver first class campaigning in 2009,” said Hilley at the Conservative Future Christmas Party in London.  
“Already this year we have had the stunning victory of the mayoral election campaign that was driven by Conservative Future activists. It’s now up to us to work together to show the party and the wider country that Conservative Future is a professional national campaign machine and a force to be reckoned with.” London based Conservative Future activists have already played a critical role in supporting candidates across the capital. Clare Hilley has already managed over 15 individual campaign days in 2008 in her role as chairman of the London South region. “I hope to build upon the success we have had in the London South area this year,” she added. Commenting on the news, seasoned campaign activist and newly appointed London deputy Peter Smallwood said “Clare has the energy, experience and commitment to make London a huge success and I look forward to working with her to set the benchmark for campaigning in London.” 

Wow that story just wrote itself!

UPDATE 17.10: Check out the slick new video released onto facebook earlier this afternoon: 

Tory 2.0

The official party
is today offering a ringtone of the moment that Gordon claimed to have saved the world. It's good to see the tories, once again, leading the way with online/modern methods. Granted phones have been able to do this for years but haven't seen anything like this out of any of the other parties.

Check it out here
or t
ext "1346924" to +447797806195 to get "Gordon Brown "saves the world"" 

TB would be interested to see how popular this ends up being.

Credit where credit is due...

Now Tory Bear can't help feel that

Cllr Iain Lindley
 has always been somewhat cold to all things TB but he deserves a massive congratulations for his work in defeating the Manchester Congestion Charge referendum. Mancurians in their droves turned out yesterday to give Labour the metaphorical finger, and rightly so. In Cllr Lindley's area of Salford a whopping
84% of the voters
rejected the motion and turn out was 57% - impressive for a local government referendum. 
Well done not just to Iain for helping to get that vote out, but for the people of Manchester for sticking it to Labour.

Liberal Idiocy.

Thank you to the person who highlighted this

absurd post
on Liberal Conspiracy by Sunny Hundal. Apparently we should be dancing and rejoicing in the streets at the falling pound.  Tory Bear has often thought Mr Hundal to be a somewhat deluded chap and here is the evidence. Apparently "Anyone with half an economic brain can tell you that a sinking currency during a recession is a good thing because it makes our exports cheaper. Inflation isn’t a worry right now, deflation is. So a falling pound should be celebrated, not used as an economic football when you have nothing intelligent to say, Osborne."
Maybe Mr Hundal should take a moment out of his no doubt busy schedule to pay a visit, or even pick up the phone to one of the thousands of British companies that rely on imports before declaring the nation should be dancing. Maybe this obnoxious opinion would be some what altered by a moments thought for the managers and workers of those companies and how they are feeling knowing they could be out of a job by Christmas.  
Mr Hundal's comment is either deluded at best of damn right cold and callous at worst.