Thursday, 6 May 2010

Want to Get Drunk With TB Later?

A final message from the BIG Election Night Party:

It's the last chance to book for tonight's BIG Election Night Party at the Sports Cafe on Haymarket. Online bookings will close at 7PM and after that you will have to risk the door.

The only way to guarantee entry is to pre book at

It looks set to be a great night. The kitchens will be open from 9am - 9pm as will the bar and the venue is set up into three zones - BBC, SKY NEWS HD and ITV News. There is loads of room for sitting down to eat, four bars, and lots of balloons...

Sky News, BBC, BBC London, a documentary team and even Danish TV will all be filming live from the event

Please bring your respective party paraphernalia and cheer on your team.

So don't miss out on what is set to be the biggest and best way to celebrate the end of the campaign.

Looking forward to seeing you all there

The BIG Election Team
TB will be there all night and, if the results go the right way, he would recommend being near him at the bar at after the Tooting, Bournemouth and Perth results are declared...

Good Morning it's Polling Day

As the CCHQ countdown clock shows, finally it's all over. This campaign has been one of extremes - there was the farcical, with Gordon's disaster after disaster, the surreal with Nick Clegg actually taking seriously and of course the constant intense media speculation about, err, wives. Either way it's make your mind up time. TB predicts a small and he means very small Tory majority.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ed Balls Attack Ad

He was only following orders!

Exclusive: 13 Years of Labour

Worst PM Eveeer

A busy TB is greatly enjoying the I Blame Sood mess. Another day, another destroyed news cycle for Gordon. This made TB laugh too:

Off to Tooting tonight to campaign against the evil Khan.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Final Tory Election Broadcast

Very simple, very slick.

Thursday Night

The Sports Cafe is looking like the place to be on Thursday, if only to charge your Blackberry and get a drink at 5am. Book tickets
. Lots of people heading there after the counts. TB will be blogging from there live all night.

The Trial of Gordon Brown

CCHQ are pushing this tonight:

Is this the first glimpse of that elusive cancelled cinema ad?

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Exclusive: A Hung Parliament? Don't Risk it.

Well when you say it like that...


Saturday, 1 May 2010

What Happened to Tony?

Is the guilt eating him away?

Why Kerry Must Face the Music

Red Rag
is on form explaining why, despite her best attempts to brush the issue under the carpet, her deliberate breach of electoral law must be punished:
"A statement from Miss McCarthy was later issued by the Labour Party. “On hearing the results of a random and unscientific sample of postal votes, I posted them on Twitter. It was a thoughtless thing to do, and I very quickly realised that it was not appropriate to put such information in the public domain.”

This could be considered a storm in a teacup, a minor mistake made by a naive young MP. The facts though are somewhat different, Kerry McCarthy was a solicitor and has been charged with rallying the troops on Twitter. The 'sample' she posted showed Labour with a strong lead and were specifically intended to motivate her supporters and thus effect the outcome of the election.

If ever the maximum penalty was called for it should be for somebody who was deliberately trying to influence the outcome. There is no doubt that this was Kerry McCarthy's intention."
Damn straight.

Will He Make it to Thursday?

Monday - Candidate Disaster
Tuesday -

Peppa Pig Disaster

Wednesday - Mrs Duffy Disaster
Thursday - Debate Disaster
Friday -
Car Crash Disaster

Saturday -
Heckler Heavies Disaster

What does Gordon do for an encore?

Guy News: Inside the Spin Room II

The second video TB did from the spin room at the BBC Leaders Debate on Thursday:

Apologies for the delay in getting it posted. Much needed lie in today...

The first video, a Campbell special, is here.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Quote of the Day

On comparing filming notes with

Emily Nomates
TB: Yeah quite a lot of people told me to piss off, Whelan mainly.

EM: Wait, no one told me to piss off, Whelan started winking at me when I was filming him... and it wasn't just Whelan thinking about it, Gove was as well.

Spin Room I

Who did TB have a merry chat with last night?

Lots more to come...

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Quick Thought

Angus Reid

Cameron 36
Clegg 31
Brown 23


Cameron 41
Clegg 32
Brown 25


Cameron 35
Clegg 33
Brown 26

As the Spin Room quietens down and TB stops chasing around various hacks and politicians with a camera, it's pretty clear from not only the polls, but the desperation of the attacks that this was a good victory for Cameron. Clegg was nailed on immigration and Brown was never really in the fight, bar a good line or two. His non-reference reference to yesterday was poor and no surprise the polls went the way they did at the end.

Check out tomorrow's Guy News for Whelan VS Gove 2, Campbell, Liam Byrne and his coffee, Gabby's briefings, and Lord Moses.

The whole Spin Room is dry... like many others in here TB is gasping for a beer.

The Leaders Debate - Live From Spin Alley

TB is reporting for

Guy News
live from the Spin Room. He will be busy doing some camera handy-work but you can follow his tweet directly here or, along with a few others here: