Friday, 5 December 2008

There's a storm brewing...

Apologies for the lack of blogging today, TB has had a busy week and is taking it easy...

So after popping out for lunch with a friend TB decided to go for a wander and check out the new Blackberries and the Google phone. To cut a long story short after two hours cutting a fine deal with the salesman they both walked out of the shop as the proud owners of two new Blackberry Storms. 

Ahhh it's amazing.

Anyone want to buy TB's unlocked sim free old BB Curve before it hits ebay? £100 ono

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Tax Bombshell

have been given/acquired the 1992 Conservative campaign broadcast about Labour's tax bombshell...

It's well worth a watch:

Incidentally does anyone know how to turn off the irritating search feature YouTube seem to have put on their videos overnight? Ever since the Google takeover annoying changes have been slowly implemented like the tracking of what you watch and how you find videos on YouTube.

Why can't they just leave something that worked alone?

TB podcast

Here is another chance to listen to TB interviewed last night on Edinburgh radio, he played some political tunes and generally had a rant about Labour and a wide ranging chat about politics and music. TB really enjoyed himself.

Download the podcast and have a listen.

Would anyone listen if TB did a weekly broadcast?

What happened Mr Brown?

There's a fantastic piece in this morning's Telegraph:

"Setting out his new compact between the private citizen and the public realm last October, he urged constitutional reform enshrining "privacy in the home" and "new rights against arbitrary intrusion". British liberty was, he said, our "gift to the world". Alas, Speaker Martin and the constabulary appeared not to have read this oration, or the Magna Carta, or Milton, whose line from Paradise Lost - "If not equal all, then all equally free" - inspired Mr Brown. "

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

And the right wing blogosphere retaliates...

Brilliant retaliation just emailed to TB by UrbanAntichrist

Why... WHY?

Why must Gordon Brown ruin everything Tory Bear loves?

Mad Rush by Philip Glass is one of TB's favourite pieces of music and how dare Gordo use it in his latest video. Aside from him now ruining this forever, this video is a marked improvement in the drivel NO10 was putting out in the summer. Gordon is loving this recession, it plays to his strengths and dare TB say it... makes him able to look like a normal human being?
Gone is the Prime Mentalist stutter and the paedophile smile... Looks like the youtube war may just have kicked off...
Let the games begin, and please no more good tunes Mr Brown.

FreshAir - live blog

18.03 - in the studio and on air...

20 mix then Tory Bear

18.05 - Webcams aren't working but you can email with questions and banter... Tune in


18.18 - not allowed to swear apparently :S

- webcams back up
. Here we go...

18.26 - first track - maggies last party by vim

18.38 - slight technical difficulties but back on track now... Labour has done it again going out live.

18.48 - McCain is on.. still having some problems with the cd decks but getting there...

19.06 - ranting about Labour - appropriate tune now - N0 Government...

19.22 - anyone listening? TB is having fun.. talking about literally everything.. kind of moved away from the original topics but just layed into the SNP.

19.26 - Plugging Jamie De Rooy

19.38 - Eveeeerryboodysss frreeeeee

19.44 - that's it folks... will get the podcast up asap.

All we hear is radio ga ga...

TB is gearing up to go on
Fresh Air Radio
at six... Tune in to the Edinburgh Essentials program
. There will be half an hour or so of tunes and then an hour and half of TB talking to Edinburgh DJ Ally Byers. TB will be playing some political tunes and talking about dance music and politics.

You can even watch it on a webcam

Will try get a podcast up later if you can't tune in live.

Send your questions in to TB in the studio -

How to deal with the police. Lesson one:

TB had an interesting conversation with his flatmate (TBFM) while watching the Speaker squirm.

TB: Say the police turned up at this flat and said is XXXXX XXXX here please?
TBFM: Errr why?
TB: Well we are here to arrest him, can we come in?
TBFM: Do you have a warrant?
TB: Errrh no.
TBFM: Then piss off.

The Speaker must resign for failing to ask even the most simple of questions.

Foulkes talks nonsense...

Edinburgh University Rector candidate Lord Foulkes put up an embarrassing performance on Radio 4
this morning.
It seems he had drawn the short straw and is the last man on earth defending his old friend the Speaker. Foulkes even dared to suggest this could have been a national security issue. David Davis destroys him with some great slap downs.

Would be very interesting if these two did end up running against each other for Rector. 

Foulkes: "We're being friendly to each other" 
DD: "Relatively so..."

Hustings would be fantastic.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Green search footage released:

Things are warming up. Tory backbench heavyweights are all over the news today an will no doubt dominate the evening news and Newsnight. Michael Howard just gave a very precise and composed perfomance on Sky. The footage of the search of Green's office has been revealed and no doubt there is something very special planned for tomorrow...

Lets just say David Davis wouldn't put up with this.

Exclusive: News from the regions.

The announcement of the new Conservative Future regional coordinators has been delayed and the executive won't give anyone a squeak about who is on the exclusive list. However that doesn't seem to have stopped the whispers at the grassroots of who has been approached reaching TBHQ. Although there has been no official confirmation from any one on the NME or the Chairman, there is nothing like a sniff of a promotion to put the cat amongst the pigeons at a grass root level. People do love to gossip don't they...

So far Tory Bear has heard that the following candidates have been approached and apparently have accepted their new role as RC's:

James Morton for Devon and Cornwall. As previously reported after he was overheard talking about it.

Clare Hilley for London. Great news.

Jimmy McCloughlin for West Midlands. Will the chief whips son put a bit of stick about CF?

Paul Rogers for Wales. Is there anyone else?

There are also rumours around yet to be confirmed about Sonia Chohan being approached to take on Eastern England. Apparently former NME member (under Clarke,) Ranil Jayawardena is in line to take the South East.

Dammit that was the region TB wanted.

Did Hatty do the right thing?

The more this Bear looks at
this email
, the more he thinks it's just a little too convenient that it was "accidentally" CC'd to the office of a Tory frontbencher. Clearly the Labour great and good were intent on silencing their Speaker and making sure that they got their stories straight. Brown and Smith have been outrageously complacent about the arrest of Damian Green, yet it was Hatty Harperson who was expressing deep concern about the issue on Sunday. Lest we forget that before she became a politician Hatty was a civil rights lawyer, and a good one too apparently.

Did she have a crisis of conscious and deliberately let the Tories know what Smith and Brown were planning, knowing full well Dave and co would go mental?

TB would like to think so.

See no evil, hear no evil, say nothing.

Tory Bear is having a busy day but had time to flick through The Times at lunchtime. Normally
Rachel Sylvester's pieces
hit the spot but TB was quite shocked today to read of the likes of Sir Gus O'Donnell - the cabinet secretary taking the piss out of the Freedom of Information Act:

"Sir Gus jokes with investigative journalists at parties that it is his job to frustrate their inquiries; the Civil Service sees its role as to block any important requests, which means that only trivia (such as the guest lists for dinners at Chequers or the amount of money MPs claim on expenses) is revealed. “Most ministers think that the Freedom of Information Act is a joke and a waste of taxpayers' money,” says one government member. “It's killing the system.”"

Apparently government departments are in chaos trying to deal with FOI requests - “The whole thing has become a nightmare,” says one permanent secretary. “It is starting to hamper the way in which Government works.”

Well to TB that proves one very clear fact. If the state can't even keep track of what it is doing then it is too big. It's out of control - different arms not in communication with one another, burying deeper and deeper into our lives, rights and freedom. When anti-terrorist officers have access to MPs love letters, private property or opposition offices then the state has come to far. It is an overbearing beast that must be slain. If a government department has to spend hours working out what is going on in it's own office then that office is clearly out of control.

FOI is a blessing and should not be treated with such disgusting contempt by this morally bankrupt and corrupt Labour government.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Green Team...

You will have noticed the massive green ribbon on the right hand side this website. Following the trend set by the

Freedom Association
, Tory Bear is throwing his weight behind the real green team in showing his support for Damian.
Apparently MPs are planning on wearing green ribbons to show their support during the Queen's speech on Wednesday. If you have a blog or a website or even a facebook page then please add this ribbon to it.

Cheers to the TYC for getting this going.

Billy's back?

Check out

And even more intriguing check out who owns the site:

         William Hague Campaign

Registrant's address:

         William Hague Campaign

         House Of Commons


         SW1A 0AA


         Last updated:  02-May-2007

Well well well, what's all this about?
Hat-Tip - Total Politics

Blue rosettes and DJ sets II

Tory Bear will be going on Edinburgh radio this Wednesday evening to discuss dance music and its relationship with politics. He will put the link up to listen in live and try get a podcast of the interview. Although he has lots to say on the subject he is a little stuck on ideas of which tracks to choose.

Apart from this epic track, what other songs could/should he play?

A fashion must have it seems...

Today's Daily Express gossip column Hickey (not online,) describes parliamentary researchers sporting TB's must have Free Damian Green t-shirts:

Have you got yours

Pain in the RC..

It seems the sceduled announcement of the new Regional Coordinators will not be happening today.


Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tread on them.

TB sadly couldn't make it to the post Conservative Future Scotland Conference dinner last night where Annabelle Goldie spoke and is sore to have missed her laying into the Nats. Today's press release has possibly her best quote on the evils of Scottish nationalism yet:

“I have been growing increasingly angry at the party politicisation of Scotland’s national flag. As a proud and patriotic Scot I wish to make today the day when we reclaim the Saltire from the SNP and give it back to Scotland, all of Scotland.

I was struck how, during the recent by-elections, the SNP wandered around shopping centres, stood at street corners handing out the Saltire as if they owned the flag, as if it was their exclusive property, as if they had a monopoly on the Saltire and it was their symbol.

Well let me say this loud and clear: The Saltire is our national flag of Scotland - not the SNP nationalist flag. It is a symbol of patriotism, not partition. It is the property of us all, not the campaigning prop of one party.”

Hear Hear...
For an example of exactly how this SNP "government" is corrupting the image of Scotland then look no further than the driffle that has dominated every advert break this weekend up here: