Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Clegg Gets the Andrew Neil Treatment

Since when has "err I live in Sheffield" been an excuse for redoing your kitchen?

See post below. No wonder Cleggy isn't taking questions from hostile print hacks today...


Anonymous said...

It doesn't work unfortunately. All the public will hear is that the house will be given back to the taxpayer when he's not an MP anymore. That's a net gain for the taxpayer if the house was in a poor state.

You all have to understand, he says he's a new politician, he's not saying he isn't a politician. It will take a serious flaw in his character or a huge mistake he made in the past for this line of attack to work, and there simply isn't one.

Unless the Tories can persuade the public to vote for them on the actual issues, they're sunk.


I don't agree with Nick.

A sanctimonious, hypocritical, professional politician who was swimming around with the corrupt pond-life in the lobbies when Brown was still pretending he could add up without using taking his shoes and sock off.

I don't agree with Nick.

Joshua said...

He was hardly "Neiled" now, was he? He gave a decent answer and plans to sell the house soon. I love how the anger has turned towards Clegg since he has completely destroyed Cameron in a public debate.

Tory bloggers beware!

Derp said...


Lib Dem humour.

Anonymous is 100% right though. The British electorate can't go "durr dat guy soundz gud," vote for him in two weeks time then two weeks after that realise they voted for a tax-hiking, defence-slashing, anti-nuclear, Euro-loving loonie and regret it utterly. And it'll take more than "HEY THAT GUY YOU JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH SUCKS BALLS" to do it.

johnj said...

'Totally destroyed in a public debate'? Don't believe everything you read. And if you read The Mirror don't believe anything you read.

'Tory bloggers beware!' Why? Are the Socialists going to lock them up if they get back into power?.

Anonymous said...

so this is the new broom sweeping through politics Mr Clegg ?

what a sham!!

How dare you have the brass neck to claim that you are any different than the rest of them!!

socialist very good at spending OUR money!!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't live in Sheffield, either. He lives in Putney.

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