Monday, 14 June 2010

A Simple Plan

The Sunday Mirror had the
of newbie Tory MP Caroline Nokes having an affair with well know tory bad boy James Dinsdale. Many a story about the man has hit TB's inbox about the guy but nothing more than idle, unsubstantiated gossip. Intriguing about the Mirror scoop though was the fact that they knew exactly where to send a photographer and Dinsdale's statement:
Yesterday he said: I can {confirm {Caroline Nokes and I have had a sexual relationship. I have no further comment.
The missing piece to complete the story. So then James how much did you get for selling it yourself?



You feckless tories, what are you like?

Look at Boris, he sleeps with his teddy bear and nobody bats an eyelid.

Still, if there's money to be made...


An extraordinary coup for the Mirror indeed TB. Not only did they have well-placed cameras at several points in the hotel without being noticed, but they even managed to publish the text message from Nokes to Dinsdale saying she was ‘bored to death’. Add to this the fact that the group has recently announced a huge workforce cut and simply cannot afford to wait around Westminster for weeks on end to launch a sting operation and it all becomes very clear. If only the journo would return my calls…..

Anonymous said...

Dinsdale: well-known Tory bad-boy? Cunt face more like.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why I'm a Conservative when I hear tales like this. We all get tarred with this sleaze. Where's the decency and self-control?

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