Saturday, 19 July 2008

CFer takes on Gordon..

Catching up on emails after a busy week TB is most impressed to discover he now receives press-releases. This story caught his eye...

Sunlight Centre for Open Politics
has reported Gordon Brown to the Electoral Commission concerning allegations of illegal donations-in-kind.

Harry Cole and fellow CFer Amanda O'Brien set up the think-tank, that campaigns for more openness and transparency in the political process.

Cole, 22, the Vice-President of Conservative Future Scotland and senior rapporteur for COPs has written to the Electoral Commission following the Charity Commission report into the Smith Institute. The report confirmed information indicating that Gordon Brown received undeclared donations-in-kind from the Smith Institute in the form of the services of Bob Shrum, a pollster paid by the Institute who advised Gordon Brown on electoral strategy.

You can read his letter

TB wishes them both the best of luck with their crusade...


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