Thursday, 31 July 2008

+++CF featured heavily in press+++

This Saturday's Financial Times weekend magazine will have a front-page piece on Conservative Future. Focusing on the efforts in the run up to the Crewe by-election, Tory Bear understands that it features interviews with the Rock, Patrick Sullivan, Liza Chantelle and of course darling Arabella Anastasia...

TB is going away for a weekend so blogging will be light. He will however be ripping the piss reviewing the piece in full at some point on Sunday.

If anyone out there has anything to get off their chest and fancies doing a guest-post get in touch.

UPDATE Friday 13.39:
Liza Chantelle is pictured on the front-page.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Back to the Future

TB has met many a misty eyed
hack who, over a drink or two has spoken with rose-tinted glasses of the days when political beliefs and factions dominated the Party youth elections.

The reaction to the last post proved what TB has suspected in the last few weeks- that already the invisible-primary of the CF elections has begun. We have seen a flurry of backroom activity, fundraisers set up and strange allegiances emerging.

This got TB thinking that we have a real chance to have a proper debate about what direction CF should go in politically. No longer should CF elections be about who can mobilise the most of their mates to vote, or which candidate can get the most people drunk on a national tour. Why can't we have a hard fought ideological battle.

TB would love to see a libertarian/right candidate battle it out with someone from the left of the Party next time round.

Let's find our real direction.

So while the late night phonecalls and msn-chats are underway - no doubt soon to be replaced with drunken declarations of support in late night bars at conference, why don't the candidates take the opportunity of what is set to be an extremely long election campaign to nail to the mast their colours and communicate what they believe in. TB would like to see the internet utilised more this election. If you are think of running and you are doing it for the right reasons, not just personal aggrandisement, why not get a policy debate up and running now? Why not pitch a manifesto of what you believe in now, before you are forced to promise the world at the hustings?

Lets find out what we all really stand for, what the next generation of the party truly believe in and what we will fight for.

Matt back?

Second time lucky?

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

+++ Should have been TB's moment +++

Seems TB's post about the Martine/Harperson analogy has been picked up by Iain Dale, not only on his
but he even talked about it on Sky News...

Cheers for the acknowledgment Iain!

Oh wait...

Mr Dale promises TB that he hadn't read the earlier post... Great minds think alike... or just two rather sad bloggers who remember MM's very short music career.

Is Zoe still crying?

Remember this classic... All the more relevant these days:

As Miliband said...

"Wouldn't it be nice if that Tony Blair came back"

A song for Harriet..

According to
The Times
; "It is alleged that Ms Harman was spotted on Thursday night, watching the scale of Labour's defeat in the Glasgow East by-election on the television, telling aides "this is my moment""

Has Harperson been listening to Martine McCutcheon?

Want Beer?

TB is looking for a web designer who can help him with a few changes to the blog... Nothing too major - just some tinkering with the layout etc...

Please email if you think you can help.

Will pay in beer and lashings of gratitude...

"Me? Well, I'm just a backroom boy."

Has anyone else noticed the alarming similarities between Jack Straw and Francis Urquhart?

Out of nowhere the cabinet senior, who knows more about the inner workings of the Labour Party than any other, is poised to take the highest office in the land.

Like Urquhart, Straw has been the inner cog in the machine that oversaw Blair and Brown's leadership campaigns and has been known to "put the stick about" when the need arises.

The cunning operator who put people in power, now has the power to take it away.

Straw however is lacking the subtlety of Urquhart - the midnight briefings are all seemingly linked to him. TB imagines the grey suit is still in the dry-cleaners for the time being but come September will it be put on?

Remember the rule though Jack...

If student politics taught him anything he will know that the one that wields the sword never wears the crown...

Monday, 28 July 2008


Word reaches Tory Bear of a very exciting new Conservative Future Social Action project!

Social Action Officer Arabella Bonaparte got in touch to say...

"Just wanted to tell you about a social action project we are currently involved with - WE LOVE BAGHDAD”. The party are helping local residents in their community make a difference by listening, seeing and learning. In the past, social action projects have taken the form of a 4 day volunteer scheme during conference dates. But not this year. This year, we are approaching the project from a whole new angle. It has to be about teamwork, cooperation and most importantly the community.

The task is simple: to transform the city using a bottom up approach through working with the local community, local charities and local entrepreneurs. Baghdad h

as been devastated by the war but everything is going to be ok now that CF are pretending to care. We will be painting fences and planting flowers etc! It’s social changes as well and will go under the skin to find the roots of the problems and potentially find solutions. It's for projects like this that I think I first got involved with Social Action for. There's a great something that can be said about going in to communities and working with them. It's more than just words on leaflets. It's something more - you meet people, you make a difference and you go away feeling you have made life better even just for one person. And this is where you guys come in… we need to build up city destroyed by devastating conflict.

And so I am asking you…

Are you free in August?
Do you want to be a part of this first stage in WE LOVE
Can you travel to
Are you fully trained in urban combat?
Do you want to do your bit for Social Action?

If yes, come be a part of the already existing team working hard to bring positive changes in Iraq. It will be hard work, you will potentially get covered in dirt , you might even die, but it will be fun, you will meet lovely people and we will put on some lunches as a thank you for your trouble.”

TB understands that all those who travel to Baghdad will receive champagne at Conference.

CF diary no more..

The new look
is missing something...

Saturday, 26 July 2008

As predicted...

Though many did, TB did not fall for what he correctly predicted to be a practical joke. ABB and Howlett are not in a relationship.

Nice try at fooling the bloggers kids.. you'll have to try harder than that though.

He Ventured Forth To Bring Light To The World

"Congratulations on all your success..."

TB would be very surprised if Obama said the same to Brown this afternoon. 28 secs into this video you clearly hear the likely next President congratulate the likely next Prime Minister...

Have a look

to see why it was a bitter-sweet meeting.

Strip back the glossy veneer and frankly fantastic campaign and you will see the true colours of this dangerous socialist.

Friday, 25 July 2008


Can some who lives in/knows the area of Birmingham that conference is being held well please email

Your counsel is greatly needed...


Pull the other one....

Following up on

tBg's confusion
, TB is astonished at amount of emails, texts and voicemails he has got today concerning this....

He is how ever inclined to suggest that this might be rather extended practical joke. At least he hopes it is, if this is anything to go by:

(click to enlarge)

Way too much information if does turn out to be true... doubt it will though.

Bye Bye election...

A recount and a nap later and the loons take it... majority of 365.

Here comes the spin!

Tories push Lib Dems into fourth.

Funny the Nat didn't mention independence once during his speech...


Oh dear.

Who exactly is on this panel?


TB feels a little sick...His loathing for the Labour is fighting his disgust for the SNP. Hope they give GB a kicking but can't stand how smug they look.

They must all realise deep down that this is not a vote of confidence in independence but a no to Gordon cry.

Word from friend at the count is we have come third... sound.

The next Conservative leader.... ( Scotland.)

Despite the fact that he knows he will be grumpy in the morning and useless at work, TB has decided to stay up for the Glasgow East by-election result...

Flying our colours on the BBC coverage is Murdo Fraser...

He is by far our brightest talent up north and should be put in as leader in Holyrood as soon as possible.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Caption Contest #1

A t-shirt is up for grabs for anyone who emails the video...

Come on TB knows it's out there...

Disraeli? Salisbury? Pitt? Peel?

The Southall Group , no sorry the Disraeli Club ... no wait The Salisbury Club, the CF dining, fundraising and lash society are holding their election for a treasurer.
The chairman (Cllr and general CF legend) Ben Howlett is holding the election via Facebook - it's well advertised and all members are allowed to vote... (maybe he should run CLWCF!) Send him a message to cast your vote before Sunday 12pm.

Ben said "The job involves collecting money at our monthly dinners and working out our profit to be given to CF. Maths skills is a plus."

TB recommends a basic grasp of VAT would also be appropriate eh?

There are three people up for election,

Stuart Turner
Clare Hilley
Ben Gray

Get in touch with them to find out who they are etc

TB's money is on Claire Hilley...

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

"I think I fancy Boris..."

When TB sees those ruddy red cheeks, blonde floppy hair, his knees go weak...

Budding young London Tories packed out the downstairs of an exclusive Whitehall watering hole with one intention and one intention only... The Boris photo op... Facebook profiles across the London network will no doubt be updated with pictures of a Boris back to his famous form.
Thanking Conservative Future for the fantastic effort that they put in during his campaign to become Mayor of London, the cash was behind the bar and the flesh was being pressed.

Arriving a characteristically 40 minutes late, BJ split the room like some sort of 20th century Moses... Half of the hacks instantly dived on the "devilishly handsome man," while the other slightly cooler CF players held back munching on the canapes. They were clearly way too sound to let on that their idol had just brushed past their artfully distressed jeans and jacket combo.

Hearts were fluttering throughout the room, a small queue of pretty young CF girles formed whenever the poor lad stopped. Fighting the heat of a packed basement - or "dungeon" as he called it, Boris ripped off the tie off as he entered - he claimed later to be dressing down to meet George Osborne for supper.

...and then as soon as the Boris tornado arrived, he was gone. A certain rather gorgeous brunette made Tory Bear blush with her comment in his wake that "I don't care what it takes, I mean to have that man!"

A bloody good night seems to be had by all. In the post Boris haze, TB couldn't help laugh at the ever keen ABB corner "the second most important man in the room" for one of her no doubt intense chats.

For those girlies left standing the late arrival of MarClar was almost too much. The famous candidate, interns in tow, was cursing the fact he missed Boris for the second time that night- having crashed the GLA Summer Party under the guise of still being CF Chairman, (you better get on to that Rock!?) It didn't stop him handing out his own branded merchandise though... TB has yet to see a more dreadful business card...

The pen will come in handy though...

Monday, 21 July 2008

Finally got a real job...

Another busy week for Tory Bear- will be at work without the internet so blogging will be light.

Normal service resumes soon.

Upcoming posts will be something on the NME meeting when the minutes are finally released and TB will be getting lashed at the Boris "Thank You CF party" tomorrow night...

In the mean time send any goss, stories or pics to

Sunday, 20 July 2008

DJ sets and blue rosettes...

is a new political channel on the VEOH network. Currently showing some great documentaries about Thatcher and the history of the Party ToryTV is a welcome addition to the Party's online presence.
TB has been chatting to its founder Paul Nizhinsky about his fascinating political journey and where next for ToryTV...

Hailing from Dodsworth, a small former mining village outside of Barnsley, South Yorkshire Paul, 23 set up the channel after becoming increasingly frustrated about the lack of political content available on sites such as youtube. He hasn't always been a tory and kindly agreed to chat to TB about how he got to this point...

"I've been a party member since February 2007. After a very illuminating s
ummer between my second and third years studying Fine Art, I realised that everything I believed in (Marxism) was a big load of shit and little more than an extension of my own personal failings. I sorted myself out, stuck it out 'til the end on my stupid degree, and haven't looked back. Since that time I've lived in Sheffield, Leeds, and Barnsley so I've had little time to get stuck in with a particular association, though I did attend a wonderful dinner with Edward Leigh MP at Hallam. My (socialist) friends followed the cab there and, after speaking to Leigh outside, learned the awful truth. I suppose my own lefty past could be one of the things that drives me to make these videos more readily available."

When he isn't running the tv channel Paul is a budding electro DJ and fan of
Warp Records

"give [them] a try, it will change your life! They started in Sheffield at the back end of the '80s and have been cultivating the best experimental electronic music from around the globe ever since."

Anyone else up for the "new right club night" we discussed?

Q.Who are your political heroes?

A. "Heroes is a term I generally try to avoid because people have a tendency to get very presumptuous when you use it, but there are of course people I admire and respect. Boris is an easy one. You can't help but like the man and he's a wonderful example of someone not letting 'the men in the grey suits' dictate his character. As well as why you should never give in - that man's been fired so many times it's unbelievable! He's an enthusiastic historian and a journalist by trade (well, was), which we have in common/I aspire to. I'm probably going to upset many people by also saying Nigel Lawson! He's essentially a City man and, as with Boris, I do have something of a soft spot for Spectator editors. I disagree very strongly with his views on Europe and how this dictated his attitude to the ERM in the late '80s, but I feel many people let this overshadow his achievements as Chancellor in Lady Thatcher's second term. And although she was right on Europe, Lawson's actions after 1987 did set in motion the chain of events leading to White Wednesday. "

Paul seems like an extremely sound guy with a lot of ambition to take ToryTV places. TB urges anyone who is keen to see more political content online, especially since the 18 Doughty Street is no more, to get in touch with Paul. He mentioned to TB a desire to see his own content generated and TB has a sneaking suspicion this is going to go far... Spread the word about the channel and check out the great content already available.

Anyone looking for a Tory friendly electro DJ should also contact

Vote early, Vote often!

Iain Dale is putting together his Guide to Political Blogs 2008/09. This year it's for
Total Politics

Please vote for Tory Bear!

Details of how to submit your vote can be found

NME Meeting

The NME met for over four hours yesterday in CCHQ...

More info when TB gets hold of the minutes...

Saturday, 19 July 2008

James Skinner wins Bristol and Gloucestershire contest

Still working through the emails...
Know this isn't exactly massive news but when you look at the last round of CF elections that had just one contested AC election, it's good to see a well fought run off.

Congratulations to James Skinner who beat Laura Rose Saunders in the election to become Area Chair of Bristol and Gloucestershire.

UPDATE 00.15:

Thank you to the reader who got in touch to point out section 9.1.3 of the CF Constitution:

"9.1.3 if a casual vacancy arises for a CF Area Chairman, the NME may appoint a
new Area Chairman to serve until the next annual election;"

Anyone got an answer to why there was an election then?

Good to know there are other people who spend their Saturday nights worrying about these things too.

CFer takes on Gordon..

Catching up on emails after a busy week TB is most impressed to discover he now receives press-releases. This story caught his eye...

Sunlight Centre for Open Politics
has reported Gordon Brown to the Electoral Commission concerning allegations of illegal donations-in-kind.

Harry Cole and fellow CFer Amanda O'Brien set up the think-tank, that campaigns for more openness and transparency in the political process.

Cole, 22, the Vice-President of Conservative Future Scotland and senior rapporteur for COPs has written to the Electoral Commission following the Charity Commission report into the Smith Institute. The report confirmed information indicating that Gordon Brown received undeclared donations-in-kind from the Smith Institute in the form of the services of Bob Shrum, a pollster paid by the Institute who advised Gordon Brown on electoral strategy.

You can read his letter

TB wishes them both the best of luck with their crusade...

Bad Bear...

TB has been very naughty and is in lots of trouble apparently. He would like to make it clear that any insinuation of naughtiness in photos posted previous was not true nor funny... actually it was fucking funny, well not that funny.

Although he said so privately, here it is for all to see... sorry!

Apologies also for the lack of blogging recently. It's been a very, very long week and only just got the interweb thingy back up and running a TBHQ.

Back to normal next week.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tories + Cocktails =

(click to enlarge)

So to Mahiki for the YBF summer party...

A solid effort to those early birds who managed to burn through the promised free cocktails in just 20 minutes.

TB is tired and still fairly hungover.

Come back tomorrow for more pictures and the gossip...

oi oi

Gate crash?

TB always knew that contact in Labour Students would come in useful...

"Dear Friend

I would like to invite you to a party to thank everyone for their hard work and support during the 2008 Mayoral election campaign.

The event takes place on Tuesday, 22nd July, Dingwalls in Camden from 6pm.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Ken Livingstone"

See you there indeed baldy...

Tory Bear is hungover...

Mahiki pictures to follow.

Email any you have to

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Hack Watch #1

Anyone who has known Sam Coates for the last couple of years knows that he has had one of the most exciting jobs going for a young, ambitious tory. Being Deputy Editor of
gives you influence way beyond most 22 year olds. As TB reported the other day Mr Coates has jumped from one position of power to another and in doing so has left a much coveted opening over at Con Home. They are now opening up the application process to anyone who meets their
and thinks they are up for the job... Will be a fantastic job for whoever gets it.

This also made TB laugh. A sound application:


Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Pop Quiz #3

Which member of the NME collects comic books?

Standard rules apply.

Just to clarify...

Know his name is flying around at the moment rather a lot but to kill one of the rumours TB has it on good authority that Ed Hallam will not be working at ConservativeHome any time soon.

Statement on the CLWCF elections


Monday, 14 July 2008

Congratulations to Mr. Coates

has this an exclusive...

ConservativeHome's Deputy Editor, and CFer Samuel Coates is to become David Cameron's deputy speech writer...

Congratulations are in order!

+++Justine Greening tipped for Shadow Cabinet role+++

Justine Greening MP who looks after CF is set to be promoted to the Shadow Cabinet according to the
Evening Standard

This is fantastic news for Justine who has worked tirelessly with CF over the last few years and has led the membership boom from the top. CF owes her a lot.

It is unlikely Justine could continue with the CF role and a ministerial portfolio...

Who would you guys like to see take over?

Sunday, 13 July 2008

A Sunday night treat for you all...

This is of course a highly serious and intellectually stimulating blog. TB could make the point about how the BBC is dumbing down and not reporting serious news blah blah etc. While it is a total waste of taxpayers money blah blah etc this is a epic epic story:

"Suburban comfort for massive ram"

Laughed so hard Mummy Bear came to investigate what all the noise was...

What is wrong with the Welsh?

Yes this is a post about London. Wanna fight about it?

There are those that say CF is too "London-centric"* and then there are those in London that say CF is to CLWCF-centric! The flagship branch of City of London and Westminster have recently held their "elections". As
tBg has printed in full
, Ed Hallam (Deputy National Campaigns Director) has been duly elected Chair. The branch is famous for its Star Socials and excellent communication with its members, the website proudly boasts "Facebook has revolutionised our entire approach to campaigning and organisation. All of our events are announced through Facebook"

Oh really?

TB has been contacted by some members of CLWCF who missed out on one rather important recent meeting - the AGM! They claim they were given no notification of it taking place and TB can confirm there is no mention of it on Facebook!

TB got intouch with the new Chairman who was very helpful and seems like a rather nice bloke, he said all paid members were told about the AGM by post and given nomination forms.

Came as no surprise to TB's disgruntled CFers though that "All positions were unopposed"

* (TB also understands that there are those out there who moan that this blog is too London-centric. For the record - pipe down! If TB lived in Bangor it would be Bangor-centric. What a ridiculous complaint to make.)

Oh to be a fly on the wall...

Imagine being told "you are the problem", (as Gordon

experienced this week
,) by this man:

TB would have hit the table too. Then laughed at possibly the worst beard ever...

You know you are in real shit when that guy tells you you're the problem.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

I'm Spartacus!

Ok so TB is lying in bed contemplating never drinking again... while doing so having a good old youtube session. Found these absolutely hilarious Farage Fury! clips... TB was lucky enough to have dinner with the UKIP leader a couple of years ago and can't help thinking once again what a shame it is that he is not a Conservative MEP. Ok so the man is a loose cannon and would be a hell of a liability but he is a legend and has the balls to yell his head off at the President of France, or Blair, or anyone else who stands in his path.

Watch how he lays into Sarkozy:

and the first ninety seconds of this are pure comedy gold:


Just found this on Facebook...

Love it.

Something for the weekend...

TB is taking it easy this weekend. He must be getting old as the amount he drunk last night no where near warrents the horrendous hangover...

Friday, 11 July 2008

'ello 'ello 'ello what's all this then?

Another day and another revelation...

TB has spent the afternoon chatting to an extremely well connected source who was more than willing to spread some light on the true intentions of the CF Steering Committee. Seems they have discussed in depth the prospect of removing the entire elections process from CF. Elections are apparently a) messy and dirty, b) cost too much - the ERS charge a hell of a lot and of the thousands of ballot papers sent out, only a fraction of them are returned and c) at the end of the day the big people's Party don't get the candidate they want.
TB has now heard this from two trusted and well wired sources.

With this in mind any reforms that the current Chair and NME want to put forward must be done with extreme caution because the last thing any one wants to do is present the Steering Committee with the opportunity and opening to push the changes they want through the Party Board- changes that would turn the UK's largest democratic political youth organisation into... well an organisation as democratic as Labour Students.

It would make CF a laughing stock and go against any concept of democracy. A principle the Party supposedly holds dear.

Let us not forget this is Conservative - not Zanu P-Future


TB is hearing things - rumours of something big cooking up. Though nothing has been confirmed there are whispers. We are not talking Obama and shallow promises of "Change We Can Believe In" (What does that even mean?) No, there are rumblings of a pretty significant overhaul of the CF structure...

Think NME and Area Chairman...

You'll hear it here first.

The Boy did good.

Up against Labour PPC Chuka Umuna (Streatham) Michael David Rock held his own and did CF proud.

That YBF TV training clearly paid off!

Well done to whichever idiot BBC hack decided that Britain's largest youth political movement was called "Conservative Futures" as the the News24 banner referred to us as until halfway through the program.

TB phoned News24 to inform them of their error but was transferred to OffCom, sorry where exactly does the licence fee go?

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Somebody kill me please?

TB is about to put a bullet in his head.. Sixth Form Question Time is the most painful and awful carnival of idiots. I've spotted three beret/goatee combos so far. IDS is leading it and getting the claps but hell so is Wee Dougy Alexander..

It is an eternal mystery to why the entire audience clap at two contradictory points.

As for the student on the panel?

He's pretty fucking hard right.. Doesn't surprise me he is a member of UKIP... Not helping his cause! He wants to lock everyone up and he keeps getting lairy. TB is getting increasingly frustrated by the fact the kid can barely speak.. what was the criteria for the competition winner... best impression of Gordon Brown's stutter?

I'm not sure I can watch this all...


The blue-scholar vote...

from The Economist shows that all of the hard work CF campus branches and University Associations (if you go to a proper university,) have been doing is starting to pay off:

Tories really are a force once again on campus.

While TB does not want to seem to be taking credit for the national swing, he can remember the days when to be a Conservative at a student union event sparked a similar reaction to walking in with wearing a mac and holding a sign saying "I touch children!".

University Cons have played a vital role in decontaminating the brand...

Things a defiantly shifting and student CFers have a lot of political capital to play with in the coming academic year.. let's not waste it...

NUS take over anyone?

Rock on TV...

CF Chairman Michael Rock will be bashing some lefty on BBC News24's Question Time Extra program tonight at 11.30 (directly after the main program finishes.) Be sure to tune in...

Fingers crossed for his sake that it will go slightly better than this:

The former campaign manager isn't to confident though:


It's DD for me

Lets all wish David Davis the best of luck today.
TB reckons the majority will stay around the same - about 5000. Despite the reduction in turn out that is widely expected, DD is sure to pick up some cross-party support and a few votes for being a sound bloke.

Has the by-election had the desired effect?

Sadly TB has to conclude it has not.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Another hatchet buried...

After what could be described as an acrimonious election battle in 2006 it seems as if Tooting PPC and former Chairman Mark Clark has buried the hatchet with his former opponent Andrew Young...

Who said he held a grudge?

Bear with me... is going under a substantial redesign tonight.

Sorry if things are a bit messed up for 24 hours or so while teething problems are sorted...

More target seat frustration:

This email from a co-conspirator says it all:

"That list of seats for CF to help in is bizarre -- it doesn't include two former National Chairmen (Hannah Foster in Exeter & Cllr Justin Tomlinson in Swindon North), a former Deputy National Chairman (Cllr Andy Stephenson in Pendle) & a former elected CF NME member (Chris D. Kelly in Dudley South)! Swindon North, Pendle & Dudley South are all in the top 75 target seats against Labour whilst Exeter is target 176 according to the

Maybe if the Steering Committee had consulted the Chairman and NME they would have been told this...

Watch her squirm!

Hague was at his best at PMQs... nailed Harman to the wall... watch her squirm for a good forty seconds while she tries to think of something to funny to say at the end:

It's like watching a car crash in slow motion.

On my command, unleash hell...

It seems TB has unleashed a wave of CF aged blogs and has some "Blue" competition...

seems to have launched today...

Pretty sure it's spelt Guerrilla but c'est la vie.

Excellent to see another blog that seems to be pitched at a similar crowd emerge..

It's all about the accountability and the more the merrier..
In a right of reply to tBg's first post, TB reckons that you should consider the fact that the LGBT advisory board had met just once before the change over at City Hall in May... seems like a worth cost cutting measure if they weren't doing anything.

TB doesn't like the recent rise of Boris dissing that has emerged in the last few weeks. Having slaved our guts out for him lets not throw our toys out of the pram at the first opportunity.

UPDATE 15.24: TB stands corrected:
guer·ril·la or gue·ril·la
A member of an irregular, usually indigenous military or paramilitary unit operating in small bands in occupied territory to harass and undermine the enemy, as by surprise raids.

Chris D. Kelly

Sorry Mr. Lunn, know he isn't fighting one of your choice seats, but CF owes Chris Kelly a few hours worth of support in his very winnable Dudley South (3,126 requiring a swing of 4.4%). Though he has now reached thirty Chris has been a loyal CFer since long before the days of TB.

He got in touch to please ask lots of CFers to head to his campaign days that are near and close to the time of conference in Birmingham at the end of September:

Saturday 27th Sept.
Sunday 28th Sept.

Wednesday 1st Oct

Be sure to join his Facebook

Best of luck to him...

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

We may very well think that, but he couldn't possibly comment...

Michael Lunn - the only member of staff for Conservative Future in CCHQ has an approval rating of just 19.2% amongst CF members. 35.9% of those surveyed had no idea who he was or that they could contact him and 44.9% say they are unhappy with the way the job he is doing for the members.
There were serious concerns raised in the survey about the "Youth Development Manager" - (£35,000pa) . Obviously there was the expected; "The stuff about Hilley was a disgrace and he should have had the good grace to fall on his sword." and the standard; "no contact, never seen/heard from him."

However more alarming was the outrage felt about the decisions of the CF "Steering Group". This consists of Justine Greening MP- the Party's Vice Chairman for Youth, Mr Lunn and George Eustice- the former head of Press at CCHQ and now, well something in DC's office. Obviously the role of CF is to be the foot soldiers to the party machine come election time, but with a complete disregard for their views Mr Lunn has forced a list of 16 target seats through the Steering Group and imposed it on the membership, without consultation with the Chairman or the NME. Requests for funds for any activity in other seats are turned down and this included a complete refusal to provide accommodation for the countless CF members who decamped to Crewe and to Henley for weeks on end. Tory Bear understands that members of the NME who do not wish to be named spent a significant amount of their own money in providing support for by-elections and other activities. It seems as if the NME are trying to down-play this fact and "campaign funds" has been a euphemism for some time for personal spending. A number of people have raised this fact with TB. This is frankly a disgrace.
Tory Bear got in touch with Mr Lunn to ask him to spread some light on not only the fact he is terrible at responding to members but also about the target seats issue;

In a charming manner he replied "Thanks for your email. We have discussed it and in answer to your question we do not accept your online survey and do not comment on media speculation about target seats."

Well you may dismiss it as speculation Michael, but you know these documents are real:

(click to enlarge.)

There is enough
going on about how these seats were chosen (not only in the comments on this site but elsewhere,) so TB is not going to add his own two cents. Granted CCHQ have every right to tell the media, in whatever form to piss off, so TB urges any member who wants to know what exactly it is about these 16 seats that makes them so special to email and ask him yourself.

Surly he will answer to the members?

In his capacity as a member of the Conservative Party TB's alter ego has written to the Party Chairman before to complain about the appalling disregard CF is held in and would have no qualms in doing so again.

What right does this unelected official have to dictate where CF can and cannot campaign or how the CF budget is spent. These are decisions for the elected Chairman and NME.

A totally unacceptable abuse of power
once again
from Mr Lunn.

TB has been trying to get hold of the National Campaigns Director for the last 24 hours to discuss issues relating to this list and whether he approved it. Has he disappeared on one of legendary jaunts to foreign lands otherwise known as Nottingham...?

YBF summer party...

Don't forget to get your tickets for the YBF summer party that is being held at Mahiki next Wednesday. Have a feeling this is going to be a good one... TB will be there... So you better all behave. Somehow I don't think that is going to happen.

All the details can be found

Night out in Mahiki for a tenner?


A t-shirt you might actually wear....

It seems that the offer of a CF bottle opener isn't too appealing and there are many out there like TB who has a drawer full of them. Same goes for Rock badges and Boris ones...

While on a quest to create a decent prize TB stumbled upon a gem of a site that allows you to buy a fantastic range of I ♥ Tory Bear apparel and badges...

The prices are in dollars but given the brilliant exchange rate at the moment this is works to your advantage...

T-Shirts from just seven quid!*

Fifteen pounds isn't too bad for a hoody either...

And my personal favourite.. thongs - just six quid!

Why not buy a badge for a pound...

Tory Bear promises to buy a ridiculously overpriced cocktail from Mahiki at the YBF summer party (which btw is set to be epic!) for anyone seen sporting an I ♥ Tory Bear t-shirt...
or thong ; )

Happy shopping

*TB would like to assure everyone that Owen Meredith had absolutly no creative input in the design of these t-shirts.

Monday, 7 July 2008

She's no Tory Bear but...

A flurry of activity tonight as TB gets tipped off by no fewer than six CF keenbeans in the space of ten minutes that CF Top Totty Alexandra Swann has launched her very own blog at

TB is rather glad Miss Swann has taken his advice and started a blog about Surrey - hopefully now she will write it down and stop boring people to tears with her tales from the Patio of England.

TB is yet to get over Miss Swann's audacity at even threatening to reveal who she thinks is his alter ego, but to be fair her first two posts have made an entertaining read.

Favourite quotes thus far - "Whoever you are, TB, i salute you. And think you’re rather sexy." and;

"it’s awful; living for nearly 2 weeks where everyone else is male means I’ve put on around a stone and further wrecked my liver"

Come on now Alexandra from what Tory Bear hears it was you who was leading the eating in Henley. What was it that waiter said? Something about pies?

On a slightly more serious note her post about
, and more specifically the internal workings of CF should be read by all members and taken on board.

After the little coup d'etat in Surrey Miss Swann has burst onto the CF scene with quite some force in recent months and seems to be climbing trees the ladder at a rapid rate.

Best of luck to her...

Pop Quiz #2

Brentford & Isleworth
Ealing Central and Acton

and Surbiton
Berwick Upon

Dagenham & Rainham


Reading West


North East
North East

Q. What do all these seats have in common?

Standard TB rules apply.. CF bottle opener for the first correct answer.

Murder on the dancefloor...

Grumpy today aren't you!?

For the record I have no personal vendetta against either Patrick Sullivan or Anastasia Beaumont-Bott. So please stop emailing TB asking what my problem is.

And as for those of you who got in touch to suggest that there was some sort of rift between those said members of the NME, well hate to break it to you but TB has from good sources that this is bullshit.

Further evidence of these two getting on was emailed to me last week, think now would be an appropriate time to put it up:

If that doesn't cheer you up I don't know what will... hot moves.

Survey results - Social Action

Seems that Social Action splits the readers, but those thinking we should stick to our constitutional commitments to provide the party with election support slightly have it:
The feedback left wasn't a glowing endorsement of the project. This quote hits the nail on the head, many people left such sentiments on the survey, but this one sums it up very well;

"my dad was a yc in the 60s and they essentially ran a local children's home, most of the members adopted or fostered people as a result my university branch ran a coffee morning for old folk in the area all these things happened because we wanted to do it, not because it would provide a photo opportunity for some chinless candidate now, none of these things happen but at least some of the people who are now at my uni go picking up litter in a bit of wasteland for 10 mins with stupid t-shirts on while being photographed tell me - which was more worthy?"

As for TB's view, well I've already been accused of being on a solo-mission against ABB today (I'm not for the record, people have said the same of Patrick, also not true - he at least can take a joke,) so I will look back to before she got involved in order to sum up my views of Social Action. At Blackpool last year the CF contingent were all organised to go down to help on the garden project on the afternoon before the CF drinks. The numbers of people who said they would come weren't looking to healthy so a decision was taken that anyone who helped out with SA would be given champagne at the evening reception.. the mini bus soon filled up. This just about sums up the shallow nature that SA can have it's not done properly.
It's good to see that this years Birmingham project is starting now and hopefully it will consist of more than
William Hague playing with goats.

Jury is out on this one.

Of course Social Action is doing good things but are hearts really in it?

ABB's tips for success...

Good relationships with agents eh?

; )

Some thoughts...

"I’m weary of politicians tokenising trans people merely to gain credibility. If they’re not prepared to engage with us and listen to what we say - and incorporate that in meaningful policies which we can be sure will be implemented, then would they kindly leave us alone. We’re quite capable of surviving without their cynical use of us for publicity with no practical support beyond the headline-grabbing stuff. We are not here to provide material for T-shirt slogans."

This is the only comment on so far on the new

It got TB thinking about this sensitive project that could very easily back-fire. Some questions:

Apart from the photo-ops what exactly are LGBTory planning on doing?

Also what accountabilty measures are in place?

Why no committee?

Friday, 4 July 2008

The NME ratings...

Thank you firstly to the 82 respondents to Tory Bear's first survey of how the CF National Management Committee have done in the first three months since their election. The results are a pretty accurate gauge of the CF electorate given that 768 people voted in the election, 9.3% of the those voters took part in this poll.

Respondents were asked to rate each NME member as either "good", "alright", "you're fired" or if they did not know who they are, or had not heard much from them, then "who?".

Starting in reverse order the Exec are ranked by their overall approval rating (the sum of their "good" and "alright" scores.)

Without further delay.. bringing up the rear... Cllr Steve Ricketts:

A pretty shoddy performance so far it seems from our man in Plymouth. Seems nobody has heard of him and even those that have don't seem too impressed. TB understands that Steve has expressed his concern to his NME colleagues that he feels some what out of the loop as Plymouth is a long way from the London centric organisation but despite this fact there is a hell of a lot of room for improvement here. Approval Rating: 25.4%

Next up it's Owen
"Delivering For Everyone - Aspiration For All"

Despite the endless press -releases in the latest news section of his ever hilarious
Owen is failing to connect with the membership. A hefty 29.3% would also like to see him fired. Would put that rumoured Chairman bid on ice my friend and concentrate on proving your up to scratch here. Approval Rating: 33.4%

With another large "who?" lingering over her, next we have Adele Douglas:

Adele has done wonders in Manchester but needs to work harder to improve her national profile it seems. Of those who do know her it's a pretty solid "alright" in this poll but TB reckons they could easily be converted to "good" with a little more action. The appeal of a candidate of CF age (
Stuart Penketh
,) standing in what is now a winnable seat, a campaign Adele is running the CF side of, should have CFers flocking to help out. Up the game a little and you'll go far. Approval Rating: 43%

Chair of the CF poetry committee & Deputy Chairman Christian May is lingering mid-table:

Pretty average results for the Forward Together survivor. The Exec were clearly quite clever in over-promoting Christian to a position where he can't cause too much trouble. Having been one of only two of the FT slate elected, Mr May could have cut a divisive figure on the NME but good on him for clearly buckling down and getting on with the job. Approval rating 46.9%

Next up it's Anastasia Beaumont-Bott:

These are by far the most interesting figures. Splitting almost exactly down the 25% lines - love her or hate her ABB is defiantly Miss Marmite of this survey! High profile projects such as LGBTory and Social Action have raised her profile no end in the last few months but still more people would like to see the back of her (26%) than think she is doing a good job (24.7%.) The rumours of what would be, given her age, an extraordinary bid for Chairman next year just won't go away. If it is a case of no-smoke-without-fire than TB's advice would be to sort out that 26% who aren't ABB fans, because if these figures were translated into votes- it will be FT town for you... Approval Rating: 48.1%

If the Rock was DC then Richard Jackson would be Steve Hilton, or maybe Andy Coulson:

The first of this NME's co-options has proved to be a hit. The
CF Exec blog
is a great new inititive, as were the Twitter and Flickr updates from Henley. The strategic brains behind the Rock4CF phenomenon, and part time CCHQ Press Officer, Richard is clearly getting his teeth stuck into his new role as communications guru for the NME. Although 31.6% of respondents don't know who he is, that can hardly be held against him given the fact that he didn't have all the publicity of the election. The man behind the scenes image is one the suits him well and his excellent Approval Rating of 62.1% is thoroughly deserved.

After the storming successes of Crewe and Henley the National Campaigns Coordinator Patrick Sullivan is your most highly rated member of the NME:

So the joke goes that the Tories didn't win by-elections and then they put Patrick in charge, well TB wouldn't go that far but you have to hand it to Mr Sullivan - he is doing an excellent job so far. Having tested out methods and found a solid formula during the Ealing by-election last summer, CF national campaigns have gone from strength to strength, especially for Boris and in Crewe. While de-camping around the country to fight on the front, Patrick has also juggled the pressure of relaunching the StudentLife committee, of which he is the co-chair. He has clearly got his name recognition sorted and it seems work hard,play hard is a winning formula! Approval Rating: 68.4%
Well done to Richard and Patrick for their approval ratings about 50%. Plenty of room for improvement amoungst the other members though - was hardly a glowing report. TB won't be doing these monthly but they will be held every so often. The final result for Chairman Michael Rock is 72.4% of respondants think he is doing a good job (giving him a score above 5/10) - solid.

Still to come from the survey are some re-election figures for the NME and a look at possible candidates for next time round, as well as the verdicts on Michael Lunn and Social Action.

TB is getting lashed this weekend so don't expect too much.