Thursday, 25 February 2010

Farage Blows the Doors Off

Anyone For Tea?

Join Dan Hannnan and friends at the Brighton Tea Party at 5.30 p.m. this Saturday 27 February at the Best Western Hotel, 143-145 King's Road, Brighton BN1 2PQ

Actual tea optional.

TB better go get a hotel sorted...

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Two Chairman

Once upon a time this blog used to write regularly about the Conservative Future. After realising it was much more fun to take the mick out of the Lib Dems and writing a dissertation about political youth, TB aimed his sites elsewhere. This special war-room briefing from Pickles and Michael Rock, CF Chairman is worth a peek though.

More info

Disappointed Rock didn't use the word chum though.

LBC Tonight at 8pm

Though you've probably given up on TB blogging this week, if you are near a radio or a computer, or even a Sky box, you can hear him on LBC Radio tonight at 8pm. He will be chatting about this miserable week for Labour with Chuka Umunna Labour's PPC for Streatham. Will be interesting to put a name to a face given a couple of pieces TB has written in the past.

Hope you can
tune in
at 8 and once again apologies for the shocking lack of blogging.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

McBride Wouldn't Put Up With This

TB has been busy with other more bill-paying projects, though he has been quiet, he was blown away by the last two days. There is a big difference between the smack of firm leadership and sustained bouts of aggressive bullying. What has been consistent for many years  now is the similarity of the allegations and rumours coming out of Number10. It had to go mainstream at some point...

As the dust settles on the last forty-eight hours that have been dominated by discussions of bullying, complaints, allegations, counter attacks and smears it is important to make sure things are kept in perspective. The reason Downing St would have been so angry with the Pratt angle to the story was the excuse it gave the Monday papers go, no holds barred, into an full on scattergun attack on the PM. Her actions unravelled pretty quickly and although she has now gone to Max Clifford saying she has evidence, it is safe to say when that leech is involved you have damaged yourself. But in reality that is a mere side-story.

Whether or not it was appropriate for Ms Pratt to wade in with her angle, her story was just too tempting for the press. It doesn't matter that it fell apart, the damage was done. On Sunday and Monday the papers were plastered with anti-Brown headlines giving a glimpse into the world of the "Prime Monster". The subsequent attacks and fall of Pratt were too late, a million front pages and breakfast bulletins and headlines had been read. Though a thug, it is clear that Damian McBride was Brown's best operator, you can bet a pretty penny that he would have shut down this story for his raging boss, but then again that was part of the problem. Either way, whoever is running the bunker had a bad day yesterday. It is also clear that Mandy is way, way past his peak at dealing with this sort of storm.

Despite their best efforts drag Ms Pratt down with them, Labour have taken a big hit on this one and they know it. Of course we need firm leadership, but not an unstable, out of control centre piece of a whole culture of aggression and attack. Brown is running out of time, just get in the car and go to the Palace.

Prezza Loses It Live

Last night's Newsnight was something special. The full Rawsnley/Prescott/Paxman/Fink/Hattersely dingdong is well worth a

catch up
but the moment of John Prescott losing it was the stuff of legend:

Well done to
for getting the recording.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Pressing Buttons

Skip 16 mins into this vid from CPAC for a gem of a speech from YBF's Matthew Richardson:

The crowd reaction to buzzwords is hilarious. As is the fact taking the piss out of Kerry McCarthy has gone global.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Whose Idea Was This?

Gordon Brown just arrived to his wake to this tune:

Face palm.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Libreal Consparacy

At least Etonians can

A Message to Purnell

Something is up, Purnell didn't even tell his staff he was quitting. A damning indictment of the Labour Party and their electoral chances. If whatever job he is expecting doesn't fall into place TB has

a suggestion
A job at the DWP would be fine by TB.

CCHQ Deploy Secret Weapon

Sorry for another video but a busy bear:

Was sceptical but he's actually remarkably astute.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thanks DEFRA!

Tories Say Sod Twitter

Touching on what TB

said the other day
, it is interesting to note which party actually understands how to use social media. Labour huff and puff abot how great they are at engaging on Twitter, yet in reality all this really means is that there is an exteded circle jerk of about two hundred core actavists all talking about the same nonsense and thinking an election can be won with a hashtag. There is no real branching out to a wide audience. The media love Twitter, it's a hook, but under the radar is where the real action is happening:
Dave and co on the other hand are cutting through the chatter and actually targeting voters rather than activists. Last week it was Osborne on Facebook, a site where millions rather than thousand go and spend significant time staring at pages on which well placed ads can be planted, and today Dave is doing a
live chat on MSN
. A socal network used by far far more people than Twitter.

For all their boasting chat, Labour really are dumb.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dumb dee Scum

Tory Radio
have still got their research hat on. David Wright's publicly funded attacks in all their base glory. Everyday far worse things are said online from both sides, however not by Ministers. Remember, your taxes are being used to fund this:
Dc is simply a hypocritical vicious leader of the nasty party. Jeopardising justice while taking millions from Ashcroft #Toryscum

Georgey Porgey looks like he is holding in a big fart

Out of recession and Nick Robinson says they are bad economic figures. Is he DC’s stooge or what?

oh and apologies for telling it like it is. Cameron IS an opportunist tosser. Or should I have said the Rt Hon gentleman?

Some say scrappage scheme, some say fiscal stimulus, others argue Eric Pickles & services to pie industry. I couldn’t comment

quite. Dc is a horrible opportunistic scumbag

Oops DC. Looks like another FU:
@SkyNewsPolitics utter shit but an easy to read story

Paxman is a sneering tosser sometimes. Was clear straightaway Peter M got better of him
Remember John Smith’s Social Justice commission – Tories had nothing to say then either #Toryscum

Good article on young Tory toffs in Conservative Future (racist, dumb and cocky):
Poor dc. Petty and spiteful to point out the Tories are a bunch of toffs or just plain true!!! 
Think dc is on the back foot (the Eton toff)

I said Nadine was Fruit and Nut. Surprised she is “allowed” to speak such guff.
Poor old Georgey Porgey. Bet dc wished he had listened to GB on economy not gp. You gotta feel for the oik

Madine Dorries. Fruit and nut or fruitcake – which is better?
The Sun are just scum. Discuss

Which ones of these were also "tinkered with"?

Totty Watch: Blogging Barbie

TB has to say he is rather smitten with the latest addition to the blogosphere:

Watch out Nadine, you've got competition. 

Spoofs of the Spoofs of the Spoofs

ConHome have launched
... Not sure what CCHQ will have to say about a negative version of a such a positive campaign, but frankly with Labour and the left having set the negative bar so low it's always good to put the boot in.

You know what to do...

UPDATE 18.52: The hypocrisy of Labour is quite breath-taking. When they attack Tories it is all a good laugh, yet they can't stand the heat. John Prescott has gone into full hysterics mode, whining to Eric Pickles. Did anyone hear a word of complaint to Labour Party officials about No of course not, get a grip!

Quote of the Day

"That which is not just, is not Law; and that which is not Law, ought not to be obeyed."
Felt appropriate given 
the news
this morning.

Last Night at the Lion

As TB reported last week, tragically someone thinks it will be a good idea to rip the life and soul out of the Red Lion and install a food bar and spruce it up. TB is still quite grumpy about this.

Well wonks and wonkettes, hacks and bag carriers, lobbyists and bloggers, it's time to give Westminster's finest watering hole the send off it deserves. The dingy dark corners just right for plotting and gossiping will never be the same again.
So one last night at the Lion it is

Be there on Friday 5th March after work. Peanuts optional.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Will it Win Votes?

For those of you who missed it check out TB chattingg away with Clifford Singer from spoof attack site
on Sky News last night:

Remind TB not to do his jacket up next time he is filmed from that angle.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Quote of the Day

"Gordon Brown claims today that the country is turning away from a celebrity culture and insists his seriousness is in tune with a new spirit of the times."
The Guardian
Saturday 14 April 2007

Saturday, 13 February 2010

For Sale

You may have noticed the advert down the side of the blog for the last year for

Well that slot is now for sale, you can have it for a year, a month, a week. Artwork provided preferable, though not vital. 110,000 views a month. Make TB an offer he can't refuse...

Tobin Hood and His Merry Pinkos

Just a cursory glance down the list of the organisations supporting the
Robin Hood Tax
shows you exactly where these delusional hippies are coming from. Just look at the mandatory use of “Merry men and women” in the description to gauge exactly the sort of lefty bores we are dealing with here. Trade Unions, barking communists, self-aggrandising green movements, you get the picture. Instead of electing politicians to run the country perhaps it would be a much better idea just to put that nice Bill Nighy, or seasoned economist Richard Curtis, or what about obnoxious loud mouthed Fern Cotton, in charge.

For starters, it should be made very clear that however many pinkos join a Facebook group, the chances of the Robin Hood Tax succeeding are somewhere around half of half of point one percent of a percent – that doesn’t sound like very much to normal people. And that’s because normal people don’t run the worlds banking systems. That’s why bankers do – people who actually know what they are talking about, people who have been consistently smeared by those looking to shift the blame for their own cock-ups. The Labour Party is as much to blame for the recession as the bankers they are so willing to blame. We would be well on the road to recovery by now if it wasn’t for the ridiculous levels of government spending instigated by Gordon Brown. Now the left want to levy a new tax, not for deficit reduction, but wait for it… more public spending!

The chances of US investment banks agreeing to this are tiny. Thank goodness. As for the rest of the world? Well the global community can barely agree where to hold summits, let alone on anything actually discussed at them. The delusion of the supporters becomes immediately clear when they state that 0.05% is a tiny figure. Yes it is a small percentage but as Tim Worstall
points out
, that figure represents half of the profits generated by the banking system. Do you seriously for one second believe that the banking section would put up with losing half of it’s incentive to bother trading, and thus prop up the world we live in?

Have these people ever thought for one second what the world would be like without international trade and the banking system? Or maybe they have, maybe they want government controlled finance. Maybe this is indeed part of their grander plans to redesign the world, who knows what these mentalists are really thinking.

Most of the people supporting this either spent their childhood standing in the cold while their parents gave out Socialist Worker, or failing that, were too busy eating tofu and lentils in-between sessions of singing Joni Mitchell songs on an old battered guitar. However TB actually spent his childhood reading Robin Hood.

He remembers the true story, not the hijacked jumped up version that these deluded morons are spouting. Robin of Loxley returned to his homeland to find it crippled by a tyrannical regime hell-bent of propping itself up by taxing its citizens till the pips squeaked. Sound familiar yet? Robin Hood as he became was the ultimate fighter against taxation, he wasn’t stealing from the rich to give the poor, he was merely taking back from the rich what they had taken from the poor through taxation.

Nottingham was the ultimate big state, with its only desire to grow and a casual disregard for its citizens. The irony of the name is hilarious. This tax does not steal from the rich to give to the poor. It’s just sanctioned stealing by the state. It should be named the Sheriff of Nottingham Tax if anything. This countries recession has been made so much worse due to the ridiculous size of our state. How will giving the state more money to piss up the wall solve anything?

Time to move on to some of the more well disguised bull that supporters of the Robin Hood Tax seem to have swallowed. Take Will “Evidence Based Blogging” Straw's
Left Foot Forward
for example. LFF constantly refers to “world economists” as if every economist is part of the world club and all agree with each other that everything the Conservative Party has ever said is wrong.

Left Foot Forward also bands about the figure of 350 economists as if it is something to be proud off. Margaret Thatcher got at least 25 more economists than that to slam her ideas and she went on to become the greatest peacetime Prime Minister this country has ever had, and her ideas were eventually embraced by the Labour Party he is so tireless to defend. He also has to stop banding the expression “Nobel Prize Winning” as if it actually means anything. They gave Obama one for Christ sake.

Will’s spin swallowing naivety really becomes obvious in his myth-busting attempts:
“Claim #2: It will harm ordinary consumers, including ‘holidaymakers when they exchange money at the airport’ 
The Robin Hood tax campaign FAQ states that: 
“The Robin Hood Tax will not impact on personal banking or on retail banking. That’s because it targets a distinct area of bank operations – high-frequency large-volume trading, undertaken by financial institutions in the ‘casino economy’. 
“If you change money to go on holiday, send remittances abroad, invest in a pension fund or take out a mortgage, you will not be affected by this tiny tax.””
Yes, that is correct. But come on Will, banks are there to make a profit, it is what they do. To suggest that they won’t find a way to make up for the losses of Robin Hood’s theft is naïve at best, and plain ignorant at worst. Banks aren’t the fluffiest of creatures but they are a necessary evil and will pass on the any cost inflicted upon them to their customers without fail. Higher bank charges immediately come to mind. Boom right there, you have then inflicted the poorest this pathetic and delusional tax is meant to help. Whoops.

The idea that taxation is theft is rarely so hysterically and openly embraced by the left. They normally spend most of the time hiding their casual disregard for other people’s money. At times like this you see right into the thought process of the modern left. Their ideas have been rejected again and again, decade after decade so they opportunistically wait for a low point to strike and force their thievery through the back door. You could yell and yell that’s “It’s not your money!” until you were blue in the face, but frankly these people don’t care. They are dressing up there desire to hamper and limit global capitalism under a veneer of caring.

Just as they are so quick to dismiss the fact the climate scientists are a bunch of politicking liars, you would think that the case for a global levy was open and shut. If it is such a good idea why hasn’t it been implemented over half a century since the concept was first mooted? It won’t work because it is stealing money that governments have absolutely no right to touch. Opposition to this tax will prevail, whatever the more naïve and deluded elements of society wish to call it.

Many more voices have come out against The Tobin Robin Hood Tax.

TB Recommends:

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The cruel deceits of the left - the re-branded Tobin Tax

And a special mention to
Guy of Gisbourne
- resurrected as the good guy to fight the resurgent Robin and his evil tax.

Friday, 12 February 2010

ITV Responds to CrocodilePiersgate

"Thank you for your email regarding Piers Morgan Life Stories.

Life Stories features a wide range of different interviewees, from Sir Richard Branson to Sheila Hancock and Sharon Osbourne. Gordon Brown is simply the latest in a long list of public figures who have been quizzed by Piers. This is an opportunity for viewers to gain a glimpse into the personal life of the Prime Minister and to bring a lively insight not just into politics but the human story behind the politics.

The election has not yet been called and ITV is not bound by the particular rules governing the pre-election period at this time. Nevertheless ITV, like all responsible broadcasters, observes due impartiality and balance across our output as a whole. We are developing ideas and are in discussion with other parties about potential programming."
So will Dave get an hour of prime time coverage one on one with a supporter or not?

TB reckons an hour of Dylan Jones doing a TV version of his book "
Cameron on Cameron
" would be about fair game. Like Piers and Gordon, they are mates and ideologically similar. Sorted.

A Funny Lefty?

Yes TB didn't think there were any either.

Greg Pope's blog
came to TB's attention when it laid into Gordon in no uncertain terms. His son Conor's weekly videos are also quite amusing. Imagine a fiercely partisan skinny 18 year old Ricky Gervais, if Ricky Gervais was interested in the Labour Party. Anyway TB wouldn't normally give air time to the enemy, but Conor's piss take of Labour's constant use of campaigning and social media (as if it will make a difference,) in the last minute of this is hilarious:

Wonder who he could possibly be mocking with the "#LabourWin" reference?

Tonight Matthew, TB Will Be...

One of those dreadful lefty types that complains.

And so it begins:

A busy TB will let

Liberal Vision
take it from here:
This is Piers Morgan interviewing the PM. No other politician at any other point, just the PM. This is Piers Morgan - former editor of the pro-Labour party Mirror newspaper, up until 2004 (when he was sacked). This is Piers Morgan, Gordon Browns mate. Piers Morgan who interviews the likes of Cilla Black, Katie Price, Boris Becker,Dannii Minogue,Ronnie Corbett, Vinnie Jones, and.. er…oh.. the Prime Minister (weeks before a general election must be called). Piers Morgan who says of Gordon Brown (presumably with a straight face (and fingers crossed behind his back)) “He’s one of the most famous people in the country, yet remains a man of mystery to many. I have known Gordon Brown for over 15 years – he is a man who has enjoyed great triumph, suffered terrible tragedy, and will soon face the biggest challenge of his career.” Sound like a one hour party political election broadcast to you too?

Much has been said about how cynical Gordon Brown is to use this programme as a vehicle to gain public sympathy etc. I dont care whether he cried or stripped naked and did the hokey Cokey - what I care about is how the hell those people in charge of ITV let Gordon Brown’s mate interview Gordon Brown within weeks of a general election without any regard to their internal or external commitments to impartiality.
So what can you do?

Well whine basically:
Ofcom makes it very difficult to complain prior to programme transmission but you can try
or you can call OFCOM on 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3000 or write to them at Ofcom, Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road,London, SE1 9HA and simply ask them to post date your complaint about the “Party Politcal Broadcast brought to you by Piers Morgan” to Feb 15th (day after the interview is broadcast). Just tell them it seems to break just about every rule in section 5.
Or complain directly to ITV:
This you can do by emailing
(duty officers logs get sent round the big boys - or at least they used to) copied to the
or call 0844 88 14150.

I understand that some libertarians out there will shrug and say that OFCOM should be scrapped and every broadcaster allowed to do what the hell they like. And I have some sympathy with that view. But until the point that OFCOM is scrapped and whilst ITV pretends to operate a news code of conduct then I think we have a right to expect it to adhere to its and OFCOMs rules.
So this is what it must feel like to be a sniffling lefty whining bore. Self-loathing rising but frankly this is bang out of order...

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Talk to George

Head over to

Facebook right now
(1pm) if you fancy chatting up George Osborne.
He is taking questions on the economy too.

Quote of the Day

"I love it when high earning celebs like Bill Nighy and Richard Curtis start campaigning for banker taxes. Oh, and Fearne Cotton is in favour of it too... based, presumably, on her economics degree?"

-Overheard discussion on the Tobin Robin Hood Tax

RIP Charlie Wilson

The fun loving Democrat Congressman from Texas who took on the Ruskies
has died
. They don't make Democrats like they used to.

Sad day.

Snapper in Hot Water

It's sometimes hard to forget that the SNP are a nothing but a jumped up pressure group, labouring under the illusion of a "government". It all comes crashing down when their political naivety is so obviously exposed. The Telegraph
Alex Salmond’s number two wrote a letter of support for Abdul Rauf prior to him being sentenced for defrauding £80,000 from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

She referred to Rauf’s crimes, which include a previous conviction for stealing £60,000, as “mistakes” and appealed to the court to “consider alternatives to a custodial sentence”.

Donald Findlay QC, defending, said it was the first time in his lengthy legal career he had handed over to the court a letter from someone of such importance.

Sheriff Alan MacKenzie said he was still minded to send Rauf, 59, to prison but promised to take into account Miss Sturgeon’s protests before he reached a decision.

Miss Sturgeon, the Glasgow Govan MSP, admitted she knew about the fraudster’s criminal record, but claimed she was duty bound to represent her constituent.

But opposition MSPs said they were aghast at her lack of judgement and challenged her to make a parliamentary statement explaining why she was lobbying on behalf of known criminals.
The word "resign" comes to mind.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hotel Rhondda

The cause of the Secretary of State for Wales' perm-a-tan may have been found. Peter Hain seems to have a bit of a thing about Rwanda. In light of the tough economic circumstances in the valleys Shadow Minister for Wales David Jones quite reasonably asked "What did the Secretary of State have in mind when he boasted last week that “Wales is still a wealthy country”? Complacent or what?" Hain's reply was the stuff of political legend:

"Does the hon. Gentleman not agree that, compared with Rwanda and most countries in the rest of the world—this is the point that I was making, if he had not chosen to take that quotation out of context—Wales is indeed still a wealthy country?"
Umm ok. David Jones rightly got the last word:
"It says it all that after 13 years of economic mismanagement under Labour, all Peter Hain can crow about is the fact that Wales is more prosperous than one of the poorest countries of the third world. Mr Hain’s unguarded comment underlines the full extent of Labour’s lack of ambition for Wales.”
Who is talking down the country now Labour? 

Caption Contest - Cash Back Edition

"A 10 minute break took place during which Mr Hancock and others were in frantic negotiations with the leadership. One person said that Mr Cameron himself was on the phone - "He’s livid", they

But what did Dave and Eric say? 

Answers below, winner gets a copy of Tim Bale's exquisitely researched
The Conservative Party: From Thatcher to Cameron

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


She's no Jonah Brown but you can hardly take anything Kerry McCarthy says seriously. Naively she swallowed a line and didn't bother trying to fight for her constituents.

Jan 19th

"Cadbury's new owner, Kraft, says it plans to close the company's Somerdale factory in Keynsham, near Bristol."

What's that word she always uses? Ah yes. Fail.

Why Do Labour Want to Change the Voting System?

Well lets ask TB's favourite thumb Eric shall we?

Think that clears everything up.