Tuesday, 9 February 2010


She's no Jonah Brown but you can hardly take anything Kerry McCarthy says seriously. Naively she swallowed a line and didn't bother trying to fight for her constituents.

Jan 19th

"Cadbury's new owner, Kraft, says it plans to close the company's Somerdale factory in Keynsham, near Bristol."

What's that word she always uses? Ah yes. Fail.


Old Holborn

Stupid fucking cow. The sooner she gets stabbed by a Somali, the better

Tory Bear

Easy tiger.


Old Holborn said...

Would that be her partner?

Bill Quango MP

But surely not?
Here's a headline from just a few days ago.

Cadbury's takeover: Brown says jobs are safe despite £11.5bn sale

And here is again, reassuring everyone on levels of investment and job security on

A snippet from the SKY side bar even says "Cadbury's chairman says he is saddened the firm is being sold but thinks it is the right thing to do."
Wonder where he heard that phrase?

Anonymous said...

This is a f*cking huge feather in your cap, Tory Bear. Her job in keeping her seat will be made hugely, massively more difficult not by the job losses themselves [that was expected from when Cadbury owned the company] but the fact that Lord Mandelson put his personal reputation on the line for Cadbury.

He pushed to get the best deal he could, and there was a personal promise by Kraft to do the best they could to keep it open. And that promise ran during the whole takeover process. Within days of them getting to 78-80% acceptance and the deal going unconditional Kraft just $h@t on the workers in direct contravention of assurances they gave to Lord Mandelson.

It just shows how the power is now draining away from New Labour and will be a VAST BOOST to your fabby KERRYOUT campaign.

Also look at this local BBC blog which sums things up rather well.

And many of these are people who would no doubt have voted Labour.


Anonymous said...

Well she's really managed to FUDGE this up. This is likely to BOOST the Kerryout campaign. It's TIME (she was) OUT.



Her faith was well placed. Who wouldn't trust a Mandelson-backed sale? His sale of Rover to BMW did wonders for the firm!

Maybe once they've lost the next election, Mandelson could sell the rotting carcass of Labour to the Lib Dems at a knock down price? Hopefully with similar results.

Angry Walrus

Tory Bear,

Have you any comments on the fact that Government spending on Advertising under Labour has grown five-fold since 1997?

In addition, there's a big spike in the Government advertising itself before each election. Are Labour trying to buy votes with £500m of public money?



Angry Walrus

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