Monday, 29 September 2008

Monday roundup...

Today in a sentence... a long lie-in and freedom.

Hit the room service and didn't make it to lunch. Instead arose late and headed for the blogger love in with Dale, Dizzy, Guido and the Devil... and even Nadine Dorries. Was a great little celebration of the blogsphere and an interesting chat.

The next few hours are slightly blurry but the TB hit the pub before emerging yawning in time for Dave speaking the Scottish Tories and preparing to hear Billy Hague at the Conservative Future 10 year anniversary party...

Just warming up for it with a drink or two with Guido and errr.... cough.... Alex Hilton.

Interviewed him for TBtv... watch this space...

Quote of the day: Overheard at the social action project... "Please can I have the shadow cabinet timetable, what's the point of me being here if they're not?"

Haha wonder who that could be.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Alex bloody Hilton - WTF?

TB is drinking in a strictly non-complacent fashion in the main bar of the Conference hotel...

He choked on his white wine (strictly no champagne!) when
Alex Hilton
- editor of the
and the once slightly witty, now desperate
Recess Monkey
blog and now Labour candidate for Kensington and Chelsea.

What the hell is a Labour candidate and known Tory hater doing at our conference? Who the hell approved his pass? What the hell is this jumped up and slimy bastard doing here?

And also while we are dealing with the "media" whoever designed this years press passes have made a fundamental error as the only way to distinguish them from normal members passes is the 08 is yellow rather than blue.

Press passes should scream - I AM A HORRIBLE HACK, DO NOT TALK TO IF YOU ARE DRUNK.

TB predicts that more than one story will be born out of this fact. The hacks are out in force waiting to bring us down a peg or two.

Why make their job of tricking us any easier?

TB despairs.

The Future

TB has just got out of the Area Chairman reception that turned into an utter farce.

TB is blogging angry which is never good but hey. There was shouting, swearing and slagging off.

Good buffet though.

On a serious note though the reform debate descended into everything wrong with Labour and the NUS. It was a joke. If this is the future of the party then well... fuck.

Each candidate held their own but the crowd was baying for blood.

Very Labour Students.

TB 4 Freedom...

David Davis is smiling...

Is he up to something?

TB and the BBC

Having been on Radio5 this morning and now running into Nick Robinson...

... and Andrew Neil at lunch -

TB is beginning to feel a bit bad about laying into Justin Webb quite so harshly the other day...

Just hope the coverage is as charming...

+++TB the networker+++

Mr Gove was charming... As was Mr Pickles:

Just spotted the higher powers of the BBC lunching together...

Pictures to follow...

Saturday Conference roundup

TB has just got back from the YBF fringe event... a few too many pints for his early start tomorrow. 

Your Country needs you...

Haven't seen a nightclub so full with tories.. joking apart there really is a hell of a lot of young members here this year and pretty ones at that! This years Saturday night turnout puts the Blackpool Walkabout 2007 posse to shame. 

Was a busy day... Starting with early flight, TV training, seeing DC (video to follow!) and copious amounts of booze tonight...

Even ran into the ever charming Jonathon Isaby from the Telegraph and soon to be co-editor of ConservativeHome.

Up at six for Radio 5 interview.... ugh.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Radio ga ga

Tory Bear will be on Radio 5 Live tomorrow at 7am talking about Dave etc.

Live Blogging.

For the next few days TB will give you live updates from Conference...

Landed... Checked in....

Off to YBF/CF training day...

17:00 - Just heard speech from Douglas Carswell MP about his new book - "The Plan" 


Biased BBC

Here follows the live blog commentary from Justin Webb the BBC Washington correspondent. This man is meant to uphold some element of neutrality toward the GOP and Democrat candidates. However as the following blog posts reveal, Mr Webb can’t help but reveal his true political colours:

2010 BBC North America editor Justin Webb: When McCain said "I haven't been feeling too good recently" it certainly got my attention - but he meant about the country.

2012 Obama says "for years the reigning economic ideology has been what's good for Wall Street, not what's good for Main Street". Obama revives McCain's much-derided recent statement that the fundamentals of the American economy are sound.

2039 Another clash as Obama refers to Bush's "orgy of spending". He tries to hang McCain's congressional voting record, which he claims has been with Bush 90% of the time, as a political albatross around his opponent's neck and saying it proves he cannot bring change to Washington

This is the most appalling case of BBC bias TB has ever seen.

2042 BBC North America editor Justin Webb: Now Mr Obama is on the attack with the idea that Mr McCain is a Bush clone and must take responsibility for the Bush years. Mr McCain parries successfully with the fact - and it is a fact - that he and the president have not seen eye to eye on some pretty important questions. Stale. Boring.

2043 Obama says the first question on Iraq is whether they should have gone to war, he points out he opposed it six years ago at huge political risk to himself and says US hadn't finished the job in Afghanistan and caught Bin Laden when it went to war with Iraq

This man is inherently biased toward Obama and should resign.

+++update - the debate+++

So far Obama has said "John is right" - Twice!

Without his autocue and his screaming crowds, Barack Obama is all over the place. 

McCain is up....

Watch this space...

Update 02:38am: Obama just called McCain - "Jim!"     wtf?

+++Debate live+++

McCain: "the worst thing we can do is raise tax on anyone"


UPDATE: Obama is stuttering..."health errrrrrr credit" 

UPDATE: 02:25: 

McCain isn't the most articulate of chaps but is jumping through the hoops, hitting the mark.

nObama is talking about all "the good stuff" he is kind of doing.

New question... on the economy... ohhhhh.

+++The Debate+++

TB should really be in bed but is watching the Presidential debate live from the University of Mississippi..

It's been interesting so far... Obama hit, McCain stumped... 

Obama hit and then suddenly Johnny Mac got off the ropes... hit the humour and now Obama is muttering about numbers. McCain is going for the jugular on the pork barrel politics...

Stand up, Stand up, Stand up and fight....

BO looks pretty pissed.

Friday, 26 September 2008


TB is packing his bag and setting his alarm... early flight tomorrow. 

TBtv is ready to go and will be filming all through the week. 

Don't miss the party of conference - guest speaker Guido Fawkes Esq.

Last chance!

CF players feature in new Conservatives website...

The new
website has launched and includes the comedy
video wall

All the cool kids are there...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Health and Safety halts democracy...

As Guido

reported earlier
Parliament was evacuated. 
TB's Parliamentary mole can reveal the reason for this emergency action...

A dodgy light fitting considered to be a risk.

No thank you...

This morning Jacqui Smith

the new billion dollar biometric, big-brother , were big - you're small, we're right - you're wrong, "Achtung! vhere are your papers !" ID Cards.

TB will let Boris take it from here...

What will you do with yours?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

How to run a bath....

It seems Team Gordo has cocked up again in it's handling of the Ruth Kelly resignation... If he can't even run his press operation, how is he meant to run the country?

TB is beginning to pity their ineptness

, so in a rare flash of generosity here is a simple instruction video...

Start with the basics shall we...

Poster banter continues...

Click the image to enlarge and read the the Edinburgh University's Student report of the "ruckus" at the Freshers Fair...

TB urges all student tories to cause trouble this year...

Ahhh lefty-baiting....

Last chance to get your party tickets...

Less than a week to go till TB's conference party... Make sure you take this chance to get your hands on the last few tickets if you haven't already. Use the paypal link on the right to secure your place on the list. Tickets are strictly limited and only available before the night...

Click to enlarge
(More infomation here)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Wrong city, wrong party, wrong year...

Now TB is a big fan of SkyNews and isn't one to talk about blogging pissed - some of his finest moments have come after the best part of a crate, but did Adam Boulton had a couple of glasses too many at lunch before Gordo's speech?

He seems to be a
little confused
to where he is...

Manchester mate.

UPDATE: Having spotted this story on the SkyNews website TB then went on Guido and seems he beat TB to it. Is there a word like hat-tip where you acknowledge the fact that you got a similar story unintentionally?

Peter Lyburn PPC

A TB exclusive:

Peter Lyburn of Tatler Top Ten Tory
has given an exclusive chat with TB. This weekend Pete was selected to fight the massively winnable
Perth and North Perthshire seat, his home patch.

Speaking to TB last night, Pete, 24, said:

“Tory Bear mate, I’m bloody delighted. The chance to represent the area that I have grown up in, the people that I’ve grown up with is the most enormous privilege and responsibility. It’s going to be a phenomenal campaign and I want it to be fun as well.”

Win a Tory Bear T-Shirt by coming up with Pete’s slogan… Check out Perth and North Perthshire’s

website here
for inspiration.


voting data
from the last election can be found here… This is a very very winnable seat. DC has to win this constituency to be seen to be bouncing back in Scotland.

Pete will be setting up a blog in the next few weeks… watch this space…

He will offer a small insight into Scottish politics and the campaign at Tory Bear’s conference party – a week today.

Hurry up and buy your tickets and get involved…

Monday, 22 September 2008

Who's been sleeping in TB's bed...

TB is beginning to thinking this bear thing is going a little far...

On returning to his flat this morning after a weekend away, he walked into his bedroom to find not one, but two semi-naked Goldilocks in his bed. And they were twins...


Caption Contest #45


This makes the X-Factor look rehearsed...

It's day two in the chic boutique hotel and TB is watching the Labour Lovefest on his 52" plasma.

Speaker after speaker are standing up and embarrassing themselves. TB doesn't mean to sound offensive but it's quite a special carnival...

No longer are we the party of gimps. No longer are we the party of losers. No longer are we the nasty party...

It seems we have been replaced by a plethora of idiots....

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Boris and his grand plans

TB choked on his bacon in his "boutique hotel" this morning as he overheard a conversation at breakfast about Boris's

to close Heathrow and replace it with a super airport on...

The Isle of Sheppey:

Quote of the day:

"Well I suppose it's shit there anyway!"

Spot the Tories...

After his withering attack on LabourHome’s poll declaring that most of the party membership want Gordon Brown to leave office,

Luke Akehurst
has set up a group called "
We don’t want a Labour leadership election

Unfortunately for him it has,

like the poll
, been hijacked by Tories. Within its ranks are such well known-leftwingers as a former researcher to a Conservative MP, two Conservative Future chairmen and countless centre-right bloggers, including yours truly.

It's a sad day for any Labour Prime Minister when his only friends are members and supporters of the opposition.


Benjamin Gray

Friday, 19 September 2008

Why TB loves NewsBiscuit.

U.S nationalisation threatens new Cold War with capitalist Russia

Russia has condemned the left-wing and inherently ‘un-capitalist’ intervention of the American government in the free market after the state takeover of a number of US banks and mortgage companies.

‘It’s goddamn Communism, period!’ said a spokesman for the Kremlin. Once them politicians start trying to run the banks and markets, them no-good Commies will be taking over everything. Why do you think there are so many billionaires in Russia? Because of the very economic freedoms that the United Soviet States of America are trying to stop.’

However in Washington, the lurch to the left continued. Wearing a little furry hat and a lot of medals, Comrade George Bush waved rather feebly on the balcony of the Glorious People’s White House and later gave a seven hour speech demanding more state control of the financial markets and for his cabinet to have bushier eye-brows. ‘All power to the glorious Soviets!’ he declared ‘We will strengthen our base in Communist Cuba!’

However politcal analysts have said that it is over simplistic to describe the current situation as a straight forward reversal of the last Cold War. ‘I, mean it’s not as if America has invaded Afghanistan or anything. Oh, hang on…’


Boycott JK Rowling

So JK Rowling has just given a million pounds to the Labour Party because of their "track record of fighting child poverty." This sum is a mere small fraction of 1% of her wealth, and though we were told that the era of celebrity politics is over this is a nice stunt for day one of Labour's conference. All they need is another 20 JK Rowling sized donations and Labour might just get on the road to financial recovery...

This is a classic bit of spin, no one mentions the the fact that we will recognise marriage in the tax system. Taxes and benefits should encourage families to stay together, but the current system actually encourages couples to live apart. We will correct this by removing the anti-families bias, paying for it from our new Family Fund, into which all extra green taxes will be put. More than Rowling's personal friend Brown is doing.

No one mentions the fact that we will end the couple penalty in the tax credits system. Instead of keeping people on benefits and locked in a cycle of deprivation, we will support families. We will increase the Working Tax Credit that couples currently receive from £3,430 to £5,385 – an increase of up to £38 per week. This will cost £3 billion. 1.8 million of the poorest couples with children will gain, on average, £32 a week. The direct effect will be to lift 300,000 children in two-parent families out of poverty. We will pay for it from savings made through our radical programme of welfare reform. More than Brown is doing.

TB is glad now he has never read more than a page of the Harry Potter books she has churned out over the years...

Join him in his Facebook group campaign to boycott her work.
Everyone who has ever bought one of her books has now donated to the Labour Party.

No doubt now that she will end up in the House of Lords - Baroness Rowling of Hogwarts.

Busy Bear

TB is sorting out his new flat - internet, furniture etc so blogging will be light this weekend but exciting things coming up in the run up to conference...

Thursday, 18 September 2008

+++Telegraph calls Marclar victory+++

Jonathon Isaby over at the

has all but tipped former CF Chairman Mark Clarke to take Tooting...


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Bunny Girls

TB is a little worried about this blog... He's a well behaved bear but uh oh...

Who are the bunnies?

Fun and games at the Freshers Fair

Having been up since seven sorting out a Freshers Fair, TB is exhausted.

Was a very eventful day - not just in the extremely successful recruitment drive. - Thank you to the kind providers of the huge Gordo cut-outs and the now infamous Serene John-Richards pointing banner.

Oh no the fun and games started after lunch when a pitchfork-brandishing, torch-burning hoard of unruly hippies descended on the Tory stall, picking twigs out of their hair and shouting.

It seems the "Life's better under a conservative..." poster caused a bit of stir. It was vandalised, torn down and there was quite a scene. Armed only with CF bottle openers and very colourful t-shirts, the bastion of freedom resisted the attack of the angry hoard of communist rebels.

Before anyone could say "Matt Drudge" the inquisitive and eager young hacks of the esteemed student newspaper were already on the scene.

TB gave them this statement:

"Well its common knowledge that right-wing girls are more attractive than their lefty counterparts so why not capitalise on that fact... As per usual the hippies have displayed their characteristic and famous lack of humour over this issue"

During a lull in the constant stream of freshers and seedy 3rd years loitering around the freshers, TB took a moment to go undercover to the deepest darkest corner of the room, that occupied by Labour Students...

Picked up all sorts of leaflets and invitations, anyone fancy coming to this?

Well next weeks student rag should make amusing reading, in the meantime TB is off to crash Labour Students "Champagne Socialism" reception. Guest speaker: Margaret Curran MSP - defeated Glasgow East by-election candidate. Will be sure to pass on all of your commiserations...

Will TB's cover be exposed...? sssssh don't tell.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

15 reasons to vote for Steve Ricketts.

Steve Ricketts could strangle you with a cordless phone.

When the bogeyman goes to sleep he checks under his bed for Steve.

The dark is scared of Steve Ricketts.

Steve Ricketts doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

Steve Ricketts once killed a lion with his bare hands.

Steve Ricketts can make a woman climax just by looking at her and shouting ALLAH!

Steve Ricketts once won a game of connect 4 in 2 moves.

If you wake up tomorrow, it’ll be because Steve allowed you to.

Steve Ricketts dosent sleep, he waits.

When Steve Ricketts does push ups, he’s actually pushing the ground down.

The Argies surrendered Port Stanley when the heard that Steve Ricketts had been born.

Steve Ricketts is 1/8th Cherokee. This has nothing to do with ancestry, the man just ate a Jeep.

Steve Ricketts drowned a fish.

Death once had a near-Steve Ricketts experience.

Steve Ricketts died 5 years ago, Death never had the balls to tell him.

Steve Ricketts once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.

Rickett's calander goes stright from 31st of March to the 2nd of April……No one fools the Pirate!

Good to see they are working hard...

Les Misbarack...genius.

Events dear boy! Events! will be being jazzed up in the next few weeks. There will be a designated events page but in the mean time check this one out:

"The Salisbury Club in conjunction with National CF and the Kings College London Keynan Orphan Project is proud to announce its first annual black tie ball.

Held in the prestigious Royal Horseguards Hotel Gladstone Library, this will be an excellent occasion. We will be fundraising for both the charity and for the training of young political CF members. Dress code is Black Tie.

The Guest speaker will be Lord Howe, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and there will be a number of MPs and PPCs in attendance.

Tickets cost £70 before 30 October and £80 after that date for a reception, 3 course dinner and dancing. All profits will be split for fundraising.

Given the cracking hangover TB had after Friday's fun and games, this will no doubt be a good one.

Any tips an ideas on what else you would like to see on the rebranded site would be most appreciated. Leave them in the comments.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Spinners and Losers...

If you haven't already, TB suggests you check out

London Spin
. Over the last few days TB has pissed himself laughing at the constant youtube updates of the emerging and developing stories about CF. They are truely hilarious.

In the last few days we have had Lord of the Reforms, Star Wars NME and here is Steve Rickett's "First Campaign Video":

This Frank guy who is the editor is a funny chap.

Not many party tickets left...

Details here

Better get in quick...

Freedom to Lash..

"Mr Chairman and CF Exec

On Behalf on the Student Life School team I would like to give our reaction to the recent post regarding the ‘responsible drinking campaign’. What a complete and utter joke.

It was not long ago that both you and I were at school and went to lessons entitled PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Education) where we were taught about responsible drinking from the early days of secondary school. This to me is more than enough to make young people understand the dangers of binge drinking and allows them to make decisions after this education.

I am also rather annoyed, as are some of the student life team that we were not consulted on this issue/idea in anyway. Then again if I have learnt one thing about some members of this NME in the last two weeks, it is that it does what it wants, regardless of the membership view. I am of course referring to the reforms, but that’s for another letter.

We as the Conservative Party need to be getting into these schools and selling our message, not preaching to young people about what they should and shouldn’t do. Conservatives want to give young people more control over their lives, not attempt to control them completely.

Also I think it rather looks down on young people. Most young people understand the dangers and do not go out and binge drinking. Most young people drink in moderation and are sensible. So this idea once again is targeted at that small minority that don’t understand and I some cases just don’t care. This Labour Government punish and attempt to control to many of those good honest young people, when they need to really be looking at way of tackling anti-social behaviour.

Conservative Future in schools needs to be going to School Councils and Citizenship classes with our PPC, MPs and Councillors and selling the Conservatives message. Encouraging young people to vote when they turn 18. Let them know that the Conservative party is on their side, not against them.

Most young people do not connect with Politicians they don’t understand them or feel that they are in touch with the issues that are important to them. We need listen to our young people not preach, they are fed up of that!

It is time to stand up and listen to young peoples views before we preach to them. Yes it is important to make people aware of the dangers, but we need to win their trust before they listen to us.

It is time to listen and let young people make their decisions. Moderate control not complete!

Kind Regards

Peter Smallwood Anna Appleton

National Student Life – Vice Chairman (Schools) Student Life Schools Officer

Note from Peter –

P.S. – I feel its is only fair to inform you that I was one who talked to *****(Tory Bear) about this last night. I was told about this in my role as VC for Schools by Patrick. It was in confidence but I felt that this was an important issue that needed to be brought to CFs attention. Not hidden away like some thing have been in recent weeks. So you can stop your Witch Hunt on this one!

P.S.S. – While I am taking up your time. I would like you know that Hillingdon CF is holding it AGM tomorrow and will be having it own vote on these reforms. Once we know the results (which I expect to be against) we will discuss the next step and actions. My branch will be taking a lead to get more branches to ballot its membership on this issue and present the results to you."

You gotta fight for your right to party.

Campaign Video

If you want to be in the next Conservative Party video turn up to this

on Thursday.

Sounds useful - bit of vox pop training, cocktails and then a 30 second chat about why you are a Conservative.

Remember though... drink in moderation kids!

Possibly the most ridiculous idea ever.

Ok so say you wanted to recruit young people to a fun and entertaining organisation. Say you didn't want to put people off with having a bit of a stuffy reputation or bad press. Say you wanted to get people to come along to social events and reward them for all their hard work.

Sound familiar yet?

Well here is a tip you can have for free - don't make stupid bloody responsible drinking campaigns anything to do with us. This is not what we are about. Much more of this and we will be a laughing stock.

News has reached TBHQ from a Social Action mole that a certain young NME member is all set to promote her ideas of a nationwide "Responsible Drinking Campaign" apparently sponsored by Sminoff (ironic no?)

Wow way to go. How to embarrass ourselves by being namby pampy nanny knows best tossers!

Come to this party and Tory Bear will give you a crash course in responsible drinking.

Every time TB hears something about this blue duck saving, lad mag banning killjoy wing of the party he gets into such a rage! Now there is nothing personal here but it's no wonder national newspapers suggest that ten years ago these people would have not been in the Conservative Party. When will they get it - our entire point is that we want to give people more control over their lives, let people make decisions and remove the constant breathing of the state down our necks. We should be fighting this, we should be saying no to these campaigns. We should be going into schools and teaching them about freedom, not to rant at them about vodka and open ourselves to complete ridicule.

Anti-binge drinking campaign for sixth formers?

Oh piss off back to Labour Students.


There is a statement about to be published about the reforms of the

CF blog

TB is trying to get his grubby little paws on a copy but seems its been embargoed rather well.

UPDATE 9am: You can find the plans

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Exclusive: Reform Fightback

TB has just had yesterday's rumour confirmed...

"These reforms are not the best way forward - and someone has to highlight this. Yes I may very well be running for chairman"

Shiver me timbers!

Saturday, 13 September 2008





ABB went into meeting opposing. Cracked. There was shouting. Rumours flying around of resignations are unfounded as far as TB can work out but seems we have our first declared candidate for chairman, who will run on strict anti-reforms platform.

+++statement pending+++

More to follow...

+++Reforms pass+++ DEVELOPING

TB sources cofirm a reform package has been passed at the nme meeting.

On Blackberry. More soon.

Friday, 12 September 2008

A classic...

Check out the latest from

London Spin

Caption Contest #67

Fantastic piece by Jonathan Isaby over at
Three Line Whip

TB still doesn't know why they didn't make BackBoris condom holders...

A fairly self indulgent posting...

Whatever happens at the NME meeting tomorrow people have to keep sight of the bigger issues here. If we devoted half the energy and time spent whipping up things up in to frenzy over reforms to campaigning, Conservative Future would be unstoppable.

Yes these reforms may not pass, we'll just have to wait and see but in the mean time lets not lose focus on the ultimate goal. Sticking to Labour where it hurts.

Another busy weekend for TB so blogging will be light. There will be a full round of whatever happens when TB knows and has a minute to jot it all down.

Tickets will be available for TB's party at the Disraeli Club drinks thing tonight. Intensive media training tomorrow and then a 21st somewhere three hours train ride away in the middle of nowhere... three weekends in a row.

TB doesn't want to think about his liver...

Matt Daaaamon

So Matt Damon has laid into Sarah Palin today on the grounds that "she ran a really really small town." He also has a cheap shot at her religious beliefs:

This all begs the question, what the hell has Matt Daaaamon ever done apart from sit on the sofa getting stoned while Ben Affleck wrote a reasonably good script. Well Matt you are your friends at the Film Actors Guild might think you are really funny and really smart but here is how the rest of the world sees you...

Thursday, 11 September 2008

1 2 3 4 what the hell are we fighting for...

A simple google will tell you that "During the period 2002/03 to 2004/05, two out of five children in London lived below the poverty threshold after housing costs have been met. This amounts to over 600,000 children. Based on this definition, more than half of the children in Inner London lived in poverty."

And what do the youth wing of the next government do?

"As part of the

National Social Action
day in Richmond, kindly being hosted by the Richmond Borough Conservatives, one of the many projects you can visit on the 20th is the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust in Barnes. On arrival you will be treated to a free guided tour of the centre, including a talk about the work and wildlife within the area, and then taken to an area of marshland where we will be helping to carry out essential conservation work to protect the land and the birds and wildlife which inhabit the area.

So if you fancy meeting some endangered ducks and getting to grips with some conservation work at the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust in Barnes - you know where we are. 20th of September. Richmond. National Conservative Future Social Action Day. For more details and regular updates, please sign up to the facebook event page."

This is a fucking joke right? Zac Goldsmith
disgraced himself
and his party recently and we are spending time and money on birds and bees when there are starving kids we could be drawing attention to.

TB is really pissed. This bollocks has to stop.


Mummy and Daddy Bear are driving TB to Birmingham today to look at the party venue and drop off the booze. Thanks to his 3g dongle TB is sitting in the back blogging, Mummy Bear is wondering how her prodigal bear went from cool kid to computer geek in a matter of months...

Reserve your spot with Paypal on the right hand column...

Tickets are going fast so get involved.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Tears, real tears of laughter....

Why does TB get the impression those words did not come from "Keeley"?

Hat-Tip -
Mr Eugenides

MP3 Download

Watch the video:

And you can now download the MP3 of Tory Bear's John McCain remix for your ipod here:

Please do forward the video on... and put your suggestions in the comments for who to remix next!

TB is keen for his first youtube hit.

YCs are back...

TB has been checking out

The Young Conservative
- the lastest CF focused blog to emerge.

Not really got going yet but it aims to;

"give a platform to the next generation of small-c conservative activists across the United Kingdom - regardless of which party, organisation or ideological strand they belong to - from which to promote their cause, explain what they’re doing and encourage others to become involved. We define young arbitrarily as being up to and including 30 years of age."

And who is behind this little movement?

None other than Ed Hallam with the help of Tarasyn Whitehead-Patey.

Thanks for the link in the friends and fellow bloggers guys... oh wait.

Guest Post - Clare Hilley

Why Campaigning is the Lifeblood of CF
By Clare Hilley, Chair, London South Conservative Future

We hold great socials, pub visits and dinner parties - but CF can offer much, much more than that. With over 15,000 members up and down the country, Conservative Future consists of some of the finest, best and brightest campaigners in the world.

Take the London Mayoral elections for example, where we supported the campaign in Croydon. We campaigned for our GLA candidate and Boris Johnson attracting over 18 young people to each of the campaign days. This fantastic effort saw thousands of leaflets land in the letterboxes of target voters, enhancing our presence and showing the electorate that the Conservatives are ready to work.

The results were a stunning victory for Steve O'Connell, GLA, winning the mayoralty for Boris Johnson and a much greater presence in key campaign hot spot.

In recent months we have seen rising campaign stars take centre stage. Through true grit and hard work, these candidates have seen their personal profiles rocket within the organisation.

But so much more needs to be done.

When we have an army of rising campaign stars they need to be nurtured and helped to pass on their passion and skills to other upcoming members. CF should always remain a meritocracy where hard work is rewarded and pushed to the forefront of the organisation.

We need detailed and accurate campaign plans, which are promoted and publicised well in advance to attract as many members as possible. We need CF to have a national dedicated presence with multiple representatives to manage action days if others are absent or unable to attend.

We need a national membership database to ensure all keen members are provided times, locations and contact details to support Conservative Future wherever the help is needed.

With the party riding high in the polls, now is the time for Conservative Future to show the party what it’s made of. We have a major campaign day coming up in Croydon where we need to see a huge turn out and strong support from our best and brightest.

Campaigning is Conservative Future’s most measurable and powerful strength, so lets pull together, forget our differences and show the party the true value of our organisation.


* Conservative Future is holding its next campaign day this Saturday (13th September) with FREE LUNCH and drinks.

We are meeting at
East Croydon Station at 10am
– hope you can all make it



Cheers for the invite...

TB couldn't help but chuckle that the CF Area Chairman are holding their very own special

conference party

It's understood there will be rousing speeches about holding strong and fighting for survival...

UPDATE: News is reaching TB today that some sort of petition is in motion.

The Great Reform Act isn't going through without a fight.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Let me sell you a Tory...

Tory Bear's little friend Olivia Cole interviews ten young up and coming Conservative candidates for this months Tatler...

This is from today's


"Tory politicians have never looked so good. Thanks to society magazine Tatler, 10 young Conservatives - billed as the party's stars of the future - were treated to a makeover, transforming them from dour political animals to fashionable clothes horses.

Tatler says the photo shoot, involving several parliamentary candidates in marginal seats up and down the country, proves "David Cameron's Notting Hill Toryism reaches further than leafy W11".

The men wore Gieves & Hawkes, Crombie and Moschino, while the women wriggled into dresses by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Giambattista Valli.

Tatler suggests that the 20- and 30-somethings will one day constitute a Conservative Cabinet.

Nicola Blackwood, 28, who will stand in Oxford West and Abingdon, told the Standard she had felt self-conscious swapping her everyday T-shirt and jeans for a Donna Karan number she had bought especially in the sales. "I was worried about going to the photo shoot as I'm not exactly a Size Zero," she said, "So I took my own dress as I feared I wouldn't fit into anything provided by Tatler"

So who were the top tories?

1 - Shaun Bailey, 37

PPC for Hammersmith. Tipped as future home secretary. Married with a daughter, he grew up in Ladbroke Grove where he is still an active member of the community. Studied computer-aided technology at South Bank University, now a youth and drug worker who set up a charity for young people. A member of the Police Community Consultative Group, he enjoys comics and South American economics in his spare time.

2 - Mark Clarke, 31
Former chairman of Conservative Future and now the PPC for Tooting. Tipped as future trade and industry secretary. Educated at Dulwich College and Durham University where he read ancient, medieval and modern history, he lives in the constituency. His family are originally from the West Indies and he is related to Dame Eugenia Charles, the first female prime minister in the Caribbean. His mother forbade him tell friends and family he was a Conservative because she was so embarrassed - until David Cameron made it less uncool.

3 - Joanne Cash, 38
PPC for Westminster North. Tipped to be a future housing minister. Oxford-educated barrister specialising in media law. Her recreations include country and western singing and yoga.

4 - Annunziata Rees-Mogg, 29
PPC for Somerton and Frome. Tipped to be a future defence secretary. Youngest daughter of former Times editor and Arts Council chairman William Rees-Mogg. Her older brother Jacob is fighting the neighbouring constituency of North-East Somerset. A former journalist, latterly a leader writer on the Telegraph, admired by Tatler for both her style and her substance. Her fiance recently served in Iraq.

5 - Peter Lyburn, 24
Made history as the youngest ever Tory candidate to stand for the Scottish Parliament in 2006. Tipped to be a future environment secretary.
Studied at Scottish Agricultural College in Edinburgh and worked for the family farming business before entering politics. Early experience included running Boris Johnson's high-profile campaign to become rector of Edinburgh University.

6 - Charlotte Leslie, 29
Prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Bristol North-West. Tipped as future education secretary. Balliol-educated surfer, boxer and competitive swimmer who has already authored an education report for David Cameron's favourite think tank, Policy Exchange, and worked for shadow education secretary David Willetts.

7 - Jeremy Brier, 27
PPC for Luton North. Tipped as future chancellor of the exchequer. The commercial barrister and accomplished cook has a double first in English from Cambridge and quotes Middlemarch as his inspiration for social policy.

8 - Nicola Blackwood, 28
PPC for Oxford West and Abingdon. Tipped as future foreign secretary. A trained classical opera singer, she holds degrees from both Oxford and Cambridge and has done extensive aid work in the developing world. Heroes include Malalai Joya, who was elected to the Afghan Parliament aged 27 and then expelled for her principles. Has written a report for the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission on sexual violence as a weapon of war.

9 - Helen Whately, 32
PPC for Kingston and Surbiton. Tipped as future health secretary. Married and expecting her first child, she is a former national dressage champion who was educated at Westminster and studied PPE at Oxford. After teaching in Nepal for a year, she spent five years with AOL and is now a management consultant specialising in healthcare.

10 - Kulveer Ranger, 33
Director of transport policy for Boris Johnson and party vice-chairman for cities. Tipped as future transport secretary. Studied architecture at UCL, the part-time DJ's heroes include Mrs Thatcher and Gandhi. Headhunted by the Mayor after virtually inventing the Oyster card as a management consultant.

According to Tatler the future looks blue...

How odd...

The relationship between the chiefs of conhome and the YBF hasn't exactly been the smoothest but it seems the feud has extended to censorship...


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Surely not?

Stand Up and Fight - The John McCain Remix

TB has teamed up with his good friend and DJ "The Chemist" to bring you this little treat... took slightly longer than intended to sort out but it's finally here...enjoy...

Please spread it around...

Monday, 8 September 2008

That was strange...

And then it was gone...

What a truly odd day. The video was also picked up by Dizzy so no doubt it got far more coverage there. TB would like to stress to whoever it was that made the slanderous comment over at
Dizzy Thinks
that as far as he is aware your rumour is bullshit and if he had heard it and believed it he would very much have published it!

Well that was fun while it lasted. Having spent the day on youtube ripping videos for a musical treat that will be coming your way tonight TB wishes he'd had the sense to rip the reform one.

Oh well.

Watch this space for a soon to be remix sensation...

Ouch... +++developing+++

That is pretty slick... very OTT and very very funny.

Who was really bored today?

It was emailed to TB by one mysterious Anthony Reedham - who unsuprisingly doesn't have Facebook.

They did however have access to the Area Chairman contact list...

They may be good with a Windows Movie Maker but they didn't hide their IP address very well.

UPDATE 2: Christian May: "
This person should spend a bit more time campaigning and a little less time sitting in his mother's basement making conspiracy videos."

TB can't stop laughing.... ahhh the music.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery...

Back at the beginning of the summer TB commented that you would not find Gordon spending his precious time doing a web broadcast such as the CameronDirect events.

Well three months down the line and surprise surprise what is at the centre piece of week 2 of Gordon's final fightback?

Yep a complete rip off of Dave once again...

Shame GB can't stop pulling his slightly awkward paedophile outside ToysR'us smile though.

The Green Team

In a clear change in strategy from handing out windmill badges and using "bags-for-life" the new leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas is clearly stamping her changes on the membership and wider public with the release of this video:

Seems the enviro-fascists are stepping up a gear...

The week that was...

Looking back at the developments of the last few days TB is wondering what the next week will bring. Through unintentional revelations and a leak or two a rift has clearly emerged at the top of Conservative Future.

In the furore of the public declarations of opposition to the reforms by two NME members, this hilarious story of anonymous briefings backfiring almost slipped by unnoticed. When TB started his blog it was to highlight that sort of banter and although this reform stuff is significant in the long term, in the next six days there is very little that can be done before the executive meet and thrash this all out amongst themselves.

It has to be noted by them that the Area Chairman are clearly a force to be reckoned with and can create quite a shit storm when their cages are rattled..