Friday, 30 May 2008

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Thursday, 29 May 2008

"Your town, your street, your home. It's all in our database."

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

This advert is totally and utterly unacceptable. Read between the lines - "if you don't pay your tax we will kick down your door and lock you up."

What the hell is happening to the nation that invented liberty and justice and freedom?

This is a time when our civil liberties are being rapidly eroded, this is the country where citizens can be arrested and detained without trial for longer than in any other European nation. Next it's ID cards, biometric passports and jumbo TVs in town centres.

The similarities to 1984 would be funny if they weren't a clear and present danger.

Welcome to Brown's Brave New World - when the state isn't mollycoddling us and wrapping us in health and safty bubble wrap it tries to scare the shit out of us with the rapid rise in shock tactic tv and press adverts:

First it was boozers

Then it was stoners:

And then one of the most outrageous adverts I have ever seen:

The role of a Government should not extend much past justice. Instead of spending millions of pounds on these ridiculous scare tactic campaigns, why not invest some money reviewing the legal circumstances that result in 9 out of 10 rapists never being convicted?

This unelected executive presides over the plethora of faceless, nameless civil servents keeping the people under control. Millions of pounds every day is wasted attempting to control the minds of an entire nation, which leads you to wonder - what are they so afraid of?

This morally and ideolgically bankcrupt government is rotten to the core.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Greasy Pole

The Guardian
that: "Eyebrows were raised when Straw pulled out of a planned broadcast interview on Friday in the wake of the byelection defeat. It is not clear when he will next appear on the media. "Jack Straw is strangely silent," one senior Labour figure said. But this speculation was dismissed by Straw supporters. "Jack doesn't even own a grey suit," one friend said."

Well that's not quiet true is it...

Correct me if I'm wrong but that suit looks pretty damn grey to me.

I wonder when Jack will put it on next. This is a man of ruthless ambition and the definition of greased up piglet. Beginning life as horrible NUS hack he made it to the top of that ladder (always a sign of dubious character as there is no way you reach that position without back stabbing and trampling- nice guy's finish last at NUS.) He now has the chance to seize upon the ultimate goal, be it only for two years or so.

I imagine the suit is back from the cleaners ready for it's most important outing yet...

Do you hear the people sing...

In 2000 the fuel protestors gave New Labour its first signifiant kick in the balls, in 2008 they have the chance to put it out of its misery. The country must get behind the fuel protesters - however much disruption they cause our daily lives - they should be given our full support.

No panic buying.
No moaning.
Avoid the M4!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Go back to your gardening...

I've said it before and I'll say it again.. we haven't heard the last of Livingstone.

In response to BJ's entirely sensible idea to essentially tell Chavez to piss off in not

renewing the oil contracts
you might expect the odd lefty blog to kick off about this.. but no- instead there is a full blown statement from the former Mayor..

"The fact that the first significant action by Johnson's Tory regime is against the poorest people in the capital is highly significant as is the cowardly way he has made the announcement on bank holiday Sunday without any consultation with the organisations representing the thousands of carers, single parents and others affected."

Mr Livingstone added: "The suggestion that Johnson is motivated by any concern about the people of Venezuela is just a lie shown by the fact that he is withdrawing all technical support and advice provided by London under this agreement."

Slight problem you stupid commie twat. Boris has agreed to honour the half price travel that the oil contracts enabled for those on benifits. He will do this without creeping up to dictators and wasting thousands maintaining an office in Caracas.

Reckon he will stand in 2012?

Friday, 23 May 2008

Just admit it... you lost!

My blood boiled when having spent the evening watching a truly stunning Conservative victory in Crewe unfold, I then went on to the BBC website to be greeted by:

Timpson overturned a 7000 majority and put in place his own even larger hold on the seat. A 17.6% swing saw the Tories win their first by-election since before I was born, yet still the BBC have the cheek to describe this as a "snatch". Hardly! A snatch conjures up images of winning by a whisker.

Do they genuinely take their viewers and readers for idiots or is it that they just don't care what anyone who gets in the way of their pathetic lefty agenda thinks?

The coverage from the BBC throughout the evening was dreadful. Jon Sopal couldn't wait to get out of his seat and into bed and made absolutely no effort to hide this fact. He sighed and grunted and moaned his way through 3 hours of padded and poorly researched coverage. Come on! How hard can it be? It was obvious that the result wouldn't be in until close to 3am yet only two or three video reports were made and were shamelessly played again and again and again. As for the pundits, well was it really impossible to find anyone under the age of 104?

Don't even get me started on Chris Bryant. He should stick to posting pictures of himself in his underpants on rather than attempting to defend the government that his raw ambition rather than any talent has drawn him to.

Shame on the lot of them. Liam Fox saved the entire program.

I'm glad that for the last two years I haven't bought a TV licence, I shouldn't have to pay to watch this shit!

Anyway... I’m not going to let it ruin a glorious victory.

Clichéd I know but I can't help feel that something big happened in here tonight.

All change at Crewe.

17.6% swing! Tory majority of 7860!

a glimpse of 2010?

"We've taken the seat and we've taken it big"

Eric Pickles has just gone on the BBC and slated the Labour campaign. He has called a majority of around 6k for the shoe repair man. Given his calling of the results on 1st May I am inclined to believe every word he says.

A truely fantastic result. "Tomorrow it's going to feel wonderful!"

Give that man a coconut.

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Early reports from the count say the Tories may edge over 50% of the vote with Labour around 25-28% and the Liberals falling short of the 18% they picked up in the local council elections.

Time to take a well loved phrase of Mr Brown's and turn it around..

"I feel your pain."

When will Francis Maude smile?

Surely if he can't smile tonight we must conclude that Tamzin Lightwater is right..

he really is scary!

about time...

The legend and the tosser!

Boris "so what news from Crewe?"


+++counting has begun+++

Get Hazel Blears out of my life.

"Communities Secretary Hazel Blears appeared to accept the result in Crewe and Nantwich would be bad for Labour.

She told BBC One's Question Time: "It might be that the electorate have decided to send us a pretty powerful message but the last thing they want is the Labour Party to turn on itself and be obsessed with our own affairs and not what the public want.""

Could this woman get any more disillusional - how can she tell such barefaced lies. The electorate are finally seeing through the nuLab sham, and about time too. This isn't about sending messages, it's about changing government.

Also I just choked on my glass of champagne when Huw Edwards on News at Ten just said "it now seems the polls are showing the Conservatives might just win." Could he sound any more pissed off by this?

How to stop the Lib Dems in Henley...?

...hold the by-election during the Regatta!

It would be perfect- pimms and politics... I can think of hundreds of people who wouldn't mind doing a spot of campaigning in the morning before lazing on a riverbank for the rest of the day!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Just going to throw this out there.. Edward Timpson MP

The polls haven't even opened but I'm with the bookies on this one...The Conservatives have won their first by-election in a seat they didn't already control since before I was born.. This is fantastic work from Eric Pickles, Stephan Gilbert and co, and I very much regret the fact that I won't be able to be there to celebrate at around 02.30 Friday morning when no doubt drinks will be on Mr T.

So what happens now?

Tory Bear predicts a majority just shy of 2000 in C&N, but is this enough to inflict the fatal blow on GB? Hopefully not.

This time last year we were on the eve of a summer that would see Project Cameron dragged through the mud and Brown stage his coup. We were given a damn good kicking when we were down, no more so in Ealing. Hopefully Brown will attempt to cling on a little more and we can turn the tables and give the fucker a taste of his own medicine.

C&N is just the beginning.. next stop Henley and rumour has it will the CCHQ by-election bandwagon be rocking up in Winchester? I know Mr Oaten is a brown fan but are the people of Winchester?

If these two elections are held relativly close to one another it will be fantastic fighting the Liberals on two fronts..

Going to be a great summer I feel.

Monday, 12 May 2008


Well done to whoever it is running the online C&N campaign. It's great to see Obama-style internet campaigning. These GoogleAds have been all over the internet all weekend.

How many people in Crewe will see them? Well that doesn't really matter, the important thing is we are trying out techniques like this in preperation for the General Election campaign.

Just a word of advice... You might want to tweak around with the WebCameron related videos.. Mr Timpson is attracting all sorts...

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Taking the piss...

Ok so the New Labour/BBC love fest was shattered when Tony departed, but seriously, why the sudden use of a flattering picture of Cherie on the BBC website?

Where once tabloid hacks spent days and nights finding distinctly unattractive images of Cherie for their stories, it seems now the BBC must be throwing our hard earned money into finding pictures that do not resemble a slapped arse.

Is the BBC lamenting the loss of TB/CB?

Have they turned on not so flash Gordon?

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Given how far ahead Boris was two to three weeks before the election according to YouGov and the damage Clinton did in denting Obama in the build up to last week's primaries, it is fair to say that a wee bit of negative campaigning works.

Iain Dale
is reporting that a poll from ICM (never a fan of the tories,) has Con 43, Lab 39. Given the Dunwoody factor and the
class attacks and mud coming from Labour will the figures hold up? Is this early lead strong enough to survive the onslaught that is going to be thrown at Timpson.

Whatever Eric Pickles and the CCHQ mobile army that has descended north must not stoop to their level. A government in waiting must be above this.

It's a shame though, cause damn it works.

Going to be an interesting couple of weeks.. Looking forward to the front line.

Hat-Tip -

Friday, 9 May 2008

A tale of two bank collapses...

A couple of things got me thinking about Northern Rock again earlier.

  • Firstly a man wearing the most ridiculously tied tie interrupted the news with the sports headlines, how does a broke bank who owe the British taxpayer countless billions find the resources to
    a premiership football club?
  • Secondly and on a more serious note I got into a chat with the American about the initial
    that the worst of the
    credit crunch
    in the States might be over
    , the beginning of the end so to speak. We both agreed that were these reports to be believed then Americans might just be avoiding catastrophe by the skin of their teeth. The US governments handling of the situation might just have worked.

The US and UK government's handling of the potential collapse of two serious market contenders, Northern Rock and Bear Stearns couldn't have been more different. Where supervision from the Federal Reserve in the shape of

$30 billion
, enabled JP Morgan Chase to take over Bear Sterns and put it back on the road to recovery so successfully that $1 billion of the debt was recovered within two weeks, the nationalised Rock has yet to be able to cough up a single penny of the
£91 billion
it owes you and I.

Decline and Fall..

"The new London administration represents decline - economic, social, cultural, and environmental."

"Amid the worst electoral defeat for 40 years, even Labour's best electoral performance in the country could not stop London entering into a period of Tory decline."

No one likes a sore loser...

Something tells me we haven't seen the last of this horrible little man. Should Labour swing to the left in the post-Brown fallout whenever that will inevitably be, then there would likely be a lot of room for Livingstone to come back and steal some more of our money.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Melting in The Sun…

is reporting that tomorrow’s Sun has the Tories on 49%. Having spent a horrible afternoon revising Marx in the sunshine wearing my Tony Lit for Ealing tshirt, Tory Bear is ecstatic at this news.

I hope all those out there asking just weeks ago why the Tories weren’t doing better will be eating humble pie tonight.

Tory Bear will be in Crewe next week… Bring on May 22nd.

+++ UPDATE +++

By my logic that gives us:

Con: 469
Lab: 129
Lib: 24

Majority: 288


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Working hard...