Saturday, 10 May 2008


Given how far ahead Boris was two to three weeks before the election according to YouGov and the damage Clinton did in denting Obama in the build up to last week's primaries, it is fair to say that a wee bit of negative campaigning works.

Iain Dale
is reporting that a poll from ICM (never a fan of the tories,) has Con 43, Lab 39. Given the Dunwoody factor and the
class attacks and mud coming from Labour will the figures hold up? Is this early lead strong enough to survive the onslaught that is going to be thrown at Timpson.

Whatever Eric Pickles and the CCHQ mobile army that has descended north must not stoop to their level. A government in waiting must be above this.

It's a shame though, cause damn it works.

Going to be an interesting couple of weeks.. Looking forward to the front line.

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