Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Anagram of the week...

Just spotted this

little gem
from Mr Hannan:


Where there is discord, may we bring harmony...

As the dust settles on the Liberal Youth elections, may TB take this opportunity to congratulate their moron-in-chief James Harrison for getting elected to their committee on Bagshaw's coat-tails. Harrison is Scotland's most eminent "

" and on account of having few or no friends, decides to broadcast his inane views to the world on a near daily basis. Bless.
So there it is the future of Liberal Youth. Not a bunch of lookers it seems. In his previous post TB mentioned that Bagshaw had some serious work to do build some of the bridges that have been burnt in this shambled and embarrassing election. Tonight an already exasperated source has got in touch to report that it's not going to well so far:

“Looks like Vicky's hit the ground running with both her and her London lieutenant Edwin Loo going into overdrive announcing their plans for campaigns - which is odd because the VC campaigns doesn't seem to be involved - and though he seems to be keeping a lid on it in public with just a few veiled comments on the forums, if I know anything he'll be fucking livid that his portfolio's being walked all over before the new term even begins. Ben pretty much ran Sara's campaign until the infamous heckle so it looks a bit like Elaine's trying to manage him out already. Start as you mean to go on, eh?”

Elaine has nailed her true colours to the post - Rather than spending a few days contacting her newly elected committee, nursing some tense relationships, she has swanned off to Blackpool to get pissed with her labour mates "observe" the NUS conference. Nice waste of £300 if you ask this bear but hey you can take the girl out of Labour Students, but you can't take the Labour students out of the girl.

TB has spies in Blackpool and will be reporting any goss or banter. Don't hold your breath though. It's apparently dull.

Very, very dull.

Thank you for the music...

There has been much rejoicing across the free world today as Elaine Bagshaw was returned as Liberal Youth Chair. That's right kids, we have another year of banter and jokes at the expense of this authoritarian, incompetent and obnoxious woman. The former New Labour hack has successfully managed to stamp out the opposition to a leadership style that many have found some what testing. Interesting to note the very high number of voters who wished for nominations to be re-opened and when that figure is added to the votes for Bagshaw's opponents, she managed to squeak through with just a four votes. Pretty much half the organisation (that bothered to vote, and my my that is a low turnout for what is an apparently "Liberal generation"!) don't want Bagshaw and she is going to have to some how rebuild the bridges that she and her heinous henchmen have burnt in this election.

These elections have upset the Liberal Youth apple cart in a big way
. Not only has Bagshaw treated her membership with contempt but she has also severely pissed off the staff at Liberal Democrat HQ. The news of her victory has seemingly been greeted with weary acceptance, especially as most of the voters sent back their ballots before TB started livening things up and revealing just what an idiot Miss Bagshaw can be.

And what a farcical election it was. The whole organisation was leaking like the Titanic. There was a flurry of briefings and counter briefings and anonymous tip offs that made CF look like a bunch of amateurs. If the real Lib Dems were such keen media operators, the dead duck party might actually get some press coverage from time to time. Looking forward to seeing Bagshaw exact her revenge on those who doubted her and restore her iron fist on the membership.

So lets all charge a glass and toast this victory. It's going to be a brilliant year.

NewsBiscuit on cracking form:

Adult movie star Lustie Blowes is facing questions over her future as the industry’s leading hardcore actress after ‘mistakenly’ claiming the cost of her husband’s Sky TV subscription to the BBC Parliament channel on her pornography expenses.

The embarrassing mistake came to light after her husband, Nigel Blowes, admitted to watching three hours of political material, including Prime Minister’s Question Time, Andrew Neil’s Straight Talk and a special report on the Parliamentary Standards Commission. Porn producers say the matter has undermined the credibility of Mrs Blowes, who is said to be ‘mortified’ by the error.

‘Nigel is deeply ashamed that he watched this material and the sordid, grubby business of politics was allowed into our home. It was a momentary lapse in his judgement and he assures me that he usually only ever watches hardcore pornography like any normal married man.’

Never fails to make TB chuckle.


Liberal Youth Election results just in:

Muhammed Elias Ali -- 4
Elaine Bagshaw -- 148
Sara Scarlett -- 92
R.O.N -- 44


"Who is Ian Thomas?"

In the words of Eric Pickles when the Parliament security told him about

last night's incident
outside his party, TB was wondering who Ian Thomas was too. The papers have named him as the forty year old head of Suger Media, an Islington based company. Sadly their
website appears to be down
at the moment, but like any good media honcho should know, the internet lasts forever:

Here's what the
Google Cache
had to say about Mr Thomas:
of the
Student Times
who clearly can't handle his Brentwood brewed beers is known for his flamboyant personality....

Bit of an understatement really if flamboyant means triggering an security scare and getting pepper sprayed.

Guest Post - Top 10 Sexiest Male MPs

TB commented last week that with the state of the Blair Babes 12 years on, it was no surprise that the UK didn't do too well in the rankings of the worlds sexiest female politicians. This however upset Tory Bear's favourite lefty feminist Gabi Jones, from the Women of the World organisation. TB has clashed with Gabi in the past,

very publicly
in the letters section of a student paper over the old "Life's better under a conservative" poster. So for the sake of sexual equality and what not, TB will let Gabi brighten up your Tuesday morning with a round up of the UK's sexiest male politicians...

As a long-time reader of Tory Bear, I am very excited to have been invited to compile a list of the top ten sexiest British male politicians. For a long time I have been criticised for my dreadful taste in men – something I fervently dispute – but with such an attractive lot representing us, this list is filled with the best of British.

1. Ed Vaizey – Conservative, MP for Wantage & Didcot

Rolling in at number 1 is the Adonis of Westminster, 40 year old Ed Vaizey. After seeing Ed’s numerous appearances on The Wright Stuff, I have fallen for his undeniable charm and charisma. Ed looks good in a suit, has a gorgeous voice and a slight receding hairline – what more could you actually want? I just wish I lived in his constituency. Sigh.


Adam Afriyie – Conservative, MP for Windsor

In terms of justifying my choice, I think this amazing photo is reason enough. Body-wise, Mr Afriyie is the Elle McPherson of male politicians. I’d go running with him any day.

3. David Cameron – Conservative, MP for Witney

I appreciate this is turning into a bit of a Tory-fest but maybe life is better on top of a Conservative? Tory leader David is confident, powerful and arrogant – AKA very, very sexy. However, it’s clear whenever DC is with his wife Samantha and their children that he is caring, compassionate and quite a nice guy. Shame he’s married…

4. Daniel Hannan – Conservative, MEP for South East England

Never having heard of Daniel before his infamous attack on Gordon Brown in Strasbourg, I am putting him high up at number 4 completely for that speech. Good public speaking is always a turn-on and Daniel’s eloquence, presence and anger combined make him a very desirable man – at least on YouTube. Some might say he’s going a bit bald but I think on the right man, a bit of thinning on top can actually look quite good and Daniel certainly pulls it off. Did I mention that speech?

5. Adrian Ramsay – Green, Deputy Party Leader

Okay, maybe I’m cheating slightly because Adrian isn’t actually elected to parliament yet, but it looks likely to happen in the near future. Finally, a left-winger to add to this list! Adrian is young, handsome and joined the Green Party at just 16. Set to unseat Charles Clark in the next election, Adrian might make Westminster that bit more attractive. My leftist heart is beating fast.

6. Jeremy Hunt – Conservative, MP for South West Surrey

And we’re back to the Tories – I think I might be flattering the egos of quite a few TB readers here… Mr Hunt is another politician with a divine receding hairline; add his language skills and charity work to that… Well, you just would. Apparently Jeremy runs regular surgeries with his constituents; I might just move to Farnham.

7. David Lammy – Labour, MP for Tottenham

David Lammy doesn’t exactly scream sexy, but he’s got something about him. Not too good at general knowledge, I’m guessing that his strengths lie elsewhere…

8. George Osborne – Conservative, MP for Tatton

He’s arrogant as they come and I really should dislike him, but George Osborne is yet another Tory that I find myself extremely attracted to. Maybe I should concede defeat to my lust for Tories and sign up? On second thoughts…

9. Tobias Ellwood – Conservative, MP for Bournemouth East

Tobias has this, ‘I raised lions and lived in Africa for a long time’ Born Free-ness about him. Actually, he was born in New York and raised in Austria; always a fan of well-travelled men, I definitely approve of this. I’m also a big admirer of the receding hairline / thick head of hair combination.

10. William Hague – Conservative, MP for Richmond

Admittedly, Mr Hague isn’t exactly a looker, but he does have the sexiest voice in Westminster and for that alone he deserves a spot in my top ten. What I would give to have him whisper in my ear.

This list is overwhelmingly leaning to the right, okay; I admit I have a thing for Tories. Maybe it’s their infuriating politics? I think my friends were definitely justified in buying me one of TB’s own ‘I kissed a Tory… and I liked it’

for my birthday…

You can follow Gabi on Twitter


Monday, 30 March 2009

How do you like them apples?

There is a certain breed of

New Labour apparatchik
who loves to spout off about how great Cuba and Chile are at proving that socialism is a realistic concept for the 21st century. They purr on about how great Cuba's health care system is and how we should all be forced to pay the levels of taxation that they endure to prop it up. TB has got into spats before with these sort of
naive scumbags
and was wondering how they would like to respond to some developments in Parliament recently. TB has spent some time in Cuba and while he had a very pleasant time on the beach sipping rum and smoking Cohibas, the island is far from the political paradise these idiots try to make it out to be. Scratch beneath the surface and there is a population desperate to break free.

John Bercow, for his faults, has managed to say something sensible for once that might actually upset the Labour backbenchers he is so desperately trying to butter up for his anticipated bid for Speaker.
has picked up on this exchange from

"John Bercow: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what reports he has received of the number of people convicted of the crime of social dangerousness in Cuba in each of the last five years. [265458]

Gillian Merron: We are very concerned about the use of charges of "social dangerousness" in Cuba to arrest those whom the Cuban authorities believe may cause a crime in the future.

During Cuba's review at the Human Rights Council in February 2009, the UK recommended that Cuba refrain from using such laws to restrict the rights of freedom of expression and association.

The Cuban government does not publish statistics on the number of people convicted on these grounds, but the non-governmental Cuban commission for human rights and national reconciliation, estimates that there are currently between 3,000 and 5,000 people in prison in Cuba convicted of “pre-criminal social dangerousness.”

Our embassy in Havana has requested these figures from the Cuban authorities and I will write if we receive a reply."

A typically shallow and weak response from the Left. The Minister should have damned the Cuban government to eternal outcast until they pack this appalling behaviour in. Presumptively locking someone up is a despicable violation of basic freedoms and so over to you
Mr Miller

Defend your beloved Castro now. TB dares you.

He's still TB's favourite Labour MP but...

Tom Harris's blog
proves anything it's that Labour MPs are, believe it not, real people, and at least one of them has a sense of humour. It's normally a good place to go for some avuncular, insidery gossip or analysis. However whenever he tries to go on the all out attack on the tories it just back fires and leaves Mr Harris looking like a wannabe Draper or Sion Simon. His attacks just seem to grate and weaken his normally spot on analysis.

Now Tom Harris understands why the right dominate the blogs, he has worked hard to nurture a community around his own, and responds and talks to his readers. To some extent he tolerates tories, (unlike Dolly et all.) Dan Han and his youtube hit has really given the Left the needle however, and its driving them nuts!
Tom completely misses the mark
in claiming that the fact that Dan Han was such a hit proves that the Conservatives are still the nasty party, and just because Dan is a eurosceptic it means anything he has to say is a load of tosh. Well frankly it's Harris that is spouting the tosh. In case he hadn't noticed, Hannan's speech had nothing to do with Europe but instead was an articulate and precise attack that hit every chink in Gordon's armour. More than that, it was also what many Americans wished they could say to Obama but have yet to find the voice, hence it's success across the pond. It wasn't just an attack on Brown and his government, but instead it was an attack on Obama and the whole dangerous borrow-and-spend-to-stimulate consensus that needs to be stamped out.

Labour have been caught off their guard by the Dan Han sensation. It's coming up for 2 million views and they are left scratching heads. Instead of attempting to attack it for ridiculous reasons about Europe, why not take a long hard look in the mirror instead and allow yourselves to realise that this man is speaking the truth and the reason it is so popular is because it's correct! There is something about the Dan Han attacks that seem static and reserved when compare to Tom's usual flowing style. Is his heart really in them?

Come on Mr Harris you could be the Labour's Dan Han if you used your platform and following to be the boy to call out the emperor...

Starting at the top...

TB has been taking a peek at the this years MPs expenses claims. As the

have pointed out, it's great to see Gerry Adams right at the top of the list claiming 150k for not sitting in the House of Commons. Oink.

However what really struck TB at first look is why the hell is Gordon Brown claiming taxpayers cash for time spent away from his main home? Granted his constituency is some 500 miles from Westminster but surely Downing Street is a convenient enough resting place after all those long hours saving the world?
Why the hell has he spent
nearly £20,000
on other properties or hotels? The figure is pretty similar to that of other Scottish MPs who don't have the luxury of the 10 Downing Street apartment, or an official grace and favour property that comes with being a high profile minister, which suggests this isn't additional time away from London or Scotland in his official capacity as PM.

Someone has got some er er er er explaining to do.

Let the games begin:

MPs expenses have just been published.

Happy hunting.

+++no doubt more to follow+++

Oh sweet Jesus...


Oliver Shah's blog
TB is having a good old chuckle at the
new course
offered at Birmingham City University:

Described as “very relevant and very scholarly” by
convenor Jon Hickman
, the course offers field-trips - perhaps to internet cafes - along with seminars and “research workshops”.

Is the MA in Social Media for me?

If you are a media or cultural studies graduate, have experience in the web, PR, or marketing industries, and want an opportunity to explore the emerging area of social media through scholarly research or practice, then: yes.

That's right kids, for four grand you get to spend a year of your life being taught how to use Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. TB presumes that all written work and tutorials will be conducted in 140 characters or less?

There has been talk of micky-mouse degrees for many years. Golf course management, tourism and geography coming to mind immediately, but this is a new low. Tory Bear has a solution, instead of wasting £4000 to spend a year in Birmingham, in a room where everyone is on a laptop, TB will teach you everything you need to know about blogging and social networking in a week for £200.

Enroll in the comments now.

TPA goes viral...

It's all the rage these days...

Sunday, 29 March 2009

+++Breaking: Dale turns down TV appearence+++

Shock waves are being felt around the media world tonight after it emerged

Iain Dale
has turned down a TV appearance. It is understood that Iain broke the news to the GMTV producers privately, before announcing the ultimate bitch slap to the world via his
Twitter feed
GMTV were unavailable for comment.


And now the end is near...

As the carnival of embarrassment that was the Liberal Youth Chairman elections is wound up, TB thought we should all have a little competition to end things. For your chance to win a I ♥ TB thong just be the person to correctly guess the results of the election in the comments section below. Obviously include some sort of name...

So whether you think it really will be poor Liberal Youth and Elaine has spun enough to cling on, or Sara will break the age old curse of the one who wields the sword never wearing the crown, have a guess to the nearest few votes below. Don't forget the mysterious Ali candidate who never campaigned or the Re-Open Nominations option.

It's been a long old slog for the girls, with some ups and down and TB is glad to have done his part to aid the democratic process and accountability. The voting closes tomorrow and TB will try get you a result as soon as possible, though he understands some attempts are going to be made to try send him he wrong results, (oh those pesky Lib Dem kids and their sense of humour!) So will let you all know as soon as he has a definate confirmed result.

Good luck.

How far can they push it?

Nigel's shagging in his office, Harry's lining his pockets, Jacqui's husband and paid employee is charging his porno to the taxpayer, meanwhile McNulty has gone off the radar. There will be riots in the street this week, the government is collapsing before our eyes and yet they are carrying on as if nothing has happened. The question must be asked, what does a Minister of the Crown have to do before he or she feels it necessary to resign? Think about Profumo, Smith, Aitkin, Mellor and even to some extent Mandelson. When this lot got busted taking advantage of their position or bringing the government or their party into disrepute they had the decency to fall on their sword and quit.

But no, Ms Smith, Mr Cohen, Mr McNulty and Mr Griffiths are so out of touch with public opinion, so detached, so arrogant that they feel that they can soldier on with little need to even apologise for their mistakes. The stench of corruption and deceit around this government is becoming overwhelming. Can they really last another 13 months?

They are no different from common thieves and has anyone reminded Mr Griffiths that Blunkett banned sex in the workplace? It seems that the Labour government can get away with a host of crimes. What would a minister have to do before they were forced to resign?

This government is decaying and by god sleaze and scandal is back.

Are you a Dan Han Fan?

Just spotted the Dan Hannan facebook fan page:

Get involved

Well it seems sex scandals are all the rage again. Nigel's tried to get the Screws
, and failed and just watch Mr Smith
cringe and squirm
after he
an evening with Madam Palm and her five lovely daughters to the taxpayer.

And if that wasn't enough, here are TB's must read articles from the rest of the Sunday papers:
  • The Telegraph reports that the Government overtakes P&G in terms of advertising.
  • Lord Myners may be in trouble for his tax haven hypocrisy but it seems he's also a drag queen according to the NOTW.
  • India Knight has some home truths about rape and one night stands in The Times
  • David Mitchell grins and bears the recession in The Observer
  • The Times also has a pretty scary letter from a nutter in Wales.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Rules of political campaigning #87

Anyone who has ever stood in an election that has got a little dirty, or has had very vocal opponents or faced unfriendly press knows one golden rule that must never be broken. If someone makes an accusation against you, never ever repeat it as it gives it bite. Nixon's "I'm not a crook!" being the most famous example of this, yet it never fails to surprise TB just how stupid people can be at times.
Say you were standing for re-election after a year in office where you narrowly escaped a cop and also cocked up massively on the one project that would be the most obvious and visual impact your organisation would make in a year. Would you try to put these attacks in the past, learn from them and grow, or would you stupidly think it would be a good idea to regurgitate them all over the internet in some shallow defensive move. Well once again step forward Miss Elaine Bagshaw of Liberal Youth:

(click to enlarge)

TB has managed to track down some screen shots of the short lived Mythbuster page on Bagshaw's
re-election site
. They disappeared after any Lib Dem activist with a brain laughed their head off. They make for an interesting read and they are a pathetic attempt at redemption after a year of failure. One thing TB has noticed that really riles any member of Liberal Youth is any mention of their Freshers recruitment campaign this year. Apparently the rumour went about that Elaine had allegedly paid over £500 for the design of the materials without signing off on them with her executive or the Cowley St staffer. TB often laughed at, though ultimately dismissed the recurring joke that the materials were designed on MS Paint. Having seen them though, he doesn't know what to believe now:

Apart from being just generally awful they do look a lot like something designed on Paint, especially when they are enlarged.

Tott or Not.

Quentin Letts
has been discussing the poll to find the sexiest female policitcian in the world. Is it any wonder we didn't too well?
TB has an idea for a rather fun game in the run up to the next election. Whenever that will be.

Another nail in the coffin...

Greetings from the extremely sporadic free wifi onboard the Edinburgh to Kings Cross. TB is on his way home after finishing his last week of university. There are only finals between him and the big wide world.

Just spotted this

fantastic piece of news
. Without asking it being requested, Obama is taking an hour out of his G20 schedule for a meeting with DC. As he has made it perfectly clear in the past, TB doesn't care much for Obama but how does the old saying go about your enemy's enemy being a friend? The G20 bubble has burst for Gordon. So much hope and expectation was pinned on it, to the extent it was openly talked about in Labour circles as a potential launch pad to go to the country if it went well. If that happens this bear will eat his hat.

This is yet another wound to Gordon's already diminished leadership. Avoid flying mobile phones in Downing St today.

Friday, 27 March 2009

When the Twit hits the fan...

Ah the joys of

. TB is one of those annoying anti-Twitter fans who uses the service arguably a little too much, but does so in an ironic way. Hence why this made him laugh:

You can follow Tory Bear on Twitter

Hat-Tip to
Super Man Can Fly
for the vid.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Derek and Clive Guido Live

Although the BBC chickened out and wouldn't run

Guido's video
from California, not to worry, TB thinks the t-shirt says it all:
Draper looked like a highly flammable, polyester clad tramp and was told to shut-up by Andrew Neil. It seems his tactic was just to shout everyone down and he went off on one at every oppotunity. Pretty poor performance really.

Watch it all here.
Best quote had to be from Guido: "I go after crooked politicians, you are a crooked politician"

Citizen Hannan

If you have ten minutes at breakfast, or maybe you have a coffee break today... whatever happens, find the time to watch Dan Hannan be interviewed on FoxNews. The British MSM have ignored this speech and the public have led the news agenda online. Fox tip him as a future PM and some sort of quasi-viral saviour of the world.

Hannan articulated everything this country wanted to shout at Brown and no nicer chap could deserve the success.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Do SkyNews know something we don't?

TB was just watching SkyNews and their special program they are doing on Pakistan. They were interviewing Communities Minister and MP for Tooting Sadiq Khan. However there seems to be some confusion about who Khan really speaks for:
Oh dear.
Thanks to the
for the photo handy work.

Anyone else noticed...

The last few times TB has taken money out of a cash machine, nice RBS ones in Edinburgh, he has been given crisp, clean, brand new notes... His flatemates and a couple of others have noticed this as well.

It's odd, it's almost as if they are printing notes. Lots and lots of new notes.

Tomorrow belongs to them.

Ok sorry to go into overload with the videos today but this is simply something that cannot be seen without passing comment. Melanie Philips gives a pretty terrifying

into the fact that Obama's campaign has seemingly never stopped and that branded activists are still hitting the streets winning support for their President, against well anyone who is willing to stand up to him. This unconstitutional move is made even more chilling by this quote from one of the Organising for America team in Birmingham, Alabama:

‘We're looking for supporters,’ said DeHaven of Hoover, one of the event's organizers. ‘We're not looking for a fight. That will come later, when we have an army.’

Well bear in mind that thought and apply it to this little video that is doing the rounds:

It has all the hallmarks of a good old school, Fuhrer loving, propaganda sing song. There they are, the children of the nation, standing in front of an emblem that is quite clearly not the flag of the country, but instead a logo that has been created to represent one particular style of overbearing politics. The symbol is worshiped and respected, remind you of anything else yet?

It's as if the clearly bonkers lady conducting the choir has taken the very worst bits of the Hitler Youth, thrown in some good old North Korean style loyalty and sprinkled a liberal helping of Californian nutjobs on top and filmed it. The most terrifying bit is the toothless, cutish, little seven year old, proudly wearing her uniform and singing about they are going to "change it, and re-arrange it". What the hell is that meant to mean exactly? Rearrange it? Rearrange what? Is she implying that the time has come for the forcible redistribution of property, because that's what it sounds like to TB! The time has come America. This is what you get for not standing up to glossy campaigns and being swept up on a roller-coaster of hysteria. There is absolutely no difference between the Obama Youth and the scene here from Cabaret, ie Germany 1936:

These children had no choice, they don't know what they are singing about. A whole generation of kids are being bought up to believe that Obama is the messiah and that anyone who stands up to him and what he advocates is evil and wrong. It's sick - look at the fervent faces of the parents, goading their kids on and cheering as they spout militant propaganda.

End rant.

In the Loop

TB has beenway too excited about the Armando Iannucci film coming out on the 17th April. The Thick of It was by far the best thing the BBC has put out in years and judging on this clip, the film looks as if it will be a roaring success:

Can't wait!

Hat-Tip -

The Blue Blog
- not the tories one!

PS. sorry about two videos in a row but think the both deserve it. Since TB and co started posting the Citizen Hannan yesterday, it has gone on to be the headline story on the biggest poltical blog in the world -
, and the most viewed video, of all videos, on


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued government.

Just spotted this little video on

Douglas Carswell's
blog. Gordon went to see the European Parliament today and Daniel Hannan MEP absolutely owned him:

Funnily enough the BBC
aren't going
with this story. Daniel Hannan is spot on though and he truly stands up for the rage that the people of this country feel.

Surely the time must come soon for Mr Hannan to head to Westminster...

Goody and Gordon

TB wasn't going to blog about Jade Goody but there is one point that has stuck out in his mind ever since Gordon "the era of celebrity is over" Brown took time out of saving the world and offered his two cents. Goody didn't have such friends in high places when she was a national hate figure after her racist outbursts and the general embarrassment that was that series of Big Brother. TB was never a fan of Goody but he wouldn't wish such a vile and cruel punishment on anyone.

What really angered him though was Gordon's statement that "the whole country has admired her determination to provide a bright future for her children." Yes we do, and yes that is the basic driving force for most of humanity, and yes Gordon you are a hypocrite. No Prime Minister or Chancellor has done more to wound the chances of being able to do this more so than Gordon. 45% rates of tax, lampooning of bankers or anyone else with a vague capitalistic streak and stealing 40% of people property when they are powerless to stop it - when they are dead.

Gordon jumped on the band wagon but should take a long hard look in the mirror. The left have always hated the family, just as they hate any barrier that comes between the state and the individual, and yet he has the audacity to state that we should be proud of Goody's inherent capitalist streak and and shameless desire to leave her children something behind. Why is Goody allowed to do this and the rest of us are not?

Instead of two bit statements and faux grief in order to win some headlines, actions speak louder than words Mr Brown.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Move along people...

What has really surprised TB about the Liberal Youth elections is just what a bunch of illiberal spinners they really are. It has been

noted elsewhere
that the Returning Officer has specifically banned the publication of an article that criticises the candidates from being included in an online Liberal Youth membership magazine. You can read the article below:

What an absolute joke. An official of the organisation is once again stamping out discussion of the farcial elections. Through censorship and attempts to silence, more people will now have read that piece thanks to publicity it has now receieved. The Returning Officer Mark Valladares puts up a weak arguement about affecting the results of the election, but last time TB checked isn't that the point of having a campaign?

Not long to the big finale now...

Five mins with Dave...

In yet another high profile result for Richard Jackson and the

Conservative Future website
, DC has taken part in the regular Q and A:
Sadly he just sticks to the message and doesn't really offer much else, but the fact that he agreed with Iain Dale that people should join CF to get laid, made TB chuckle, given the fact he has just finished his dissertation on why young people joined in the 1950s, with that being the basic answer. Apologies for the lack of blogging in the last couple of days. Having handed in the tome on Friday, TB hit the town. Was an epic weekend and he hopes the Liberal Youth hacks didn't miss him too much. Bumping into CCHQ's Head of New Media at about 2am on Saturday night was a particularly surreal moment too! Anyway Normal service will now resume, and TB has something rather interesting in his possession about a certain candidate for Chairman of Young Labour.

What larks, eh Sam?

Welcome to Scotland...

In the last few days the new

Google Street View
has been trawled for people doing funny things, or boobies. No surprise though that the camera cars were given such a warm and hospitable welcome to Scotland's capital. Amongst the strip clubs and brothels of the Lothian Road one man doesn't like Google very much:
TB is also a little concerned you can see into his bedroom on there.
What are Google plotting?

We are going to wake up one morning and they would have taken over the world.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Freedom to party.

TB handed in his dissertation at noon.

Back at the weekend.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Waste of sign.

Just incase you fancied a cheeky one while having your passport photos taken:

No shit.

Thanks to "The Pizza Boy" who spotted this in the St James's Shopping Centre, Edinburgh.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

It was only a matter of time:

"In the end all Labour Chancellors run out of money and all Labour governments bring this country to verge of bankruptcy. Stability has gone out the window, prudence is dead, Labour has done it again."

- George Osborne, November 2008.

A message from the Bagshaw bunker:

This little bit of intrigue just pinged into TB's inbox:

Dear Tory Bear,

I’m the creator of the Liberal Youth Downfall video. I’m writing this because of the way that Bagshaw and her lackeys are trying to make Sara take the rap for all the leaks, and are trying to spin the idea that she was the only person to blame for the video, and everything else; even trying to chuck her off the exec before she resigned.
This is straight out of laa-laa fantasy land, and tries to make out that everyone in Liberal Youth is whiter-than-white, and if only Sara hadn’t come along and spoiled it for everyone else. The truth is that half the members and activists and exec are up to their necks in this, and we’re all leaking like the Titanic. Sara may be mentally unbalanced, like Elaine says, but she had nothing to do with the
I figure Sara probably did leak her resignation email to you. But as for the other stuff, it’s not like only a select few people know. Half of LY knows all this. Hell, half the bloody party know this stuff. The reason the Downfall video’s been so damaging is that every line is based on some fact – like someone said on the public LY forums, “The worst thing about that video is how stunningly accurate it all is.”
And no, of course I didn’t mean the ‘libellous’ line about Elaine and Clegg literally. Of course that never happened, and I withdraw any suggestion it did. IT WAS A METAPHOR!!! But fuck it, she might as well have been giving him head
, since it seems to sum up her toadying, sycophantic attitude towards him. Look at the whole way she’s handled the fees thing (see the video).

LY trying to track me down with an ‘investigation’ is hilarious. They can’t work out simple things like:

  • Tory Bear’s alter ego is one of 200 members of the facebook group Sara sent her message to – so no leak was needed. All this talk of her having leaked that's just pure fantasy. Several Labour members are in that group, too, so it would have leaked anyway.
  • Let’s stop kidding ourselves - we're all gossiping like mad, and we're all passing on emails like mad, so the list of leak suspects must have several hundred people on it. This has all been out in the open for ages. If the list includes everyone Elaine’s pissed off in the last year, then it’s endless.

If they need things like that spelt out, then good luck to ‘em! Hell, even though I hadn't leaked anything before, I was going to leak Sara’s Saturday night message myself, and was beaten to it by Tory Bear publishing it before I’d even emailed it to him. That gives you an idea of the kind of dynamic we have in LY at the moment.

Oh, and thanks for posting the edited version of the Downfall video – I was about to do that myself!

I've enclosed a picture you can add to your website - enjoy.

I’m close to Elaine. Much closer than she thinks. And I’m keeping my eye on Sara too.

This election’s not over yet.

This image was also attached, don't shoot the messenger:
TB reckons V should set up a Liberal Youth blog.