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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tory Bear has finally ventured from the north and it's already looking set to be a great summer. London, New York, Washington and even a cheeky few weeks in France. The blog has suffered a little this month through exam hell and post exam carnage, but fear not, TB is back and has big plans for the next few months. Anyway, in a tradition that slipped slightly in the last few weeks, here is a peek at some must reads from the Sunday papers:
  • "A white man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw, Latina woman racist should also withdraw." The Telegraph reports on the Obama's latest mess.
  • Carla Bruni's ex is now an advisor to Sarko according to The Times. Still no sign of that sex tape.
  • David Miliband isn't very subtle in raising his flag in the NOTW.
  • The Telegraph reports tht Labour have slipped behind the Lib Dems . Could Nick Clegg really be the next Leader of the Opposition?
  • And finally... according to The Times... IT'S BALLS.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

TB is enjoying living it up in the
, if you are passing through Edinburgh don't stay anywhere else. So after a steak the size of his head last night, a lazy Sunday morning with the papers is a million miles away from the library.

And what a week it's been, TB wouldn't like to be anywhere near Gordon this morning...
  • Charles Clarke sticks the knife into Balls and co in the Mail.
  • The Mail also reveals Gordon's tantrum with TV interviewers... he really is losing it.
  • The NOTW reports of Miliband's plan for a plane.
  • Jacqui Smith is a lying cow according to The Times. She's spying on us after all.
  • The Times is also reporting Gordon's next U-turn.
  • Fraser Nelson is on form in his NOTW column.
  • As is Matthew d'Ancona in the Telegraph.
  • As is Jeremy Clarkson in The Times - very funny.
  • Two actors chat about playing Tony Blair in the Times.
  • And finally, an interesting development involving Tracy Emin and Tory arts policy. Great news.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Horribly busy morning polishing up on Wittgenstein, but TB just had a click through the papers with a cup of coffee...

  • Fraser Nelson wants to know what the plan is Dave in the NOTW.
  • Nigel Lawson slams the Budget in The Telegraph
  • As does ummm Andrew Lloyd Webber in the Mail.
  • The Mail also reports about Gordon's raging at DC and Clegg at the expenses meeting.
  • The Times interviews Dave.
  • Also the Times reports that the criminal Lords get slap on the wrist and no expenses for year. Diddums.
...and finally in true Mail style, check out which buildings did and didn't fly the St George's Cross the other day.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sorry about the lack of blogging today. Sister Bear and TB had a long overdue catch up last night involving large amounts of Spotify and a bottle of vodka. Needless to say, TB has quite literally been a bear with a sore head all day... but nothing some roast beef and couple of glasses of wine didn't fix.
  • Always good for terrifying stories -The Independent reports on President Blair.
  • Matthew D'Ancona asks Gordon who he thinks he is kidding in his Telegraph column.
    As does Fraser Nelson for the NOTW - the G20 unravelled
  • The Telegraph asks Michelle just what exactly she thought she was doing.
  • AA Gill takes the piss as only AA Gill can in The Times.
  • Jenni Russel argues that karma is in play for Jackoff Smith also in The Times.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Well it seems sex scandals are all the rage again. Nigel's tried to get the Screws
, and failed and just watch Mr Smith
cringe and squirm
after he
an evening with Madam Palm and her five lovely daughters to the taxpayer.

And if that wasn't enough, here are TB's must read articles from the rest of the Sunday papers:
  • The Telegraph reports that the Government overtakes P&G in terms of advertising.
  • Lord Myners may be in trouble for his tax haven hypocrisy but it seems he's also a drag queen according to the NOTW.
  • India Knight has some home truths about rape and one night stands in The Times
  • David Mitchell grins and bears the recession in The Observer
  • The Times also has a pretty scary letter from a nutter in Wales.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Gone for ten pieces this week, due to a particularly strong edition of the Sunday Times, and some juicy bits elsewhere...
  • Ever wanted to know why Boris was called Boris? Stanley Johnson previews his autobiography in the Times.
  • The Times follows 14,ooo blogs and cottons on to Spotify, something that TB can't get enough of.
  • Rod Liddle talks some sense for once over the Luton "nutters".
  • Stop press. Jeremy Clarkson chooses the French over the Americans.
  • The Mail reports that Labour head honcho Ray Collins is a little bit racist. Bit steep.
  • Matthew d'Ancona in the Telegraph captures the significance of Cameron taking the gloves off this week.
  • Simon Heffer rages against the waste of time and money that is the G20, again in the Telegraph
  • David Mitchell goes to war with his online foes in his Guardian column.
  • The NOTW reports that the tin-hat brigade are pushing their 9/11 documentary to television from the net.
  • And finally the Times reports on the friendly council "re-education" plans

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Lots of interesting bits and bobs this week, so trying to choose the top five wasn't going to happen. Other very good pieces didn't make the cut, but boiled eggs and soldiers with the Sundays sure makes for a welcome break from the library...
  • According to the Telegraph it's only sheer incompetence that has saved us from 1984.
  • Fraser Nelson uses his massive NOTW readership to give the current welfare state two barrels.
  • Matthew d'Ancona wants Gordon to apologise
    But the Mail has the scoop about the his 30,000ft tantrum when confronted face to face about it.
  • Barack Obama was rude to Gordon because he needs a cigarette, says the Telegraph
    Funnily enough the Observer doesn't agree.
  • The Sunday Times reports of a new political party that calls for the end of political parties. Alrighty then.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

There have been better weeks. A pot of coffee and two bacon sandwiches later:
  • Week Four of Matthew d'Ancona being Labour's Sunday morning headache in the Telegraph.
  • Peter Hitchens wonders why Brown invited the Pope to a country that hates/clearly persecutes Christians in the Mail.
  • Patrick Hennessy catches up with Ken Clarke for the Telegraph
  • John Rentoul asks what a Cameron government will do in the Independent.
  • The Mail has got fantastic extracts from the secret diary of a Labour Minister.