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Guest Post - Top 10 Sexiest Male MPs

TB commented last week that with the state of the Blair Babes 12 years on, it was no surprise that the UK didn't do too well in the rankings of the worlds sexiest female politicians. This however upset Tory Bear's favourite lefty feminist Gabi Jones, from the Women of the World organisation. TB has clashed with Gabi in the past,

very publicly
in the letters section of a student paper over the old "Life's better under a conservative" poster. So for the sake of sexual equality and what not, TB will let Gabi brighten up your Tuesday morning with a round up of the UK's sexiest male politicians...

As a long-time reader of Tory Bear, I am very excited to have been invited to compile a list of the top ten sexiest British male politicians. For a long time I have been criticised for my dreadful taste in men – something I fervently dispute – but with such an attractive lot representing us, this list is filled with the best of British.

1. Ed Vaizey – Conservative, MP for Wantage & Didcot

Rolling in at number 1 is the Adonis of Westminster, 40 year old Ed Vaizey. After seeing Ed’s numerous appearances on The Wright Stuff, I have fallen for his undeniable charm and charisma. Ed looks good in a suit, has a gorgeous voice and a slight receding hairline – what more could you actually want? I just wish I lived in his constituency. Sigh.


Adam Afriyie – Conservative, MP for Windsor

In terms of justifying my choice, I think this amazing photo is reason enough. Body-wise, Mr Afriyie is the Elle McPherson of male politicians. I’d go running with him any day.

3. David Cameron – Conservative, MP for Witney

I appreciate this is turning into a bit of a Tory-fest but maybe life is better on top of a Conservative? Tory leader David is confident, powerful and arrogant – AKA very, very sexy. However, it’s clear whenever DC is with his wife Samantha and their children that he is caring, compassionate and quite a nice guy. Shame he’s married…

4. Daniel Hannan – Conservative, MEP for South East England

Never having heard of Daniel before his infamous attack on Gordon Brown in Strasbourg, I am putting him high up at number 4 completely for that speech. Good public speaking is always a turn-on and Daniel’s eloquence, presence and anger combined make him a very desirable man – at least on YouTube. Some might say he’s going a bit bald but I think on the right man, a bit of thinning on top can actually look quite good and Daniel certainly pulls it off. Did I mention that speech?

5. Adrian Ramsay – Green, Deputy Party Leader

Okay, maybe I’m cheating slightly because Adrian isn’t actually elected to parliament yet, but it looks likely to happen in the near future. Finally, a left-winger to add to this list! Adrian is young, handsome and joined the Green Party at just 16. Set to unseat Charles Clark in the next election, Adrian might make Westminster that bit more attractive. My leftist heart is beating fast.

6. Jeremy Hunt – Conservative, MP for South West Surrey

And we’re back to the Tories – I think I might be flattering the egos of quite a few TB readers here… Mr Hunt is another politician with a divine receding hairline; add his language skills and charity work to that… Well, you just would. Apparently Jeremy runs regular surgeries with his constituents; I might just move to Farnham.

7. David Lammy – Labour, MP for Tottenham

David Lammy doesn’t exactly scream sexy, but he’s got something about him. Not too good at general knowledge, I’m guessing that his strengths lie elsewhere…

8. George Osborne – Conservative, MP for Tatton

He’s arrogant as they come and I really should dislike him, but George Osborne is yet another Tory that I find myself extremely attracted to. Maybe I should concede defeat to my lust for Tories and sign up? On second thoughts…

9. Tobias Ellwood – Conservative, MP for Bournemouth East

Tobias has this, ‘I raised lions and lived in Africa for a long time’ Born Free-ness about him. Actually, he was born in New York and raised in Austria; always a fan of well-travelled men, I definitely approve of this. I’m also a big admirer of the receding hairline / thick head of hair combination.

10. William Hague – Conservative, MP for Richmond

Admittedly, Mr Hague isn’t exactly a looker, but he does have the sexiest voice in Westminster and for that alone he deserves a spot in my top ten. What I would give to have him whisper in my ear.

This list is overwhelmingly leaning to the right, okay; I admit I have a thing for Tories. Maybe it’s their infuriating politics? I think my friends were definitely justified in buying me one of TB’s own ‘I kissed a Tory… and I liked it’

for my birthday…

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Sahar Rezazadeh

O0o0ooh La La, although I would've placed Hannan and Osborne at a higher ranking! ;-)

Anonymous said...

William Hague is top for me. And where is Chris Heaton-Harris?

Raheem Kassam

Right... now time for the women!

Terrible Tory Girl

Ding dong! Don't mind if I do ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have a bizarre crush on Peter Mandelson...

Anonymous said...

William Hague, really?

Anonymous said...

brilliant post and i have to agree, Hague is defo my NO.1!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Dan Hannan is married and Jeremy Hunt is engaged!

Anonymous said...

Well obviously half of them are married/engaged...it's only a Top 10 list! But I like it :)

Ricardo's Ghost

A few more suggestions for your consideration:

From the Lib Dems:,

Jeremy Browne (Taunton)

Dr Evan Harris (Oxford W & Abingdon)

From the Tories:

Alan Duncan (Rutland & Melton)

David Burrowes (Enfield Southgate)

Greg Clark (Tunbridge Wells)

Stephen Crabb (Presili Pembrokeshire)

Tobias Ellwood (Bournemouth E)

Hugh Robertson (Faversham & Mid Kent)

David Ruffley (Bury St Edmunds)

Bill Wiggen (Leominster)

From Labour:

Ed Miliband (Doncaster N)

Andy Burnham (Leigh)

Chris Bryant (Rhondda)

Parmjit Dhanda (Gloucester)

Shahid Malik (Dewsbury)

Dan Norris (Wansdyke)


Oh Adam,oh Adam Take me away!!!!!!!

Glad you recognized the appeal of a sexy voice.

You'd have to bag his face while he whispered though. Naughty.

Anonymous said...

The compiler of the list clearly hasn't looked at the bookies odds or indeed the General Election results for Norwich South if she thinks Ramsey has any chance of winning. Any votes for him will just help keep Charles Clarke (who certainly wouldn't make this list) his seat.

Ricardo's Ghost

Of course, they all pale into insignificance compared to what the Americans have on offer in Congress. In particular 27 year old Freshman Congressman from Illinois, Aaron Schock:


Gabi Jones said...

I just did an image search for Aaron Schock - I wish I could have included him; he's have gone straight to numer 2. Swoon.

@20.19 - You never know.. stranger things have happened. And I think Adrian would make a far superior MP to Charles.. and not just in terms of looks!


This is a really great top ten list, I never new there were so many half way attractive Male Politicians, I thought that they were all stodgy individuals. You can post this to our site https://www.toptentopten.com/ and then link back to your site. We are looking for top ten lists and our users can track back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

Tom FD said...

Eh? Why would a Green topple Charles Clarke from his perch? Is it a joke?

Anonymous said...

Gabi, you've got Shaun Bailey and Zac Goldsmith to come, as it were.
No doubt they'll soon be filling the top posts, and no doubt their posts will soon be filling the tops.

Ooh err I am awful.

Anonymous said...

and then there is Baron Sebastian Coe, KBE. He's certainly proved he's got the stamina. If only by managing to work with Tessa Jowell for years without flinging himself from one of the Stadia they've visited.

Jim Jay

Adrian might beat Charles Clarke through the tried and tested method of getting more votes than him in the election.

In the last two locals the Greens got more votes than Labour across the Norwich South seat and they are the second biggest party on the council, only just behind Labour with Lib Dems and Tories trailing far behind... only the Greens can beat Clarke.

So no, it's not a joke - but it is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine anything worse than being stuck in a room with those smug, smarmy, careerist creeps.

Still, at least I'd be the one walking out if it was last man standing.

Anonymous said...

Nick Hurd?

Anonymous said...

mmm I love me some polititions, my favourites are Osborne with his slightly evil mysterious stare, and hague with the voice! Adrians kinda gorgeous too...

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