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Monday, 12 May 2008


Well done to whoever it is running the online C&N campaign. It's great to see Obama-style internet campaigning. These GoogleAds have been all over the internet all weekend.

How many people in Crewe will see them? Well that doesn't really matter, the important thing is we are trying out techniques like this in preperation for the General Election campaign.

Just a word of advice... You might want to tweak around with the WebCameron related videos.. Mr Timpson is attracting all sorts...

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Melting in The Sun…

is reporting that tomorrow’s Sun has the Tories on 49%. Having spent a horrible afternoon revising Marx in the sunshine wearing my Tony Lit for Ealing tshirt, Tory Bear is ecstatic at this news.

I hope all those out there asking just weeks ago why the Tories weren’t doing better will be eating humble pie tonight.

Tory Bear will be in Crewe next week… Bring on May 22nd.

+++ UPDATE +++

By my logic that gives us:

Con: 469
Lab: 129
Lib: 24

Majority: 288