Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Let me sell you a Tory...

Tory Bear's little friend Olivia Cole interviews ten young up and coming Conservative candidates for this months Tatler...

This is from today's


"Tory politicians have never looked so good. Thanks to society magazine Tatler, 10 young Conservatives - billed as the party's stars of the future - were treated to a makeover, transforming them from dour political animals to fashionable clothes horses.

Tatler says the photo shoot, involving several parliamentary candidates in marginal seats up and down the country, proves "David Cameron's Notting Hill Toryism reaches further than leafy W11".

The men wore Gieves & Hawkes, Crombie and Moschino, while the women wriggled into dresses by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Giambattista Valli.

Tatler suggests that the 20- and 30-somethings will one day constitute a Conservative Cabinet.

Nicola Blackwood, 28, who will stand in Oxford West and Abingdon, told the Standard she had felt self-conscious swapping her everyday T-shirt and jeans for a Donna Karan number she had bought especially in the sales. "I was worried about going to the photo shoot as I'm not exactly a Size Zero," she said, "So I took my own dress as I feared I wouldn't fit into anything provided by Tatler"

So who were the top tories?

1 - Shaun Bailey, 37

PPC for Hammersmith. Tipped as future home secretary. Married with a daughter, he grew up in Ladbroke Grove where he is still an active member of the community. Studied computer-aided technology at South Bank University, now a youth and drug worker who set up a charity for young people. A member of the Police Community Consultative Group, he enjoys comics and South American economics in his spare time.

2 - Mark Clarke, 31
Former chairman of Conservative Future and now the PPC for Tooting. Tipped as future trade and industry secretary. Educated at Dulwich College and Durham University where he read ancient, medieval and modern history, he lives in the constituency. His family are originally from the West Indies and he is related to Dame Eugenia Charles, the first female prime minister in the Caribbean. His mother forbade him tell friends and family he was a Conservative because she was so embarrassed - until David Cameron made it less uncool.

3 - Joanne Cash, 38
PPC for Westminster North. Tipped to be a future housing minister. Oxford-educated barrister specialising in media law. Her recreations include country and western singing and yoga.

4 - Annunziata Rees-Mogg, 29
PPC for Somerton and Frome. Tipped to be a future defence secretary. Youngest daughter of former Times editor and Arts Council chairman William Rees-Mogg. Her older brother Jacob is fighting the neighbouring constituency of North-East Somerset. A former journalist, latterly a leader writer on the Telegraph, admired by Tatler for both her style and her substance. Her fiance recently served in Iraq.

5 - Peter Lyburn, 24
Made history as the youngest ever Tory candidate to stand for the Scottish Parliament in 2006. Tipped to be a future environment secretary.
Studied at Scottish Agricultural College in Edinburgh and worked for the family farming business before entering politics. Early experience included running Boris Johnson's high-profile campaign to become rector of Edinburgh University.

6 - Charlotte Leslie, 29
Prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Bristol North-West. Tipped as future education secretary. Balliol-educated surfer, boxer and competitive swimmer who has already authored an education report for David Cameron's favourite think tank, Policy Exchange, and worked for shadow education secretary David Willetts.

7 - Jeremy Brier, 27
PPC for Luton North. Tipped as future chancellor of the exchequer. The commercial barrister and accomplished cook has a double first in English from Cambridge and quotes Middlemarch as his inspiration for social policy.

8 - Nicola Blackwood, 28
PPC for Oxford West and Abingdon. Tipped as future foreign secretary. A trained classical opera singer, she holds degrees from both Oxford and Cambridge and has done extensive aid work in the developing world. Heroes include Malalai Joya, who was elected to the Afghan Parliament aged 27 and then expelled for her principles. Has written a report for the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission on sexual violence as a weapon of war.

9 - Helen Whately, 32
PPC for Kingston and Surbiton. Tipped as future health secretary. Married and expecting her first child, she is a former national dressage champion who was educated at Westminster and studied PPE at Oxford. After teaching in Nepal for a year, she spent five years with AOL and is now a management consultant specialising in healthcare.

10 - Kulveer Ranger, 33
Director of transport policy for Boris Johnson and party vice-chairman for cities. Tipped as future transport secretary. Studied architecture at UCL, the part-time DJ's heroes include Mrs Thatcher and Gandhi. Headhunted by the Mayor after virtually inventing the Oyster card as a management consultant.

According to Tatler the future looks blue...


Anonymous said...

Notice how they are desperately trying to hide as much of Mark Clarke as possible.

Anonymous said...

What a petty comment. If they didn't want Mark Clarke they wouldn't have invited him.

Anonymous said...

clearly the tories are cool now, theresa villiers is in Vogue this month as well.

Party Political Animal said...

A future foreign secretary on the basis of having written one report on sexual violence in war?

A future chancellor on the basis of being a commercial lawyer... these people tie up companies in endless strands of red tape and regulation. Not the right type for a pro free-market Conservative Party.

These candidates have many good qualities, but to tip them as future Cabinet ministers is perhaps a bit premature. More work needed I'm afraid.

Tory Bear

PPA i think you are taking it a little too seriously.. it's tatler not a political betting.

it's a bit of banter...

Anonymous said...

Kulveer needs to get selected first!

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