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Thursday, 6 November 2008

People 'can't wait for ID cards'

TB just choked as he read this on the
BBC website:

Jacqui Smith says public demand means people will be able to pre-register for an ID card within the next few months.

The cards will be available for all from 2012 but she said: "I regularly have people coming up to me and saying they don't want to wait that long."

TB doesn't believe her.

Freedom of Infomation letter anyone?

has just got this story too.

Let the games begin...

Congratulations to the NO2ID sympathiser who swiped the Home Secretaries water glass and thus her fingerprints...

Guido has the full story

This should be amusing...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

No thank you...

This morning Jacqui Smith

the new billion dollar biometric, big-brother , were big - you're small, we're right - you're wrong, "Achtung! vhere are your papers !" ID Cards.

TB will let Boris take it from here...

What will you do with yours?