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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Bad Bear...

TB has been very naughty and is in lots of trouble apparently. He would like to make it clear that any insinuation of naughtiness in photos posted previous was not true nor funny... actually it was fucking funny, well not that funny.

Although he said so privately, here it is for all to see... sorry!

Apologies also for the lack of blogging recently. It's been a very, very long week and only just got the interweb thingy back up and running a TBHQ.

Back to normal next week.

Monday, 7 July 2008

She's no Tory Bear but...

A flurry of activity tonight as TB gets tipped off by no fewer than six CF keenbeans in the space of ten minutes that CF Top Totty Alexandra Swann has launched her very own blog at

TB is rather glad Miss Swann has taken his advice and started a blog about Surrey - hopefully now she will write it down and stop boring people to tears with her tales from the Patio of England.

TB is yet to get over Miss Swann's audacity at even threatening to reveal who she thinks is his alter ego, but to be fair her first two posts have made an entertaining read.

Favourite quotes thus far - "Whoever you are, TB, i salute you. And think you’re rather sexy." and;

"it’s awful; living for nearly 2 weeks where everyone else is male means I’ve put on around a stone and further wrecked my liver"

Come on now Alexandra from what Tory Bear hears it was you who was leading the eating in Henley. What was it that waiter said? Something about pies?

On a slightly more serious note her post about
, and more specifically the internal workings of CF should be read by all members and taken on board.

After the little coup d'etat in Surrey Miss Swann has burst onto the CF scene with quite some force in recent months and seems to be climbing trees the ladder at a rapid rate.

Best of luck to her...

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Next Generation...

So the Tory young and beautiful were out in force tonight at the Adam Smith Institute's annual lash up on a boat...

Tory Bear managed to fight his way through the swarms of brash American interns who spent the evening arguing about the many different ways they would like to see Barack crash and burn, to find an almost dry bar...

Quote of the night - "McCain '08...yeah more like 1908"

"The Next Generation" - as the evening was billed whooped in a near delirious delight as the boat sailed past City Hall... the screams of "Boris...BORIS!!!" were quite haunting.

The big hit of the night was naughty boy
Howard Flight
who was corrupting the CFers with his tales of
tax cutting
and how to piss off Michael Howard... Tory Bear has never seen so many business cards be whipped out...

This one is going on my wall though:

Other gossip from the evening:

Well it seems that "CF Top Totty" (according to John Moorcraft cough...I mean
Political Rhino
,) Alexandra Swann has managed to stop talking about Surrey for more than eight seconds... She has a new favourite topic of conversation - her recent contraction of the highly contagious and infectious MarClar disease... woof!