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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Back to the Future

TB has met many a misty eyed
hack who, over a drink or two has spoken with rose-tinted glasses of the days when political beliefs and factions dominated the Party youth elections.

The reaction to the last post proved what TB has suspected in the last few weeks- that already the invisible-primary of the CF elections has begun. We have seen a flurry of backroom activity, fundraisers set up and strange allegiances emerging.

This got TB thinking that we have a real chance to have a proper debate about what direction CF should go in politically. No longer should CF elections be about who can mobilise the most of their mates to vote, or which candidate can get the most people drunk on a national tour. Why can't we have a hard fought ideological battle.

TB would love to see a libertarian/right candidate battle it out with someone from the left of the Party next time round.

Let's find our real direction.

So while the late night phonecalls and msn-chats are underway - no doubt soon to be replaced with drunken declarations of support in late night bars at conference, why don't the candidates take the opportunity of what is set to be an extremely long election campaign to nail to the mast their colours and communicate what they believe in. TB would like to see the internet utilised more this election. If you are think of running and you are doing it for the right reasons, not just personal aggrandisement, why not get a policy debate up and running now? Why not pitch a manifesto of what you believe in now, before you are forced to promise the world at the hustings?

Lets find out what we all really stand for, what the next generation of the party truly believe in and what we will fight for.