Sunday, 13 July 2008

Yes this is a post about London. Wanna fight about it?

There are those that say CF is too "London-centric"* and then there are those in London that say CF is to CLWCF-centric! The flagship branch of City of London and Westminster have recently held their "elections". As
tBg has printed in full
, Ed Hallam (Deputy National Campaigns Director) has been duly elected Chair. The branch is famous for its Star Socials and excellent communication with its members, the website proudly boasts "Facebook has revolutionised our entire approach to campaigning and organisation. All of our events are announced through Facebook"

Oh really?

TB has been contacted by some members of CLWCF who missed out on one rather important recent meeting - the AGM! They claim they were given no notification of it taking place and TB can confirm there is no mention of it on Facebook!

TB got intouch with the new Chairman who was very helpful and seems like a rather nice bloke, he said all paid members were told about the AGM by post and given nomination forms.

Came as no surprise to TB's disgruntled CFers though that "All positions were unopposed"

* (TB also understands that there are those out there who moan that this blog is too London-centric. For the record - pipe down! If TB lived in Bangor it would be Bangor-centric. What a ridiculous complaint to make.)


Anonymous said...

The branch is famous for its new Vice President believing that he has the power to throw people out of CF branches, for giving Patrick Sullivan what is now his third concurrent CF job ("Three Jobs Patches"?), and for electing child-scarer Edward Hallam as Chairman.

That's about it.

Anonymous said...

I've heard from endless CLWCFers about how they couldn't wait to get rid of Sam Billett, not to mention the stories of how he was nicknamed Hitler by everyone who worked with him on the Boris campaign! He's definitely one of the CFers who give us all a bad name...

Rich said...

Ed's a joke- always has been and always will be.

No amount of campaigning will make up for this.

This comes as no surprise to me at all as at least three people wanted to stand for chairman and Ed knew that they would win against him thus only sent his allies an e-mail link form to the agm.

Alex D said...

Hallam was responsible for the sacking of a least 5 members of the original 'volunteer' committee, most of whom have now left CF for good on bad terms.

I myself received no email confirmation or facebook announcement of the upcoming AGM ...I certainly didn't get anything via post.

This whole election has been rigged so that nobody would stop him and LGBT rep Parker getting into power so he can scare more people into leaving CF.

I am reporting this to the party board, even Mugabe told people when the vote was happening.

This election is void.


Anonymous said...

The election was held about a month ago, and only selected people were informed of it. It seems particularly strange that no Facebook group was set up.

"Scary" Ed Hallam is likely to repel more potential CF recruits than he attracts, and has been known to change his views according to who talks to him.

JK said...

Whoa whoa whoa ok is this all one person posting these vicious comments?? Please put your real name so everyone will know who you are.
I happen to know that as long as you are a paid up association member, you were informed. Several people of cf age attended. If you didn't know, it's because you are not a member. Simple as.

JK said...

Also I would like to know who this 'rich' 'richard' and 'alex' are that have been attacking VP.

Supposedly if you throw enough mud it will stick? CF is full of some real bottom feeders to spread silly rumours like this.

Anonymous said...

"Whoa whoa whoa ok is this all one person posting these vicious comments?? Please put your real name so everyone will know who you are."

Are you going to try to sling them out again, Sam?

Sam Billett said...

For the record I thought I should correct a few untruths that have been posted on this blog.

1) Sackings

Ben Heppenstall resigned his post in CLWCF by mutual consent, following a period of absence. During that time neither the then VC Steve George nor I could contact him.

Rohan McCulloch (My oldest best mate and recent flatmate) agreed to join CLWCF prior to its re-launch in order to support me as an exec member. Two months in he resigned citing a lack of interest and commitment in and to CLWCF.

Steve George resigned citing a busy work schedule and a want to support his partner Clair in South London CF.

Emily Clifton was removed from her post, as she was unable to commit fully to her CLWCF exec role at the time. CLWCF and Emily parted on good terms and continue to remain in close working contact. At the time I made it clear to Emily that the door to the CLWCF exec would remain fully open to her, as and when she had the time to play a more full time role.

With regards to excluding CLWCF members, this only occurred once, following a conversation with the Association. The person in question had purposefully and happily broken our Data protection, and left us with no other choice.

2) Elections

The AGM was coordinated and undertaken by the Association. Neither Ed, the new /old exec or I played any role in organising the AGM. Members on Facebook ARE NOT members. In order to be a member you must have paid the £10 fee. Those who are full members have their contact details logged with the Association and received a letter via post, courtesy of the Association. The Association were operating off their OWN LIST. From what I understand, the Association Agent Donald Stewart has not yet received any complaint regarding the AGM. May I recommend that those who have issue or disagreement with the AGM contact him immediately.

The AGM took place with additional members present, and everyone was voted in accordingly.

3) Lastly

With regards to the first comment posted on this blog - Patrick Sullivan was only voted into the exec at the recent AGM in the presence of the Association Agent Donald Stewart. I had no role whatsoever in his appointment. Nor did I 'appoint' Ed Hallam. Following his great work with CLWCF I gave him my backing as the outgoing Chair for the Chairman position. Ed was voted in at the AGM in the presence of the Association Agent Donald Stewart.

Unlike others who have posted comments on this Blog, I also include my email address. Should anyone wish to raise anything with me regarding these comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope this may clarify the situation.

Sam Billett

Victoria Parker said...

I've tried to resist defending myself on this blog as most of the people who comment on here are utter time wasters, but for the record, anyone who even vaguely knows me, knows I've never had anything to do with LBGTory. Secondly I'm heterosexual (and why does it matter??) Thirdly, you can all butt the hell out of my private life and stop making unfounded and untrue accusations about me.

End of.

Sam Billet said...

Good for you Victoria.

Any more comments like this and some legs will get broken.

I hope this may clarify the situation.

Sam Billett

Anonymous said...

The post at 17:33 is an impersonation of Sam Billett.

I hope this may clarify the situation.

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