Saturday, 12 July 2008

I'm Spartacus!

Ok so TB is lying in bed contemplating never drinking again... while doing so having a good old youtube session. Found these absolutely hilarious Farage Fury! clips... TB was lucky enough to have dinner with the UKIP leader a couple of years ago and can't help thinking once again what a shame it is that he is not a Conservative MEP. Ok so the man is a loose cannon and would be a hell of a liability but he is a legend and has the balls to yell his head off at the President of France, or Blair, or anyone else who stands in his path.

Watch how he lays into Sarkozy:

and the first ninety seconds of this are pure comedy gold:



Anonymous said...



I suspect it's because he fundamentally disagrees with the aims of the Tory party, which are to stay in the EU and be governed by Brussels.

Tory Bear

well that's what needs to change!

Anonymous said...

We have three ways to deal with Europe: Take the lead instead of staying in the passenger seat as we've done over the last couple of years, an embrace and extend solution that would let us get rid of the more expensive policies that are quite unfair (agriculture anyone?); Leave alltogether and have economical ties with some countries (this would impact us quite badly economically); Force for a segmented european system where some countries are left to embrace Europe as a unifying force and those that just want the economy.

I like britain in lead myself.

Joe Gibson

He is so much better than half of the MP's let alone MEP's we have in the Conservatives. Despite this, he wouldn't get an MEP seat with us, with all of our positive discrimination and such.

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