Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Hack Watch #1

Anyone who has known Sam Coates for the last couple of years knows that he has had one of the most exciting jobs going for a young, ambitious tory. Being Deputy Editor of
gives you influence way beyond most 22 year olds. As TB reported the other day Mr Coates has jumped from one position of power to another and in doing so has left a much coveted opening over at Con Home. They are now opening up the application process to anyone who meets their
and thinks they are up for the job... Will be a fantastic job for whoever gets it.

This also made TB laugh. A sound application:



Anonymous said...

When are you going to publish the rest of the survey findings TB? There are questions I remember answering that you haven't revealed the results of yet!

Sandler said...

Sam's an example of the kind of decent person CF puts off - good luck to him!

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