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Sunday, 20 July 2008

DJ sets and blue rosettes...

is a new political channel on the VEOH network. Currently showing some great documentaries about Thatcher and the history of the Party ToryTV is a welcome addition to the Party's online presence.
TB has been chatting to its founder Paul Nizhinsky about his fascinating political journey and where next for ToryTV...

Hailing from Dodsworth, a small former mining village outside of Barnsley, South Yorkshire Paul, 23 set up the channel after becoming increasingly frustrated about the lack of political content available on sites such as youtube. He hasn't always been a tory and kindly agreed to chat to TB about how he got to this point...

"I've been a party member since February 2007. After a very illuminating s
ummer between my second and third years studying Fine Art, I realised that everything I believed in (Marxism) was a big load of shit and little more than an extension of my own personal failings. I sorted myself out, stuck it out 'til the end on my stupid degree, and haven't looked back. Since that time I've lived in Sheffield, Leeds, and Barnsley so I've had little time to get stuck in with a particular association, though I did attend a wonderful dinner with Edward Leigh MP at Hallam. My (socialist) friends followed the cab there and, after speaking to Leigh outside, learned the awful truth. I suppose my own lefty past could be one of the things that drives me to make these videos more readily available."

When he isn't running the tv channel Paul is a budding electro DJ and fan of
Warp Records

"give [them] a try, it will change your life! They started in Sheffield at the back end of the '80s and have been cultivating the best experimental electronic music from around the globe ever since."

Anyone else up for the "new right club night" we discussed?

Q.Who are your political heroes?

A. "Heroes is a term I generally try to avoid because people have a tendency to get very presumptuous when you use it, but there are of course people I admire and respect. Boris is an easy one. You can't help but like the man and he's a wonderful example of someone not letting 'the men in the grey suits' dictate his character. As well as why you should never give in - that man's been fired so many times it's unbelievable! He's an enthusiastic historian and a journalist by trade (well, was), which we have in common/I aspire to. I'm probably going to upset many people by also saying Nigel Lawson! He's essentially a City man and, as with Boris, I do have something of a soft spot for Spectator editors. I disagree very strongly with his views on Europe and how this dictated his attitude to the ERM in the late '80s, but I feel many people let this overshadow his achievements as Chancellor in Lady Thatcher's second term. And although she was right on Europe, Lawson's actions after 1987 did set in motion the chain of events leading to White Wednesday. "

Paul seems like an extremely sound guy with a lot of ambition to take ToryTV places. TB urges anyone who is keen to see more political content online, especially since the 18 Doughty Street is no more, to get in touch with Paul. He mentioned to TB a desire to see his own content generated and TB has a sneaking suspicion this is going to go far... Spread the word about the channel and check out the great content already available.

Anyone looking for a Tory friendly electro DJ should also contact

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Hack Watch #1

Anyone who has known Sam Coates for the last couple of years knows that he has had one of the most exciting jobs going for a young, ambitious tory. Being Deputy Editor of
gives you influence way beyond most 22 year olds. As TB reported the other day Mr Coates has jumped from one position of power to another and in doing so has left a much coveted opening over at Con Home. They are now opening up the application process to anyone who meets their
and thinks they are up for the job... Will be a fantastic job for whoever gets it.

This also made TB laugh. A sound application: