Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Just to clarify...

Know his name is flying around at the moment rather a lot but to kill one of the rumours TB has it on good authority that Ed Hallam will not be working at ConservativeHome any time soon.

Statement on the CLWCF elections



Anonymous said...

These puke inducing messages from ABB have got to stop. It’s killing me.

“One of those odd moments where reality hits you and you realise what politics is all about. You realise why you are in it, and you realise why it matters.”

“to the world your one person but to one person your the world”

And as for this fella…

"When I went up to WHF, I had no idea what to expect.
What I did find was a community that needed a small group of people who devoted their spare time to them - a truly humbling experience and makes me wish I could do more...so I will." - Alister Cooling

Why won’t he just fuck off and stop creeping up to that silly tit.

Are they fucking or something?

Anonymous said...

TB - are you going to issue an apology for your slanderous and inaccurate post on the CLWCF elections?

Tory Bear

Don't be absurd.. TB has nothing to apologise for - read the post.

"TB has been contacted by some members of CLWCF who missed out on one rather important recent meeting - the AGM! They claim they were given no notification of it taking place and TB can confirm there is no mention of it on Facebook!"

They stand by this claim. TB has spoken to two paid members of the branch who did not recieve notification.

"TB got intouch with the new Chairman who was very helpful and seems like a rather nice bloke, he said all paid members were told about the AGM by post and given nomination forms."

TB contacted Ed and asked him about it and printed his answer.

So where is the slander and inaccurate part of the post?

Anonymous said...

On what basis other than Sam "Bonkers" Billett's say-so was it "slanderous and inaccurate"?

Alister J. Cooling said...

He isn't creeping.

Social Action is something that is very keenly viewed by the Conservative Party, something we should be involved with and as for my comment, well if you had visited the Estate, you would understand.

It is sad really that instead of viewing this as something positive you choose to attack.

I'm more than happy to debate this with you should you choose to post your REAL name, but as you will probably hide behind the anonymous Blogging you are doing, I don't think I will be commenting to you again because there really is nothing lower than a coward which you really are.

Have a fun productive life in CF whoever you are - I am sure that is probably giving you all you need.

Good times.

Alister J. Cooling

Joe Gibson

Is there a way for you to stop people commenting anonymously TB? It would be much more fun to see who these people are...

Alister J. Cooling said...

Ohh and yeah

"Are they fucking or something?"

She should be so lucky:P


Tim Roll-Pickering

There's an option on the Blogspot control settings to require all posters to have an account or OpenId (or not even the latter) but people could just create anonymous accounts that are impossible to identify them by.

Anonymous said...


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