Friday, 11 July 2008


TB is hearing things - rumours of something big cooking up. Though nothing has been confirmed there are whispers. We are not talking Obama and shallow promises of "Change We Can Believe In" (What does that even mean?) No, there are rumblings of a pretty significant overhaul of the CF structure...

Think NME and Area Chairman...

You'll hear it here first.


Alister J. Cooling said...

Hi TB,

Well this rumour that you have heard, must be something more than the usual rumours to warrant a blog post.

So, what is it?

You must have something tasty.

Why not post it as you are anonymous so what can it hurt you?

Unless of course you are being reserved because :-

a) the information you have isn't anywhere near credible so you want to wait for a bit incase it makes you look foolish

b) you are worried you aren't as anonymous as you think and you're worried what actually revealing it would do to you so you're just trying to force the hand of the NME and Chair.

c) you have an inside source that you aren't willing to compromise because that would put a halt to your insider information because you might not be getting your information direct from them but more likely a source close to them.

d) pretty much all of the above with a little tinkering.

Me personally, I think that it is d) with a real healthy dose of a) and c).

But then I don't have the same inside knowledge as some:)

Peace Out

Tory Bear

like the way you put more thought into this blog than TB does...

reckon it's more (a - c)d = x

if x is 37 then d must equal the sum of b divided by d squared. Minus the first number you thought of.

TBH Mr Cooling TB protects the identity of anyone who leaks to him so you may very well think you have second guessed how and from where I get my stories but I couldn't possibly comment....

Alister J. Cooling said...

Thanks TB,

You have to do something at work to tackle the bordem and your blogs give me a break away from crap.

As per guessing where you get the information, I wouldn't say I know who it is, just a possible senario and and I would never ask you to break a confidence as any respect I have for you would be lost in an instant.


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