Monday, 21 July 2008

Finally got a real job...

Another busy week for Tory Bear- will be at work without the internet so blogging will be light.

Normal service resumes soon.

Upcoming posts will be something on the NME meeting when the minutes are finally released and TB will be getting lashed at the Boris "Thank You CF party" tomorrow night...

In the mean time send any goss, stories or pics to


Anonymous said...

can it please be restated that the boris party is for those people who actually did campaigning for boris, its not just a cf party. invitation only and there will be a guest list on the door as obviously security will have to be very tight

Tory Bear

here here

John Moorcraft

Indeed...I think it is important that we establish this party is indeed only for those who put in a really special effort. The rest of us will just have to contend ourselves with a drink down the pub drinking with the great unwashed :-)

Alister J. Cooling said...

How dare you get a job and spend time away from this blog - what the hell am I going to do at work now?

BlueGuerilla seems to have quietened down as well - its not even funny, gah, I suppose its back to Facebook and Youtube for me then.

As per the Boris shindig, I'll probably see you there!



Will you be attending the Party Conference TB?

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