Monday, 7 July 2008

Survey results - Social Action

Seems that Social Action splits the readers, but those thinking we should stick to our constitutional commitments to provide the party with election support slightly have it:
The feedback left wasn't a glowing endorsement of the project. This quote hits the nail on the head, many people left such sentiments on the survey, but this one sums it up very well;

"my dad was a yc in the 60s and they essentially ran a local children's home, most of the members adopted or fostered people as a result my university branch ran a coffee morning for old folk in the area all these things happened because we wanted to do it, not because it would provide a photo opportunity for some chinless candidate now, none of these things happen but at least some of the people who are now at my uni go picking up litter in a bit of wasteland for 10 mins with stupid t-shirts on while being photographed tell me - which was more worthy?"

As for TB's view, well I've already been accused of being on a solo-mission against ABB today (I'm not for the record, people have said the same of Patrick, also not true - he at least can take a joke,) so I will look back to before she got involved in order to sum up my views of Social Action. At Blackpool last year the CF contingent were all organised to go down to help on the garden project on the afternoon before the CF drinks. The numbers of people who said they would come weren't looking to healthy so a decision was taken that anyone who helped out with SA would be given champagne at the evening reception.. the mini bus soon filled up. This just about sums up the shallow nature that SA can have it's not done properly.
It's good to see that this years Birmingham project is starting now and hopefully it will consist of more than
William Hague playing with goats.

Jury is out on this one.

Of course Social Action is doing good things but are hearts really in it?


Bored of the Dead

I've been posting alot today on your blog - slow day in the office - but then it seems I have alot to say.

For one thing, again I am one of the members that has pledged my time and support for SA and Birmingham.

I feel that while some people attend these things for the 'rewards' there are some of us that are willing to do these things for a greater reason.

However, I must also argue that, reasoning for attending doesn't necessarily matter as long as the SA project is a success.

Under ABB, SA has only been going for 3 months and while smaller projects could be done with little planning, the bigger ones, the ones that will really have a greater effect, take time and planning as we cannot go in half-cocked and make a mess.

There are some very interesting ideas being floated around about ways to really make an impact with SA but it takes time and it takes planning.

This again, is not about the 'photo-op' it is about doing the right thing within our power.



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