Thursday, 10 July 2008

It's DD for me

Lets all wish David Davis the best of luck today.
TB reckons the majority will stay around the same - about 5000. Despite the reduction in turn out that is widely expected, DD is sure to pick up some cross-party support and a few votes for being a sound bloke.

Has the by-election had the desired effect?

Sadly TB has to conclude it has not.


President CCIX said...

Off topic:

TB, perhaps an interesting and very promising article to draw you readers attention to:

Looks like it is not just the blue rinse and Middle Class now persecuted by Labour that are backing the Tories. Should be good news for CF and University Tory clubs across Britian, even, if I may be so bold as to suggest, in Scotland.

President CCIX

Donal Blaney

Have to say I disagree with you: I think it HAS had the desired effect, as the ICM poll showed.

Tory Bear

Hardly a nation waiting on baited breath for the verdict following a month long nationwide debate though?

Anonymous said...

that girl needs to find a better fitting bra, it's clearly too small

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