Saturday, 19 July 2008

James Skinner wins Bristol and Gloucestershire contest

Still working through the emails...
Know this isn't exactly massive news but when you look at the last round of CF elections that had just one contested AC election, it's good to see a well fought run off.

Congratulations to James Skinner who beat Laura Rose Saunders in the election to become Area Chair of Bristol and Gloucestershire.

UPDATE 00.15:

Thank you to the reader who got in touch to point out section 9.1.3 of the CF Constitution:

"9.1.3 if a casual vacancy arises for a CF Area Chairman, the NME may appoint a
new Area Chairman to serve until the next annual election;"

Anyone got an answer to why there was an election then?

Good to know there are other people who spend their Saturday nights worrying about these things too.


John Moorcraft

May being the key word here. However, far better for a locally organised election to take place I reckon

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