Wednesday, 13 August 2008


While the NUS is indoctrinating this year's student union sabbaticals with cold tea, curled-up sandwiches and the occasional sit down protest outside Heathrow,
The Young Britons' Foundation's
indoctrination in the USA sounds much more fun. Wild nights of passion, copious numbers of cigars and beers, shooting handguns, AK47s and MP5 sub-machine guns and yesterday it seems, renting a jet boat and buzzing around the bay at Santa Barbara at 60mph.

Not all of the YBFers went on the boat though... Part-time CCHQ Press Officer Richard Jackson thought he would do things with a Cameroon twist and hired a segway (top speed 12mph,) boasting of its environmentally friendly credentials. Having explained how impossible it was to fall off this ridiculous gadget, bad-boy Joseph Lynch managed to do precisely that - breaking his elbow in the process.

Rumours that a vengeful Ed Hallam had anything to do with this incident are strenuously denied.

UPDATE 00.17:
Texts from Richard Jackson -

"You git."
"Check out the update."
"Thanks and it actually goes 14mph..."
"Oh god that is going to have to go up too!!! haha tb has sources everywhere"
"I don't care - it was so much fun to ride!"
"haha and that.... Ah this is gold dust."
"No comment."

PS can someone out there bring Tory Bear a John MacCain '08 t-shirt back please?


Anonymous said...

Hallam booby-trapped the segway, after Joe pushed him into the pool. Things are getting nasty here

Anonymous said...

only if you learn to spell McCain

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