Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tread on them.

TB sadly couldn't make it to the post Conservative Future Scotland Conference dinner last night where Annabelle Goldie spoke and is sore to have missed her laying into the Nats. Today's press release has possibly her best quote on the evils of Scottish nationalism yet:

“I have been growing increasingly angry at the party politicisation of Scotland’s national flag. As a proud and patriotic Scot I wish to make today the day when we reclaim the Saltire from the SNP and give it back to Scotland, all of Scotland.

I was struck how, during the recent by-elections, the SNP wandered around shopping centres, stood at street corners handing out the Saltire as if they owned the flag, as if it was their exclusive property, as if they had a monopoly on the Saltire and it was their symbol.

Well let me say this loud and clear: The Saltire is our national flag of Scotland - not the SNP nationalist flag. It is a symbol of patriotism, not partition. It is the property of us all, not the campaigning prop of one party.”

Hear Hear...
For an example of exactly how this SNP "government" is corrupting the image of Scotland then look no further than the driffle that has dominated every advert break this weekend up here: 



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