Thursday, 8 January 2009

Lily not locked up.

It seems that Lily Kember and her bunch of nut-job climate-change public school hippies have avoided the prison sentence they deserved. The Evening Standard is
reporting tonight
that the Plane Stupid climate protesters have got a slap on the wrist from the law for the chaos they caused when they invaded Stansted Airport in last month. Tory Bear wonders what would have happened if a group of Muslim men had stormed an airport in this fashion - no doubt they would still be locked up in Paddington Green Police station desperately seeking a trial.

The community service that these idiots got is not good enough and they even had the audacity to suggest that the punishment was too severe. So now for the good news...Apparently RyanAir is considering suing the protesters for £2million in the civil courts. Tory Bear hopes they really go for it and teach these jumped up morons a lesson.

People need to learn that they are responsible for their actions and the perfect irony of making this lot pay back the millions they owe RyanAir would be glorious!


Square Peg said...

Waah! Crude and tasteless humour rife among the Party youth!

Waah! Left-leaning direct activism rife among university students!

Did Castro have your sense of humour removed, TB? Because if crude/cruel jokes and making misguided stands on "issues" are sick and deserving of prison sentences respectively, the Labour Party is thattaway >>>
You'll find they espouse similar views to these last two TB offerings.


I can just picture Michael O'Leary taking her apart in court. In fact, I would pay to see that.

Someone should direct Lily and all her planely moronic friends to the Manhattan Declaration.

Jordan D

I'd happily support BAA & M O'Leary in taking them to court. Never thought I'd happily stand shoulder-to-shoulder by the Ryanair egotist, but this is definitely a moment to stand with him.

How many times do they get to get away with it? Idiots.

John Moorcraft

God – We are back on the public school thing again. Why do we have to bring chippy conservatism into this?

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